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Western Beauty Wish List

Friday, March 11, 2016
When I travel overseas, I need to stay on the budget. Around one year ago, I made this Korean Beauty Wish List before flying to Seoul, and seriously it was pretty effective. I got home with loads of beauty products that I loved, the wish list picture also made my shopping experience easier since all I had to do was showing the picture to the sales attendants and they would helped me finding the product.

On the contrary, last Summer I visited LA without having any wish list on my hand, guess what? I ended up buying almost nothing I liked yet surprisingly I spent my whole pocket money. Hmm, it makes me wonder too what my purchases were besides those depilatory creams (always have to get them in the States because they're freaking expensive here). Ok.. I think I only liked my purchase on that Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color. *deep sigh*

Now that I'm even on a tighter budget than last year, hopefully this wish list would help me not to buy things impulsively. However, if you have any recommendation on good products (or the new released ones), please let me know, maybe they can be my lifesaver ^^

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When Brown Meets Cushion

Wednesday, March 02, 2016
Time passes so quickly... Now that Spring season is coming, I seriously can't wait to have myself dressed in pastel colors and see all those flowers in full bloom. Speaking of pastels, I made my first guest post just a week ago at Steph's blog, check it out to see my stylebook to welcome Spring :D

Back to the true purpose of this blogpost. I'm about to review another cute thing from the K-beauty world. It's just recently released in South Korea, a product collaboration between Missha and Line Friends. I have to admit that Koreans are expert in creating cute design when it comes to cosmetics. In the end, they're successfully making all the K-beauty junkies difficult to refuse such impulsive buying. It's like they know the market so well! This Missha x Line Friends are sold out everywhere and surely it takes effort to get this (especially when I'm an Indonesian based blogger). So here you go!

Missha M Magic Cushion Line Friends Edition.

Description: Magic cushion with perfect coverage to help achieve flawless skin and long lasting makeup without darkening. Micro cover pigment delivers flawless coverage to skin and silica-bead powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum, leaving makeup last longer with sun protection benefits with SPF50+/PA+++.

What it promises:
  • Perfect coverage
  • Long-wearing
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth, dewy finish

Got myself shade #23.

There are actually two versions of this cushion, I got myself the Brown one, M Magic Cushion which is made for oily-combination skin, whereas the other one, Sally in M Magic Cushion Moisture is made for people with dry skin. My skin type is oily on the T-zone area and normal on the other part. Moreover, I like Brown more than Sally. Even if this Brown edition is marketed for people with dry skin, I would still buy it. Sorry, Sally... T^T If there's a hierarchy, I'd put Jessica on the first place (because she is so me), Cony on the second place, Brown on the third place, then Sally and their other friends (Moon, Leonard or Edward doesn't matter).

The first edition came with 2 refills with no extra puff, so I'll either buy a new puff later or just wash it regularly with my Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist. However, Missha has changed the bundle, so if you order now you'll get 1 refill and 1 extra puff instead, but with the same price! *sigh*

Brown face all over the packaging, super adorable!

Told ya I'm a fool for cute packaging. Anyway, despite the cute design and being a Line Friends' fan, I find the packaging and the puff are not in the greatest quality. I haven't seen the original M Magic Cushion in person, but based on the photo, it must feel like the Laneige one? This Brown edition looks so plastic and also feels like plastic, which can be also a good point because it's not as heavy as my Laneige BB Cushion. Hence, those who want to have a more elegant look while touching up, might not like this. Obviously people who would buy this are either a fan of Line Friends or just adore anything cute. I guess, so?

The swatch on my skin.

I was confused whether to get myself shade #21 or #23 because I've always been using shade #21 in my whole life, but based on the YouTube reviews I saw, #21 looks too pale! Then I asked the reseller which one should I get if I normally use #21 for Laneige BB cushion, they replied Missha shade is a bit lighter and #23 would be right for me. I trusted them and seriously loved the result. I have been using this cushion for a week and will definitely bring this to the States because the coverage and oil control is just great. Though I'll be bringing my Laneige too just in case the weather is still cold.

All in all, for people with oily combination skin like me and live in such humid climate, I think they will like this version more than the M Magic Cushion Moisture one. Besides, it still gives me that semi-matte finish, not dewy as it promises, but fairly glowing looking, I suppose.

Anyway, if you're interested to buy this cushion and live in Indonesia, just feel free to email me and I'd recommend you the reseller, they're so kind to me and also trustworthy. I bought their Eye Color Studio Mini Line Friends Edition too as a gift for my friend and personally asked them to wrap it neatly for me, and they really did it without hesitation. Have I mentioned I'd appreciate it when people want to go extra mile for their customers?

Price: IDR 249k
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