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Money-Saving Secrets

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Having two of my best friends getting married next year, not to mention my employment in a wedding industry, have induced me to explore loads of bridal references nowadays. Personally, my way to find inspiration is by browsing around catalogues where I can find something from gifts, accessories to decoration. But you know, girls will always be girls, we get lured quite easily. In spite of my primary intention, I tend to end up buying things that don't belong in my priority list. Who's to blame anyway when shopping is just one click away?

Obviously, shopping online is unavoidable in this modern world due to its ease to access, but let's see in a bigger picture, isn't it a positive development? Catalogue shopping provides you with a cost-effective alternative to conventional stores on the high street. But if you want to make more savings, read these three tips on how to save money whilst shopping through online catalogues.

Discover low-interest rates
How much interest you pay on your purchases can vary from one retailer to the next. To save money, shop around for catalogues that offer low-interest rates, something that could bag you a significant saving in the long run. Some companies won't charge you any interest at all if you pay off your balance within a certain a time frame. For example, Very enables customers to pay for a purchase in three monthly instalments and won't charge interest if the balance is settled during this period. Other companies, like Argos, also won't charge you interest if you pay your balance in time. Many places offer catalogue finance, but choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the dress or pair of shoes you are looking for.

Use a price comparison website
One way to save money on catalogues is to use a price comparison website, where you can compare the prices of different products (everything from laptops to kettles, beds to clothes) in one place. The result? You find the retailer that is offering a product for the cheapest price. You can also head over to third party websites where you can read reviews left by customers who have used a catalogue company in the past, providing you with all the must-know details about a particular brand before you apply for a credit account.

Use a voucher code
More and more catalogue retailers offer voucher codes to customers. These promotions enable you to save money on the cost of a purchase or get reduced delivery just by entering a code when you check-out and pay for your items. Look for voucher codes that provide you with the biggest savings. Don't forget to sign up for mailing lists too! You can have the latest promotions and discount codes sent to your email address directly.

Alrighty, then... I couldn't think of any other tips. So if you bumblebees have your own more efficient way to get the best deal online, let me know in the comments section below!

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Berry AHA!

Monday, June 06, 2016
Greetings, bumblebees! So if you have noticed, a few months ago I changed this blog header in pursuit of rebranding my beauty journal, while in actual fact I just couldn't commit to a specific topic and even talked about something else aside from beauty. Therefore, I sort of wanted to remake a new header without binding myself into a particular niche blog. You may now expect a fashion, lifestyle report or perhaps random chats from me! 

Here we go again to beauty related post, this time it's about a not-so-new-anymore toner from Etude House called Berry AHA! Bright Peel Boosting Serum. Phew.. What an eye-catching name! I think this was released earlier this year along with their Toning White C line in which I have zero interest with.
Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peel Boosting Serum.

Description: The first-step peeling essence for skincare removes dead skin cells and impurity residue daily.

Directions: After washing the face, at the first step of skincare, dispense an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and apply on the face in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside and working outward in a gentle blotting motion.

My question was "is it toner, is it serum?" when I first saw this product (I didn't know their description in the beginning). Obviously it's called serum but it looks too watery from the outside, yes? We know that toner is the first step, meanwhile serum is supposed to be used at the last step of your skincare routine. Thanks to Google, uh I mean Etude House website (or should I say my meticulous research before purchasing every skincare item?), I bought the right product for my need.

Click here to zoom.

I've always had a thing with AHA ingredients simply because it's known to be great at rejuvenating. The only downside of wearing AHA is that your skin can get extra sensitive to sunlight, thus a sunscreen is a must (thought it's always a must all the time). This boosting serum has salicylic acid too in it! That seriously surprised me because I was presuming this line would only concern at peeling or brightening the skin.

Packaging wise, it's kind of sleek despite its name. Moreover, considering it comes from Etude House who always gives such cutesy atmosphere to their product, I think this one maybe intended for more matured target market. Haha.. I might be wrong too. Anyway, I like how secured the seal (picture below), so bravo Etude House for the consideration. I still remember their Wonder Pore toner didn't include such seal to prevent leakage. However, the outlet of this bottle is too small for the product to come off. Because texture wise, it's not as watery as usual toner (now the name boosting serum makes sense). The liquid is thicker than water, it seems like it contains a teeny tiny jelly-like substance.

Nice security seal you got over there.

Scent wise, it smells fruity with minty tinge. It doesn't only feel sweet but refreshing. I don't know how bilberry fruit's supposed to smell, but it definitely has the kind of smell that doesn't bother me at all. Performance wise, as a toner, I can say I was impressed for the immediate effect. It moisturizes my skin and on top of that, it gives me this silicone effect, you know? Yeah, they do use a synthetic skin conditioning agent and surfactant belonging to the chemical class of siloxanes and silicones. No wonder the instantly smooth skin. However, the good thing, it doesn't break me out.

In conclusion, I might finish it all since I totally enjoy the immediate result. Umm.. But you know me, when it comes to cosmetics, I always want to explore, try new things, and whatnot. That's why I'm here for you guys ;) To review more and more exciting products!

Price: IDR 210k
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