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Summer Cotton Skin

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Hey, dear bumblebees! I'm so excited with some addition to my skincare as well as my makeup routine lately. I just can't wait to share, so stay tuned until I'm done trying them out! Two weeks ago, I received a package from and was surprised when I found out they sent me this product for a review because I myself have never thought of using The Face Shop cushion before. To be honest though, my main motivation before purchasing a cushion is based on this particular factor; they must have a cute packaging. That's it. So now you know why. Haha! What a childish reasoning, but oh well... 

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion.

Description: Perfect your makeup on the go with the Oil Control Water Cushion. Light foundation with a cushion applicator provides a matte finish for a flawless look. The finish of liquid foundation in a convenient compact size.

What it promises:
  • Shine-free moisturizing cushion
  • Controls sebum
  • 4x denser Durable Microfoam
  • Evenly dispenses product from first to last touch
Directions: At the final step of your skincare routine, apply all over the face in an even layer. Gently pat into skin with the palm of your hands for complete absorption.

Mine is in shade #21.

The cushion comes with a beige colored puff.

Well the end of summer is drawing near, but there is no such rules in changing the makeup game here. Jakarta has always been hot throughout the year and I feel like this cushion was given to me with thoughtful consideration. The Face Shop actually provides four different types of cushion makeup, in which the other three of them are intended for people with drier skin. I can say that I am glad sent me this one instead of those other cushions.

The swatch on my skin.

Packaging wise, the case looks quite sturdy though it can get easily scratched. This actually happened several times, and I was sure there was no sharp object inside my makeup pouch, yet I found some scratches on the compact. Does this weird phenomena occur to you as well?

Moving on to the puff... Let me sigh for a moment as I want to question this. There are so many colors available in this whole universe, yes? So why does The Face Shop choose beige as their puff's surface color? I can never be sure how much foundation I pick up on this beige colored puff. But yes, it feels denser than any other cushion puff I've ever tried!

Although the finish is more matte than dewy, their shine-free promise might be a little too much 'cause I still need to blot my oily T-zone at midday. Durability is okay for me, however it does a great job at evening out skin tone and fading blemishes. The only issue is, the high SPF in this foundation leaves white cast on my skin, which is a no-go for a night occasion. Please note that the white residue looks noticeable too in daylight. Just make sure to turn off the flash if you're having your photo taken ;)

Price: USD 17.89

Use my code T717MH2M8NU to get 8% discount at Did I forget to mention the worldwide free shipping? The shipment was pretty fast too, I guess I only had to wait for a week or so, not to mention the abundant samples I received :P

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Styling 101: Pleats

Monday, August 01, 2016
The first time I encountered pleats was back in 2014 when I was modelling for a local brand's collection. Though my first impression of the fabric wasn't all that enjoyable due to the humid weather in Jakarta, I had a glimpse idea of how appealing and cosy it would be to wear pleats in cooler temperature.
You know you just couldn't skip Issey Miyake when taking pleats into account, could you? And I've been adoring shades of blue lately. I mean, these shades make color mixing seems so easy, not to mention they complement my skin tone. Here's a proof: see my previous post's selfie. In addition, the lace-up trend appears to dominate the entire season. I've noticed it doesn't only look surprisingly hip on clothes, but also on shoes and sandals.
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