Wednesday, April 15, 2009
when I was blogwalking to Denise's blog, she quoted something;
For two people that are involved in a long distance relationship, both must always treat each other as best as possible, so each can realize why the faraway lover is worth to wait.
I firstly read this quotation from Leighton Meester's blog. well, I dont care whether she's a faker or something else similar to that. but I really love how she write and express her feelings.
unfortunately, when I googled it up and search who's the owner of that quotation. I can't find who is the person behind this.

and there's someone called Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger from Indonesia, my country ofcourse, copied this great quotation and many people's thought it's hers. I asked her through comments bout the quotation but I'm not pretty sure she'll answer my question, lol.
frankly, I think Diana's copied this quotation from Leighton cause it has the same font and color. and Leighton posted it on 4:50 AM while Diana posted it on 2:43 PM.

pardon me if I'm wrong.

my comment to her and the response:
Michelle said...

did you take this quote from Leighton's blog?

Diana Rikasari said...

tiza: do share it...:) (this is a response for another comment)

Michelle: no...i made it myself...:)

cool girl! so, did Leighton quote from Diana's blog? GEEZ! I can hardly imagine that!

P.S: gw beneran salah deh! si Leighton tuh waktunya EDT (eastern daylight time). jadi walaupun dia AM, dia tetep aja ngepost belakangan karena waktu dia 4:50 AM EDT. thanks to Iwan sama Ebot yang udah bantu gw memecahkan perasaan penasaran gw hahahaha! jadi Diana yang ngepost duluan...
11 comments on "Quoted"
  1. long distance relationship is hard,
    too much temptation too.

    can u imagine at a past time that people make a connection with mails? too long to wait. hahaha

  2. but it's only a past. now we live in present. with a lot of new technology, people can contact each other only through internet. and they can see their face each other on monitor. (Webcam maksudnya). cuma masalahnya adalah percaya apa enggaknya aja sama mesti tahan kangen... ahahahaa...

  3. maksudnya pas jaman surat menyurat kayaknya tahan2 aja yak pacaaran.

    yah itu bener, soal pacaran knapa banyak yg ga percaya ya?

  4. HOOOOO! pardon me.... iya lah joooooo ga percaya. kebanyakan kan kalo orang LD gitu bawaannya kangenan. terus kalo kangen gada yang bisa dikangenin ya banyak godaan entar. tp kalo setia mah ga bakal begitu. hahaha..

  5. gw liat orank pacaran disini jg pada ga percaya tuh.
    kok pacaran hrs ribut y? gw ga ngerti

  6. Michelle: no...i made it myself...:)

    kok lo si syel? hahaha

  7. duh jooooooooooooo.. itu pertanyaan gw sama jawaban dr si diana. bkn gw yg buat. tp mksdny si Diana yg buat. gituloh.. ngerti ga? mesti sih enggak cm kl ga ribut kynya ga mgkn deh. pst ada perbedaan pendapet hahahaha

  8. iya ngerti sih, haha tp pertama baca gw bingunk.

    suda takdir ya kl pacaran itu harus ribut. hahaha

  9. jd bingung,,, hahaha so leighton stole diana's quote? or she's just another "leighton" dr indO? lol.

  10. diana's. itu sih tapi kayak nya emang leighton palsu.. tapi masa sih yang malsuin orang indo HAHAHAHA! soalnya dari waktu jem dipostnya duluan si Diana. si Leighton lebih lama beberapa menit doang. tadi gw nyuruh temen gw itungin ahhahahaa..

  11. keanya ga mungkin palsu deh. soalnya aku aja dapet link blog dia yang baru dari twitter aslinya.