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The Rose

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Single Color Meanings

  • Red roses of any hue say "I love you"
  • Deep red roses imply unconscious beauty.
  • White roses signify spiritual love and purity
  • Bridal white means happy love.
  • Yellow roses today signify joy and gladness; historically, they meant a decrease of love and infidelity.
  • Coral roses imply desire
  • Orange say "I am fascinated and enthusiastic."
  • Lavender roses mean love at first sight
  • Light pink roses imply grace, gentility and admiration
  • Dark pink roses say"thank you."

In general, pale-colored roses signify friendship.

Variety of roses

  • Rose (Austrian) You are all that is lovely
  • Rose (bridal) Happy love
  • Rose (burgundy) Unconscious beauty
  • Rose (cabbage) Ambassador of love
  • Rose (Carolina) Love is dangerous
  • Rose (China) Beauty always new
  • Rose (damask) Beauty ever new; Young and brilliant
  • Rose (deep red) Bashful shame
  • Rose (deep-red) Admiration; Bashful; Embarrassment
  • Rose (full-blown) Engagement
  • Rose (guilder) Age; Winter
  • Rose (half-blown) Timid love
  • Rose (jacqueminot) I am true
  • Rose (Japan) Beauty is your only attraction; Illusion
  • Rose (marechal niel) Yours; Heart and soul
  • Rose (montiflora) Grace
  • Rose (moss) Superior; Confessions of love
  • Rose (musk) Capricious beauty
  • Rose (red) Unity; Romantic love
  • Rose (rock) Popular favor
  • Rose (thorn-less) Love at first sight; Ingratitude
  • Rose (white) I am worthy of your love; Silence; Innocent love
  • Rose (white, withered) I am in despair
  • Rose (wild) Charming simplicity
  • Rose (yellow) Decrease of Love; Jealousy; Try to Care; Let us forget; Love is waning; Friendship
  • Rose (York and Lancaster) Conflict
  • Rosebud Beauty; Youth; A heart innocent of Love
  • Rosebud (red) Inclined to love; Pure and lovely
  • Rosebud (white) Too young to love
  • Rose-leaf You may hope


  • red= true love & desire
  • white= spiritual & true love
  • black= farewell,death
  • yellow= friendship
  • yellow with Red Tip= friendship falling in Love
  • pink/peach= sweetness ,please believe me ,Gratitude, Appreciation,Admiration or Sympathy
  • Light Pink = Grace, Gladness, Joy
  • Dark Pink = Thankfulness
  • Lavender = Love At First Sight, Enchantment,uniqueness
  • Orange = Fascination
  • Coral= Desire
  • white& red= unity

Combinations of roses

  • A single rose -simplicity
  • Two Roses Joined Together -Engagement
  • A dozen- the ultimate declaration of love
  • Red and White Roses Together - Unity
  • Red and Yellow-Happy Feelings
  • Red and yellow roses mixed together say "Congratulations!"
  • Yellow and orange roses together imply passionate thoughts.

  • Deep red rose - bashful shame
  • Full red rose - beauty
  • White rosebud - heart ignorant of love
  • Burgundy rose - unconscious beauty
  • Unique rose - call me not beautiful
  • Rosebud with leaves but no thorns "I fear no longer; I hope."
  • Rosebud with neither leaves nor thorns "There is nothing to hope or fear."
  • Full blown rose over two buds Secrecy

so, which rose do you like?