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Not Another Beauty Tool

Sunday, November 29, 2015
On some lazy days when I don't feel like using brushes, I'd always opt for either cushion or sponge. Not only it makes your foundation look completely flawless, it also saves time. However, there are two downsides I've encountered so far, one: probably because it's not as durable as brushes, therefore you spend more money on it, and two: cleaning brushes is a way easier task than cushion or sponge.

 photo SAM_3337_zps5t3gn7jg.jpg
Masami Shouko Beauty Blender.

Well well, as a Beauty Blender dupe, I can say they're proud to name the product exactly just like its original. I don't hesitate to buy Masami Shouko product because it's been very familiar to me and their brush quality is amazing in such affordable price. This isn't my first Beauty Blender dupes I've ever tried, my first dupe was also from Masami Shouko, back then they didn't have it in this shape. Now it looks like they offer in 2 different shape, and it's kind of questionable whether they're the same because this one definitely has a different feel or probably they make an improvement. The second one was from Too Cool For School, I wasn't happy about it, the quality was bad, it smelled weird and didn't perform well. What a waste of money!

 photo SAM_3348_zpsos4crn5n.jpg
Product description and how-to.

It comes in two different color; pink like mine and black, plus two different shape (like I said earlier); teardrop and hourglass. I picked the teardrop one in pink just because my previous ones are hourglass model in black and white.

 photo before after beauty blender_zpsp82emunx.png
Size differences: dry VS damp.

Performance wise, this sponge is so much better than the older hourglass version, I like how it bounces so easily and feels soft when I dab it on my skin. It doesn't absorb much foundation making my face looks flawless just like an airbrush finish. Moreover, washing beauty blender is no longer a pain in the ass anymore. I'm using my Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist, soak it into a pool of water, and squeeze it gently to get the foundation out of the sponge. Yes, basically you've got to squeeze and rinse until there's no makeup residue on the surface. I've heard some people soak their sponges with alcohol, but is it recommended? Do you have any other way to sanitize it? Lemme know the trick!

Price: IDR 88,900
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