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Styling 101: Scandinavia Dreaming

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
nordic homes idea
Source: Decordots | Country Road | Urban Outfitters

Pardon me for thinking too far ahead but I love catching up with my own reverie, just like how I often imagine how my future house would be. I wish to have a house with contemporary Scandinavian interior design, the kind of house that uses earthy muted tones of furniture, features large windows that let the natural light to pour in, also white walls so it reflects the light and makes the interiors brighter. I could use some metal pendant lights here and there too as it will come in handy, functionally and aesthetically. Moreover, I would like to own a spacious backyard where my future kids could freely play and get along with the nature, while I'd get myself indulged in afternoon tea.

Go get 'em: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

I had so much fun browsing through Anthropologie! These findings are quite gem since I was surprised to learn that they apparently offer a wide range of stunning home accessories. Even their cookware sets would create a pleasing aesthetic at the kitchen, wouldn't they? Hands up if you agree with me!

Oh and it's that time of the year again. I hope you are all having a joyful holiday gathering with your loved ones. May the spirit of Christmas bring you happiness and peace!
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Gift Guide: Feminine Wanderlusts

Saturday, December 03, 2016
I was initially planning to post a gift guide as a #BLOGMAS series, but during that time of the year everything got so hectic and eventually the series ended in two consecutive posts. I'm no good at making a commitment, thus explained why I've never posted a roundup of my monthly favorites. Nothing much I can say besides more excuses, so let's just look forward to reading another gift guide every once in a while just like my occasional Styling 101 or Wish List post, alright?

  1. Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
  2. Sonix Cora Portable Charger
  3. Chi Air Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Iron
  4. Ted Baker Hanging Garden Travel Bag
  5. Ted Baker Luggage Tag
  6. Peekaboo Clutch
  7. Philosophy Rollerball Trio Set
  8. Adidas Tubular Defiant Jersey & Suede Trainer
This gift guide is actually made according to my preference as a frequent traveler who happens to love pink. Hahaha.. Well, I think these are my essentials when it comes to traveling. Because who can seriously leave out music, a clutch for storing your makeup and portable charger, hair straightener or curler (only real girls NEED this), a pair of comfy not to mention good-looking shoes, and mini perfumes that can be brought along your trip on the plane? Just imagine your friend can fit this important stuff inside their stylish luggage and cap it off with a cute tag. Aren't they all set now?
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Fall Liquid Lippies

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Here comes the beginning of a new season. Like for real, Summer is over and it's time to say goodbye to my bright red and coral-toned hues lippies as I just purchased these babies to swipe on this Fall season.

go-to fall liquid lipstick
 TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick and
Rollover Reaction Sueded Lip & Cheek Cream.

Ok, let's get into TheBalm first, it actually comes in 12 different shades and is described as long-wearing formula that has a comfortable matte finish. Meanwhile, Rollover Reaction is stated as two-in-one lip colour that doubles as a blush with velvet finish. Just recently they launched three new shades, which are all perfect for the Fall season seriously.

rollover reaction sueded moss review
Onto the description as per usual.
rollover reaction sueded moss review
The actual products.

I've heard lots of positive reviews on TheBalm's products, from their well-known blusher, bronzer, and highlighter kits to lip products. Long story short, I finally gave in and searched all over the Internet to find a trustworthy online reseller. Btw, we have the offline store in Jakarta, also Sephora Indonesia sells it online, but the price is outrageously more expensive, so bye. I was scared too that I'd get fake products (you know how tricky online shopping is), thus I devoted more time to investigate until I found an article that helped me to distinguish between the real and fake products. 

Whereas, Rollover Reaction is a local brand that's been selling out really well. Despite the heavy demand, I managed to land their products. My shopping experience was easy-peasy, the shipping was fast as it only took a day, and the package came in a very adorable pink box. Now... Let me reveal the initial local lip product that I wanted so badly. It was called Lip Coat that was created by a renowned Indonesian beauty blogger, Lizzie Parra. But... All of the shades that I've been eyeing sold like hotcakes. Reseller price is so much higher, ugh these opportunists, it's utterly disgusting how they make extra money! I'm not going to spend a single cent on their business. End of story.

rollover reaction sueded moss review
Doe-foot applicators.
swatch rollover reaction moss

I think both shades flatter my skin tones differently. However particularly, I've received quite compliments every time I wear Moss. Performance wise, I kind of dislike Rollover Reaction's wand and patchy texture as I couldn't do my entire lips in just one pass. It might be because their formula isn't as lightweight as TheBalm, thus making the application a little hard to control. For Rollover Reaction, the finish falls somewhere between matte and creamy, while TheBalm dries down matte within seconds. Longevity wise, I couldn't be more content they last longer than my expectation. Even after my lunch, these lip colors are still pigmented! Now to the scent of it; both of these product have the similar sweet kind of smell. I think a mint chocolate ice cream really represents TheBalm's scent, whereas Rollover Reaction smells like a vanilla cupcake. 

In conclusion, as much as I wanted to shop just one more lip color, I've been so happy with these lippies and convinced myself that I'd NOT need another one throughout the season.

Have you found your go-to fall lippies?
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A Lifelong Romance

Saturday, October 01, 2016
“Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone.

Photo courtesy: Stylenanda

It's past midnight here and there goes a moment of reflection that's meant for a nice write-up about life lately. This year, well not exactly as in January until now, nevertheless the length of time, I've learned so many things about love ever since.

I've learned that in order to love myself, I must behave in certain ways that I admire which means I should change for the sake of my own self, not for someone else out there. I should focus on loving myself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving me. Furthermore, the fact that someone else loves me doesn't rescue me from the project of loving myself.

I've learned to discover the reason of my existence and I've refused to settle for anyone who doesn't completely agree with it. I've learned that it's okay to follow my heart, but I should take my brain along the journey. They said we accept the love we think we deserve. I couldn't agree more with it. Rather than dating someone who treats me with less respect, kindness or empathy, I'd be happier single.

I've learned that it takes more than effort, patience, trust, communication, and appreciation to stay in love. Yet the hard truth: you'll never know what does it take to fall in love. I mean, there's simply no explanation. Ain't you just fall? It doesn't make sense.

I've learned to never demand anyone a closure because, I too, acknowledge they have the rights to remain silent. But I've learned to let go the people who don't give me closure. I deserve someone who will express their feeling with all honesty. After all, why would I commit myself to a person who doesn't respect me?

This past year has taught me to figure out the qualities I should be looking for in a man. Finally, I've learned that love isn't overrated, it's just the society who often gets it twisted.
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Stylenanda Wish List

Saturday, September 17, 2016
As soon as I knew Stylenanda was finally on Zalora's K-fashion brands section, I just couldn't contain my excitement and I felt like I had to share it right away! I mean it's hard to find such stylish yet comfortable clothing these days. Understated is the word that comes to my mind whenever I peek through Stylenanda's lookbook. I love how they carefully choose the pairing which makes all of their models look so effortlessly polished. Well, I think these picks aren't just another wish list, it's more like an inspiration for those who love Korean street fashion.

stylenanda zalora

If you want to wear a shorter skirt, balance it out with a loose sweatshirt that can keep your body warm and match it with autumnal shades, like burgundy and navy. This first outfit will work perfectly well together for those days when you’re just as indecisive as the weather, whereas the second one would be perfect for those days when you want to feel much cozier in oversized sweater. Honestly though, oversized statement sweaters are tricky to pull off in transitional weather, because it may look awkward to wear a sweater when the time hasn't even arrived yet. As a consequence, you've got to make it work with airy bottoms in feathery material. Such rose pink skirt as opposed to black would make it work seamlessly. The last outfit really got me fall in love the second I laid my eyes on it! The figure-flattering dress showcases such a feminine flair yet the choice of fabric evokes a cozy and playful mood. I also think it's smart how they pair the loafers with mid calf socks for a little added warmth.

It's no secret I have a lot of oversized clothes in my closet as my personal style is all about being relaxed. Another similar character from all of these pieces aside from its oversized feature is the cool tones that are super versatile to be mixed and matched during this stage of transitioning into cooler weather. Don't you think so, bumblebees? Let me know your tricks too! How do you transition your closet for Fall? 
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White Milk

Thursday, September 08, 2016
This is going to be one lengthy post as I will review not only one, but two latest products from 3 Concept Eyes as known as 3CE, a sub-brand by Stylenanda primarily focused on beauty. Luckily, I discovered this Korean cosmetics wholesaler who enables me to try out these particular 3CE products 'cause you know, they're not available locally in Jakarta.

3CE White Milk Pack To Foam & 3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask.
Can't we just scream for the cutest packaging ever done by 3CE?
Talk about details.
A hologram sticker attached to each packaging which symbolizes the originality of the brand.

Although 3CE is well-known for its sophisticated kinda design, this time they really prove their breakthrough in Korean market with their cutesy whitening products. Called as White Milk, their first skincare range focuses on skin whitening as if people are madly craving for a brighter skin. True that I'm one of those people who ain't satisfied with my uneven skin tone, and that's why I opt for a whitening product haha.. I have always had issues with my dull complexion, but I tried to be realistic that it takes effort and time as typical whitening products promise nothing instant. Hmm.. Unless their White Milk Cream, that one's supposed to be called a magic cream!

3CE White Milk Pack To Foam

Description: The milk and clay ingredients lift away the impurities deep inside the pores and keep your skin looking clean and clear. The product contains 10,000ppm milk protein and extraction that can remove excess sebum and the impurities deep inside the pores, promoting clean and clear looking skin. The moisture-retaining oatmeal and honey keep skin from drying out, while the tea tree extract helps soothe the skin.

Directions: This white clay mask contains fine particles of bubbles and can be used as both a facial pack and a cleanser.
Combat dead skin cells: Spread an ample amount over face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. The rich lather lifts away impurities deep inside the pores. Use once or twice a week.
Refreshing Daily Cleanser: Apply to damp skin and massage in a gentle rolling motion. Work up a lather and rinse with lukewarm water.
Urgent Spot Treatment for the T-zone: Apply an ample amount over the oily T-zone and rinse after 5 minutes. The soft and rich cream throughly cleans those hard-to-reach areas in the T-zone.
My verdict: Let me explain about the unique packaging 3CE has come up with for this clay product. It feels like a toothpaste tube, but thinner. Supposedly, you'll be able to squeeze out until the last product. No more wasted product, plus hygienic! Also, the screw cap is just what I need for a facial foam since you're gonna put it in the shower and water usually just finds its own way to sneak into the cap, am I right? The consistency is creamy, it glides very easily, interestingly lathers up to foamy bubbles, and I can feel how hydrated my skin is afterwards. Though the texture is not as solid as clay, it hardens within minutes when it's applied to dry face. The rinsing process was effortless too, I'd just wash it off with water and wipe everything up. Overall, the after effect of using this as a facial foam or mask is almost the same. Therefore, considering this facial pack as a mask is such a fun regime while showering in the bathroom. Not to mention, it smells like powdered milk, which is a plus point!

3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask

Description: Non-sticky, creamy sleeping mask contains 50% of milk protein extract that moisturizes the skin and brightens complexion overnight. Tea tree extract treats blemishes and evens out overall skin tone while oatmeal and honey protects & strengthen skin's barrier.

Directions: Use in the evening. After cleansing and toning, apply adequate amount evenly over face avoiding lip and eye area. Sleep through the night with the mask on, gently wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.

My verdict: Though the weight and shape of the product is exactly the same with the facial foam, it doesn't come in aluminum tube but plastic. However, the scent of this product is somewhat similar to the facial foam, a powdered milk kind of, but more artificial. I use it at the last step of my nighttime skincare routine, every three-day period. The thick cream consistency remains sticky on the skin, especially oily on the T-zone. While it claims to brighten complexion overnight, I could barely notice any skin tone improvement the morning I woke up, seriously. Other than my face being extra moisturized and supple, I don't think it shows a significant result. But I'm happy that this hydrating sleeping mask doesn't break me out! It's hard to find one, you know. I guess that's due to the tea tree formula, yet amazingly, there is no a hint of herbal scent at all.

Price: USD 21.

Use my code T717MH2M8NU to get 8% discount at The discount code will only be valid within this month, so hurry fill up your cart!

Woohoo! I'm beyond thrilled to present you a new look on my blog! Over the past few years, I've always wanted to revamp this blog because the previous template looked too dull no matter how much I tried to customize it. The decision of doing a total blog makeover was never easy. Not until recently, when I was in the middle of nothingness and suddenly had this random thought, "Why don't I purchase a pre-made template and give it a shot?" So I spent hours and hours browsing around Etsy, projecting if those particular themes would fit Oh Dear Bumblebees' image. Just so you know, before the idea of purchasing a template came up, I already browsed the freebies but not a single one I stumbled upon could impress me. I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to design because I know exactly what I want, and finding "the one" while staying within budget was challenging, indeed. Hope you enjoy scrolling down the page as much as I do!
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Summer Cotton Skin

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Hey, dear bumblebees! I'm so excited with some addition to my skincare as well as my makeup routine lately. I just can't wait to share, so stay tuned until I'm done trying them out! Two weeks ago, I received a package from and was surprised when I found out they sent me this product for a review because I myself have never thought of using The Face Shop cushion before. To be honest though, my main motivation before purchasing a cushion is based on this particular factor; they must have a cute packaging. That's it. So now you know why. Haha! What a childish reasoning, but oh well... 

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion.

Description: Perfect your makeup on the go with the Oil Control Water Cushion. Light foundation with a cushion applicator provides a matte finish for a flawless look. The finish of liquid foundation in a convenient compact size.

What it promises:
  • Shine-free moisturizing cushion
  • Controls sebum
  • 4x denser Durable Microfoam
  • Evenly dispenses product from first to last touch
Directions: At the final step of your skincare routine, apply all over the face in an even layer. Gently pat into skin with the palm of your hands for complete absorption.

Mine is in shade #21.

The cushion comes with a beige colored puff.

Well the end of summer is drawing near, but there is no such rules in changing the makeup game here. Jakarta has always been hot throughout the year and I feel like this cushion was given to me with thoughtful consideration. The Face Shop actually provides four different types of cushion makeup, in which the other three of them are intended for people with drier skin. I can say that I am glad sent me this one instead of those other cushions.

The swatch on my skin.

Packaging wise, the case looks quite sturdy though it can get easily scratched. This actually happened several times, and I was sure there was no sharp object inside my makeup pouch, yet I found some scratches on the compact. Does this weird phenomena occur to you as well?

Moving on to the puff... Let me sigh for a moment as I want to question this. There are so many colors available in this whole universe, yes? So why does The Face Shop choose beige as their puff's surface color? I can never be sure how much foundation I pick up on this beige colored puff. But yes, it feels denser than any other cushion puff I've ever tried!

Although the finish is more matte than dewy, their shine-free promise might be a little too much 'cause I still need to blot my oily T-zone at midday. Durability is okay for me, however it does a great job at evening out skin tone and fading blemishes. The only issue is, the high SPF in this foundation leaves white cast on my skin, which is a no-go for a night occasion. Please note that the white residue looks noticeable too in daylight. Just make sure to turn off the flash if you're having your photo taken ;)

Price: USD 17.89

Use my code T717MH2M8NU to get 8% discount at Did I forget to mention the worldwide free shipping? The shipment was pretty fast too, I guess I only had to wait for a week or so, not to mention the abundant samples I received :P

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Styling 101: Pleats

Monday, August 01, 2016
The first time I encountered pleats was back in 2014 when I was modelling for a local brand's collection. Though my first impression of the fabric wasn't all that enjoyable due to the humid weather in Jakarta, I had a glimpse idea of how appealing and cosy it would be to wear pleats in cooler temperature.
You know you just couldn't skip Issey Miyake when taking pleats into account, could you? And I've been adoring shades of blue lately. I mean, these shades make color mixing seems so easy, not to mention they complement my skin tone. Here's a proof: see my previous post's selfie. In addition, the lace-up trend appears to dominate the entire season. I've noticed it doesn't only look surprisingly hip on clothes, but also on shoes and sandals.
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Lily of The Valley

Friday, July 15, 2016
As someone who has a soft spot for exquisite packaging, this debut fragrance from Miu Miu had me at the first sight. I hadn't smelled the perfume, yet I fell in love instantly. You know, it's impossible to resist when the look of the bottle itself is already breathtaking! *pun intended*

Miu Miu Miu Miu Eau De Parfum.

Description: An elegant, sensual floral—lily of the valley—composed of real jasmine, real rose absolute, and synthetic green notes. The soft, fresh, ingĂ©nue scent is set against a deep earth-toned background: the wood and pepper of akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. The akigalawood adds a rich, brooding mystery to the subtle sparkle of the floral. The surprising combination feels natural and timeless—flower and earth—but the effect created by the multifaceted process is utterly contemporary.

Notes: Star Anise, Ginger, Green Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Petal, Rose, Akigalawood, Sandal Wood, Nirvanolide.

Style: Feminine. Youthful. Sophisticated.


The packaging, of course, too dainty to be true. I appreciate the beauty of ornamental fragrance bottles, simply because they could sublimely style the top of my vanity as well as any of Instagram #flatlays shots, don't you think so?

I adore the fancy scent of pure floral and warm woody tones, it's been my signature scent if anybody has noticed. Thanks to the jasmine and rose influence, this perfume smells so refreshing as if it is tailored to the summer season. And, is it only me? But I sense these subtly woody notes are tantalizing, creating such a seductive allurement which is delicately enrapturing. Last but not least, performance wise, it delivers a long-lasting floral hit onto the skin. 

Price: USD 88

On a side note, I got this new pair of circle lenses from Lens Village, a Malaysia-based K-lens distributor that carries more than 600 choices of circle lenses and ships worldwide. As someone who always plays on the safe side when it comes to appearance, I picked the brown ones but apparently the diameter of these lenses are way too big for my eyes, 0.5mm larger than my usual. It was my mistake to fail checking the details, I ended up looking too dolly and unnatural. Comfort wise, I don't like how they aren't stuck properly on the middle of my eyes sometimes. Sounds weird I know, perhaps it's caused by the huge diameter. Moreover, I don't think they come in the same exact color as their advertisement. On the display, obviously the brown shade somewhat appears to be bronze, whereas in real life it looks closer to chocolate brown.

  • Missha M Magic Cushion in #23
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
  • Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
  • Etude House Play 101 Stick in #12
  • Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder
  • The Dolly Eye V1-25 in brown
  • The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in #3
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in petal
  • Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor in bare maximum
  • 3CE Lip Color in love sick
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    A Gratitude Journal

    Saturday, July 02, 2016
    “If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love,
    you have to find the courage to live it.”

    Being a grownup has taught me to manage my time wisely and share only a tiny bit of my life to the society. Perhaps that principle of mine is the main reason you didn't see this blog as active as it used to be? Told ya to expect this kind of random stuff from me, so here I am unusually typing a blogpost about how my life has been these past months. Hope you excuse my awkward blabber since I've never done this before :/

    Life lately has been a hectic amalgam of work, study, passion, family, and friends in which I can hardly believe I'm spending the wee hours writing this journal instead of having a better sleep. Nevertheless, there is something exhilarating about this deep late-night conversation (Yes. I'm requesting some feedback). So, let's cut to the chase, shall we?

    I call it nonsense for someone who is in their twenties for not experiencing the quarter-life crisis. To be perfectly frank, two months ago I was so clueless with my life, I quitted a job I despised, I didn't pass a job interview that I was always curious what it'd feel like to work there, I traveled places yet I didn't know what I was going to face once I got back to my hometown. However in the end, I had no regrets because I tried my best, I took the chance to break out of my comfort zone. In this case, it's my ex-workplace, I called it a comfort zone because there was no room for adventure and excitement. I felt neither challenged nor appreciated. What's more, I took the chance to at least get interviewed until the final round and realize that the job wasn't for me in the first place, and as a reward, I received something more valuable; a thrilling experience I would always be grateful for.

    Right now, I'm pursuing my career and dream at the same time. IKR?! I don't know how I got so lucky! My entire weekdays would be full of work, I often come back late at night because of several different reasons, could be attending events, working out at the gym, or merely catching up with my friends. I say it's seriously difficult to keep your social life balance, meanwhile I'm the kind of person who wants to have my own quality time at least once a week.

    On Saturday, I'm taking a TOEFL course at this tuition center for the sake of my academic goal, and right after finishing the course, I'd be meeting up with my friends or working out at the gym. Dang. Why do I sound like a gym-holic now?

    Finally moving on to Sunday... Yeah, I'd rather spend the whole day for myself or my family. Because, duh? I don't want to drive all day everyday. HA. Jakarta's traffic has gotten worse, you know... And I want to have this day as my own day for pampering myself, being productive making a new blogpost OR not productive at all!

    Being surrounded by positive energy of the dreamers and the doers has changed my perspective towards life. I especially love those who have creative minds with amazing commitments to their dreams.

    More importantly, I'm beyond blessed to have such supportive family and friends. Once someone told me to go chase my dream, I bluntly declined the idea because I was skeptical my kind of dream job could pay me enough bucks. Now that I finally got the job, I can admit how foolish I was that time for being ignorant, rejecting without even trying.

    I know some people who are still figuring out what they truly aspire in their life. It might take a while for you to acknowledge your enthusiasm, so here's a relevant life hack that might be helpful. Sometimes, it's in the darkest period of life you'll see the spark, one-of-a-kind spark that I describe as unusually bright and somehow keeps me in the right direction to always look forward. When you see the spark, you'll say something like "I got this" with a bunch of motivation. That's when I was very convinced with my goal in life.

    Hence you've got to be brave enough to ask yourself: "Risk or regret?" The future is bound to be uncertain, but how do you know your full potential if you aren't stubborn about your own goal?

    And if one day I start feeling stressed, I'll spend a few minutes looking through this post as a proof to remind myself what really matters.
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    Money-Saving Secrets

    Sunday, June 12, 2016
    Having two of my best friends getting married next year, not to mention my employment in a wedding industry, have induced me to explore loads of bridal references nowadays. Personally, my way to find inspiration is by browsing around catalogues where I can find something from gifts, accessories to decoration. But you know, girls will always be girls, we get lured quite easily. In spite of my primary intention, I tend to end up buying things that don't belong in my priority list. Who's to blame anyway when shopping is just one click away?

    Obviously, shopping online is unavoidable in this modern world due to its ease to access, but let's see in a bigger picture, isn't it a positive development? Catalogue shopping provides you with a cost-effective alternative to conventional stores on the high street. But if you want to make more savings, read these three tips on how to save money whilst shopping through online catalogues.

    Discover low-interest rates
    How much interest you pay on your purchases can vary from one retailer to the next. To save money, shop around for catalogues that offer low-interest rates, something that could bag you a significant saving in the long run. Some companies won't charge you any interest at all if you pay off your balance within a certain a time frame. For example, Very enables customers to pay for a purchase in three monthly instalments and won't charge interest if the balance is settled during this period. Other companies, like Argos, also won't charge you interest if you pay your balance in time. Many places offer catalogue finance, but choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the dress or pair of shoes you are looking for.

    Use a price comparison website
    One way to save money on catalogues is to use a price comparison website, where you can compare the prices of different products (everything from laptops to kettles, beds to clothes) in one place. The result? You find the retailer that is offering a product for the cheapest price. You can also head over to third party websites where you can read reviews left by customers who have used a catalogue company in the past, providing you with all the must-know details about a particular brand before you apply for a credit account.

    Use a voucher code
    More and more catalogue retailers offer voucher codes to customers. These promotions enable you to save money on the cost of a purchase or get reduced delivery just by entering a code when you check-out and pay for your items. Look for voucher codes that provide you with the biggest savings. Don't forget to sign up for mailing lists too! You can have the latest promotions and discount codes sent to your email address directly.

    Alrighty, then... I couldn't think of any other tips. So if you bumblebees have your own more efficient way to get the best deal online, let me know in the comments section below!

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    Berry AHA!

    Monday, June 06, 2016
    Greetings, bumblebees! So if you have noticed, a few months ago I changed this blog header in pursuit of rebranding my beauty journal, while in actual fact I just couldn't commit to a specific topic and even talked about something else aside from beauty. Therefore, I sort of wanted to remake a new header without binding myself into a particular niche blog. You may now expect a fashion, lifestyle report or perhaps random chats from me! 

    Here we go again to beauty related post, this time it's about a not-so-new-anymore toner from Etude House called Berry AHA! Bright Peel Boosting Serum. Phew.. What an eye-catching name! I think this was released earlier this year along with their Toning White C line in which I have zero interest with.
    Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peel Boosting Serum.

    Description: The first-step peeling essence for skincare removes dead skin cells and impurity residue daily.

    Directions: After washing the face, at the first step of skincare, dispense an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and apply on the face in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside and working outward in a gentle blotting motion.

    My question was "is it toner, is it serum?" when I first saw this product (I didn't know their description in the beginning). Obviously it's called serum but it looks too watery from the outside, yes? We know that toner is the first step, meanwhile serum is supposed to be used at the last step of your skincare routine. Thanks to Google, uh I mean Etude House website (or should I say my meticulous research before purchasing every skincare item?), I bought the right product for my need.

    Click here to zoom.

    I've always had a thing with AHA ingredients simply because it's known to be great at rejuvenating. The only downside of wearing AHA is that your skin can get extra sensitive to sunlight, thus a sunscreen is a must (thought it's always a must all the time). This boosting serum has salicylic acid too in it! That seriously surprised me because I was presuming this line would only concern at peeling or brightening the skin.

    Packaging wise, it's kind of sleek despite its name. Moreover, considering it comes from Etude House who always gives such cutesy atmosphere to their product, I think this one maybe intended for more matured target market. Haha.. I might be wrong too. Anyway, I like how secured the seal (picture below), so bravo Etude House for the consideration. I still remember their Wonder Pore toner didn't include such seal to prevent leakage. However, the outlet of this bottle is too small for the product to come off. Because texture wise, it's not as watery as usual toner (now the name boosting serum makes sense). The liquid is thicker than water, it seems like it contains a teeny tiny jelly-like substance.

    Nice security seal you got over there.

    Scent wise, it smells fruity with minty tinge. It doesn't only feel sweet but refreshing. I don't know how bilberry fruit's supposed to smell, but it definitely has the kind of smell that doesn't bother me at all. Performance wise, as a toner, I can say I was impressed for the immediate effect. It moisturizes my skin and on top of that, it gives me this silicone effect, you know? Yeah, they do use a synthetic skin conditioning agent and surfactant belonging to the chemical class of siloxanes and silicones. No wonder the instantly smooth skin. However, the good thing, it doesn't break me out.

    In conclusion, I might finish it all since I totally enjoy the immediate result. Umm.. But you know me, when it comes to cosmetics, I always want to explore, try new things, and whatnot. That's why I'm here for you guys ;) To review more and more exciting products!

    Price: IDR 210k
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    Home Sweet Home

    Thursday, May 19, 2016
    If you want to decorate your home, but you don't want to break the bank, shopping with a catalogue gives you choice and flexibility over how you pay. Err.. I know I know.. Some people might prefer to visit a physical store when it comes to furniture, but considering the price might be higher and the quality is just the same. Let's check out some catalogues, shall we? My only tip when it comes to shopping furniture online is to read the reviews. If there is no review, then check the product details carefully. I hope some of these websites below can help you to refresh your home.

    Home Essentials

    Home Essentials is a UK catalogue brand that provides you with more bang for your buck. When you sign up for a new personal account, you can spread the cost of purchases you make and pay in affordable instalments. What's more, you can have your products delivered to your home address and make repayments online or over the phone.

    From bedding to living room furniture to kitchen accessories, you can find it all at Home Essentials with big savings on hundreds of products. The brand also has various furniture packages that could save you money. It is one of the best catalogues for home shopping, and offers a large variety of products. Other benefits include click and collect and a flexible returns policy. Don't forget to find the discount code to save more money on your order ;)

    Look Again

    Look Again is another destination for home ware, including beds, chairs, rugs and bathroom essentials. The catalogue company can stock your need to transform boring, bland wall spaces or old-fashioned rooms. You can apply for an account and make repayments online. Alternatively, pay for your items by phone. New customers who open a personal account with Look Again can get £15 off their order when they spend £75 or more. When you apply for a credit account, you'll receive a monthly statement with details of your purchases and the minimum amount you need to pay.

    Have you tried shopping furniture online? How was your shopping experience? Mind to share with me?
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    Brace Yourself, Summer is Coming

    Friday, April 29, 2016
    Have you ever gone shopping on the high street only to go home empty-handed? Perhaps the shop was too crowded or they didn't have clothes in the size you wanted. This was so me when I visited the Big Apple LOL. I "hate" crowds, or being stuck in the middle of a crowd, and the idea of browsing clothes in such condition can give me a bad shopping mood.

    When you shop for fashion with a catalogue, you can choose from the latest big-name brands and well-known designers from the comfort of your own home, saving you the hassle, I guess.

    Without further ado, here are the some of the women's fashion catalogues I've found:


    From swimwear to lingerie, shoes to accessories, Marisota has an assortment of clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. The brand specialises in plus size clothes (sizes 10 to 32), with hundreds of products on offer, including clothes from designer brands and new labels. Customers can use the website's search feature and find products by name or catalogue number to be taken to individual product pages. Alternatively, you can click on one of the menus to find the clothes you're looking for. When you open an account with Marisota, you can pay for your order in instalments, spreading the cost over time. Doing so is easy: there are lots of repayment options and you can apply for finance on their website or over the phone. Not completely satisfied with a product? Marisota has a flexible returns policy, too.

    Simply Be

    Just like Marisota, Simply Be specialises in plus size clothing, with clothes that range from sizes 12 to 32. You'll find shoes, coats, shirts, dresses, nightwear and more on their online store, with a free click and collect option when you spend £40 or more. New customers can save even more money when they apply for finance. Simply Be offers free delivery and 10 percent off a first order when a customer opens a personal account. The catalogue brand is the home of unique fashion brands and big name labels, with thousands of must-have clothing items for almost every occasion.

    P.S: Yes, it's hard to believe that Summer is just around the corner. It was getting hotter in NYC, I can't wait to go back :)
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    Western Beauty Wish List

    Friday, March 11, 2016
    When I travel overseas, I need to stay on the budget. Around one year ago, I made this Korean Beauty Wish List before flying to Seoul, and seriously it was pretty effective. I got home with loads of beauty products that I loved, the wish list picture also made my shopping experience easier since all I had to do was showing the picture to the sales attendants and they would helped me finding the product.

    On the contrary, last Summer I visited LA without having any wish list on my hand, guess what? I ended up buying almost nothing I liked yet surprisingly I spent my whole pocket money. Hmm, it makes me wonder too what my purchases were besides those depilatory creams (always have to get them in the States because they're freaking expensive here). Ok.. I think I only liked my purchase on that Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color. *deep sigh*

    Now that I'm even on a tighter budget than last year, hopefully this wish list would help me not to buy things impulsively. However, if you have any recommendation on good products (or the new released ones), please let me know, maybe they can be my lifesaver ^^

     photo ODB A BEAUTY BLOG SIGN_zpsevlfleqo.png

    When Brown Meets Cushion

    Wednesday, March 02, 2016
    Time passes so quickly... Now that Spring season is coming, I seriously can't wait to have myself dressed in pastel colors and see all those flowers in full bloom. Speaking of pastels, I made my first guest post just a week ago at Steph's blog, check it out to see my stylebook to welcome Spring :D

    Back to the true purpose of this blogpost. I'm about to review another cute thing from the K-beauty world. It's just recently released in South Korea, a product collaboration between Missha and Line Friends. I have to admit that Koreans are expert in creating cute design when it comes to cosmetics. In the end, they're successfully making all the K-beauty junkies difficult to refuse such impulsive buying. It's like they know the market so well! This Missha x Line Friends are sold out everywhere and surely it takes effort to get this (especially when I'm an Indonesian based blogger). So here you go!

    Missha M Magic Cushion Line Friends Edition.

    Description: Magic cushion with perfect coverage to help achieve flawless skin and long lasting makeup without darkening. Micro cover pigment delivers flawless coverage to skin and silica-bead powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum, leaving makeup last longer with sun protection benefits with SPF50+/PA+++.

    What it promises:
    • Perfect coverage
    • Long-wearing
    • Lightweight
    • Smooth, dewy finish

    Got myself shade #23.

    There are actually two versions of this cushion, I got myself the Brown one, M Magic Cushion which is made for oily-combination skin, whereas the other one, Sally in M Magic Cushion Moisture is made for people with dry skin. My skin type is oily on the T-zone area and normal on the other part. Moreover, I like Brown more than Sally. Even if this Brown edition is marketed for people with dry skin, I would still buy it. Sorry, Sally... T^T If there's a hierarchy, I'd put Jessica on the first place (because she is so me), Cony on the second place, Brown on the third place, then Sally and their other friends (Moon, Leonard or Edward doesn't matter).

    The first edition came with 2 refills with no extra puff, so I'll either buy a new puff later or just wash it regularly with my Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist. However, Missha has changed the bundle, so if you order now you'll get 1 refill and 1 extra puff instead, but with the same price! *sigh*

    Brown face all over the packaging, super adorable!

    Told ya I'm a fool for cute packaging. Anyway, despite the cute design and being a Line Friends' fan, I find the packaging and the puff are not in the greatest quality. I haven't seen the original M Magic Cushion in person, but based on the photo, it must feel like the Laneige one? This Brown edition looks so plastic and also feels like plastic, which can be also a good point because it's not as heavy as my Laneige BB Cushion. Hence, those who want to have a more elegant look while touching up, might not like this. Obviously people who would buy this are either a fan of Line Friends or just adore anything cute. I guess, so?

    The swatch on my skin.

    I was confused whether to get myself shade #21 or #23 because I've always been using shade #21 in my whole life, but based on the YouTube reviews I saw, #21 looks too pale! Then I asked the reseller which one should I get if I normally use #21 for Laneige BB cushion, they replied Missha shade is a bit lighter and #23 would be right for me. I trusted them and seriously loved the result. I have been using this cushion for a week and will definitely bring this to the States because the coverage and oil control is just great. Though I'll be bringing my Laneige too just in case the weather is still cold.

    All in all, for people with oily combination skin like me and live in such humid climate, I think they will like this version more than the M Magic Cushion Moisture one. Besides, it still gives me that semi-matte finish, not dewy as it promises, but fairly glowing looking, I suppose.

    Anyway, if you're interested to buy this cushion and live in Indonesia, just feel free to email me and I'd recommend you the reseller, they're so kind to me and also trustworthy. I bought their Eye Color Studio Mini Line Friends Edition too as a gift for my friend and personally asked them to wrap it neatly for me, and they really did it without hesitation. Have I mentioned I'd appreciate it when people want to go extra mile for their customers?

    Price: IDR 249k
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