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The September Issue

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm so excited and can't wait to watch this movie.

Lovable Emma Watson

Monday, June 29, 2009
here are the photo shoot!while these, kinda behind the scene, don't they?
these photos seem like candid;
the video comes out! check this out bumblebee! she's damn pretty.

yeah, anyhoo, she's on the cover for TeenVogue - August 2009. gotta buy it. since I always buy that magazine.

I (L) Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick

ROTFL - no comment. I only love him, not more..............

Oh My Dear Vacation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
so guys! after am done with the first summer holiday with my schoolmate, there's still another trip for me. I'll fly to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, but I should go to the airport before 10 AM. and yeah, I haven't packed up my thingy to the luggage, while my sister, she's all done. I can't wait I can't wait. and by the fact my usual beauty salon didn't have a stock for waxing, maybe I'll go to a spa salon in Malaysia. I need it!!
anyways, I just got back from my aunt's home. what a lovely day to meet my cousins, dear lil brother and sister. gave something for them and they like it! I'm currently still unsure whether I can keep updating my twitter or not. no facebook for tomorrow onwards till I'll go back to Jakarta next week. we will bring Mishi along with us (me and my sister). I can hardly wait for the Genting trip. well, I just opened their website. and it's thrilling me so damndamndamn much. I wish there will accommodate a wi-fi connection for free. at least, I can twittering all day. yay! but it's not a real vacation if I still get connected to the online-world. soooo, I'm not promising you that I'll update my twitter right there. also, I'll buy DiGi prepaid card so I still can catch up with my mom and daddy. blah.. I don't have any other words. so excited!!

love ya, lollipops!

Spoiler Alerts!

Monday, June 22, 2009
like what I told ya, I bought a lot of dvd last Tuesday. and have watched it, almost all. okay, I'm gonna talk bout Coraline.

here, you may watch the trailer first;

Coraline's real parents.

this is the door, where she finds the way to the other world.

other mother is welcoming Caroline to the 'new' home.

at first, they're warmer than the real parents but ...

other Wybie and Coraline entered the circus.

the evil other mother.

Dakota Fanning as Coraline.

it's actually based upon Neil Gaiman's book with the same title, Coraline.

then, second movie, Barbie Thumbelina. fyi, I'm a big fan of Barbie movie. I even have watched all of their movie. from the first one, Nutcracker till this, the newest. and at the end of Fall 2009, there'll be a new movie, Barbie and Three Musketeers. oh, I can't wait. click this to see the trailer. let's back to the main topic. here we go!

Barbie teaches the students about planting to keep a good environment. one of the student picks a lil tiny plant, which makes the other students keep teasing her so that Barbie tells the students about a girl, called Thumbelina.

Thumbelina and her friends.

the rich girl who has a big pent house.

at once she noticed that Thumbelina is a new toy that given by her parents. until finally they became a best friend.

click to watch the trailer.

last but not least, TinkerBell from Disney.

and I just found this cool video clip, song and the singer. Selena sings this song for Tinkerbell movie. GOSHHH.. fyi, you can see my recent post about her (click on another story you might like - June 2009).

at the first of the story, TinkerBell has to choose what talent she's gifted. then, she choose a hammer, which means she's gonna be a tinker. cause of something, she doesn't like to be a tinker, she thinks that to be a tinker is not a cool job besides she also wanna go to the mainland to found out whence does the lost thing come. so she tries another job, her friends job. however, without ability, she finally failed. and realized that she's a tinker, and should proud to be herself.

so these are the fairies from the Pixie Hollow. so just let me introduce them to you, from the left to the right. Fawn; she has a talent in animals, Tinkerbell; as you know she's a tinker, Silvermist; she has a talent in water, Rosseta; she's a gardener fairy, and Iridessa; she's a talented light fairy.

they are Clank and Bobble. another Tinker Fairies. they're looking to the lost thing that finally could help them to repair the messiness at Pixie Hallow.

so overall, I'm more into TinkerBell. it mixed up about comedy, fantasy and animation. so, tomorrow, I'm gonna watch Monster vs. Aliens with my sister. I know it such oh-so-last-year, that's why I don't intend to make a review for that. anyways, I still have Leroy and Stich the movie, but it's kinda boring. so, I don't think I'll watch it, after my vacation perhaps.

My Sketches

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I like the color. it's not navy, guess like a light blue, simply with a cut like a wave at the end of the dress. yeah, based upon Chloe Fall collection. I'd love to make a dress like this.

don't you feel like dejavu? or somewhat? yeah.... this is so similar with Alexander Wang Resort collection. my favorite designer, ever! overall, I like this one.

my imagination. sorry for the legs. I'm trying to add some curves on it and, yeah! it doesn't work at all. you can see from the knees to the feet and from the arms to the hands. the feet are too small, so tinyyyyyyy.... while the left and right arms ain't well-balanced (sigh) what a mess!

P.S: totally big thanks to Jojo who teaches me how to draw hand with fingers. it shows a progress on me. and for anyone who knows where the place to learn sketching and drawing. please tell me. I really want to fill my holiday with sketching class at my home. it's too addictive. I like the coloring part. your comments will brighten up my day. so please, leave me something. good night!

The New Header and Layout

Thursday, June 18, 2009
what do you think with my new header? I made it with polyvore for everyone who might be wondering. so, the sketch is based on Atelier Versace, Spring 2009 collection. here's the photos and the sketches;

I know it's kinda too lame. but, I like the sketch and wish I could draw like these sketches. I guess this ain't a sketch since it looks like already finished. anyhow, these are the top 3 in my perspective. wanna see more? click me!
and for the layout, thanks a bunch to Renny. she helps me a lot. and I'm lovin this new layout so much. wanna try? click me too!

P.S: can't wait for the Haute Couture, Fall 2009. this July from 6 to 9.

It Ain't Really Good and Ain't Bad At All

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
aloha, hows you guys feelings today? I couldn't say that I'm happy now, cause I am not. I mean like, I'm tired of all the activity. however it has been finished since two days ago but still, I don't sleep enough lately. then today, I had a medical check up at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, for the university's sake. I didn't expect that today's plan would take such a long time. so, I only brought 1 cellphone. and the battery level was only 17%. OHYEAH! it ended up like, the battery's dead before I went to Supermal. you know, 6 hours without an internet connection is just the same like an extremely boredom ever. chiefly when you just hang out with your daddy. he was like too busy and snoopy. I still should accompany him to the apartment in case for me and my sister's ID card, etc. in the end, I also went to a beauty salon and spa, S.S Wulandari, I had a facial and scrub treatment in a row. that's the reason I said it ain't bad at all. moreover, I bought like oh-so-many DVDs. can't wait to watch 'em all. will tell you the review soon!

here's I give you something fierce, I got these beautiful collections yesterday.
gimme some comments guys!

Calvin Klein, Fall 2009

Calvin Klein plays in only 1 color, black. but it's so amazing for me cause one of my favorite colors is black. and these are simple. I guess one shoulder dresses are the next hype. really... I wonder if I still have a 17th birthday party or wedding invitation, I really wanna wear it to those events.

RM by Roland Mouret, Fall 2009

yeah, like what I said, one shoulder dress again and again. ;P btw, look at the shoes. that's beautiful, isn't it?

Alexander Wang, Resort 2010

my favorite designer, ever! OH GOSH!! these are stunning. even for a resort collection. as always, his designs are always simple and casual yet classy. 2 thumbs up!

enjoy your holiday everyone! I guess I'll have another tiring day. tomorrow, I don't have any plans yet but I will. lets count down, 6 days to go. so fast huh?

gotta go ❤