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Galactomyces Essence

Friday, January 23, 2015
Hey wonderful bumblebees! Happy new year!! First post of the year, I hope I didn't disappoint you for being MIA and abandoning the #BLOGMAS. I'm so sorry. Mianhaeyo~ That's why one of my resolutions this year is to blog more (with quality of course). LOL. Don't you think time flies so fast? A bit too fast than before. Is it only me but it really feels like it passes very quickly after I started blogging last year.

My first post in 2015 is about my favorite facial essence. So I've been using Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence since early 2014, not clearly remember the month, but I did repurchased last December cause I used up the whole bottle!

Well, there are so many other Korean brands out there who produce this galactomyces contained essence actually. I wonder why I picked Secret Key in the first place as it was honestly an impulsive buying back then. This kind of treatment essence wasn't new to me, I tried the one from Missha before, sample size though.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Rose
Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (Limited Edition).

Description: Whitening and anti-wrinkle line which contains 94% galactomyces, one of the yeast ferment filtrates. It is not only the source of the nutrition, but also has an outstanding moisturizing effect for the skin. Free of parabens, animal oils, benzophenone, flavoring, coloring, triethanolamine, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, and sulfates.

Secret Key Starting Treatment EssenceSecret Key Starting Treatment Essence ingredients
Descriptions in Korean and ingredients.

Please note that I don't think this product would work as amazing if I didn't do the other skin regimen such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning, etc. This essence claims to brighten and prevent wrinkles, I do see the brightening effect, but not yet the anti-wrinkle as I'm only in my early 20s. I believe it requires a long term commitment if you want to prove whether it can prevent or reduce the wrinkle.

Let's get to the review, this essence has watery and runny texture so I'd use a cotton pad and just dab it around my face. Some people might think that pouring some into the palm and pat it on the face would save the product more, but well if you're doing it that way, make sure your hands are clean.

The rose edition doesn't have any scent at all! I was surprised 'cause I thought there would be a slight rosey scent at least. On the other hand, the original edition has a quite distinguishable scent, not to the extend it's unpleasant anyways.

Packaging wise, it's made of glass, kind of heavy, therefore I definitely don't recommend this for traveling as 150ml is the only size they have. Not sure if it's going to leak, but it's rather inconvenient for me to bring this stuff.

When I run out of the original STE, I didn't restock it right away because I had to wait for the pre-order. Thus, I stopped using it for awhile, almost a month, and surely there was no sign of breakout. Honestly, I prefer this rose edition because it is odorless and it absorbs to skin more quickly. I think that's because the watery texture, it's not like the other one isn't watery, but the texture of this one is more like real water. Not to mention, the packaging looks exclusive with gold cap.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Limited Edition
The rose edition contains 150ml, it's a tad lesser than the original one, 155ml.

It took me like half a year to finish the first bottle. However, these days I've tried to be more generous when it comes to skincare, that's why in this picture you couldn't see the shadow of the remaining essence anymore. I've finished one third of it in just a month. Muahaha!

Price: IDR 185k

Feels like the K-drama gods are so kind lately. Because all the good looking men are on TV! On Mon-Tue we have this hottie Ji ChangWook. Just new in, Wed-Thu drama we have HyunBin, I have had a huge crush on him since A Millionaire's First Love! And lastly on Friday, with 2 episodes in a day, we have Jaejoongieee aka the most good looking human I've ever seen in person.

Usually when a drama ends, I'd feel sad, the kind of empty feeling you know. However, that wasn't the case for Pinocchio! I did a little talk about the drama before, it was a lovely drama to catch up but I mustn't be the only one who wanted the drama to end a little sooner as I saw HyunBin in those upcoming drama previews, right? x_x Thankfully they aired episode 18 and 19 on the same day so that Hyde, Jekyll, Me would premiere on schedule.

KBS Healer OST:
Michael Learns To Rock - Eternal Love.
Tei - What My Eyes Say.

SBS Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST:
Park BoRam - Falling.


Jungyup - Shadow.

Zia - Stardust.

Mind to share what are you currently watching in this dramaland? :D
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