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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

Hello dear bumblebees, my apologies for being MIA lately. I had some thesis defense preparation and that's why I neglected my blog for awhile T^T However, I'm back with new reviews! This time, I'd like to review daily color contact lenses from Ciba Vision called FreshLook One-Day. The brand itself is very familiar to me as I've been using Ciba Vision's Solo Care Aqua for disinfecting my lenses. Let's get to the review!

Ciba Vision Freshlook One-Day
Ciba Vision FreshLook One-Day in gray.

I received this pair of lenses from, it's the first and largest online shop that sells contact lenses or cosmetic circle lenses in Indonesia. Before reviewing the lens, I will review their website first. The website is very simple and I definitely have no trouble ordering my lens, it's easy to access, the navigation is just clear, and all in Indonesian, so it's totally made for Indonesian consumer. You can simply choose the type of lenses you want to find. When you have something to ask, there's a live chat box that will help to solve your problems.

And now, let's move on to the packaging. Here's what I received, the package arrived so much faster that I thought it would be, it only took 2 business days!

Lensza review
Here's how safe the packaging is.

Remember to only buy contact lenses from a trusted reseller! Lensza will ship your order in a very safe packaging. The box is thick, it's as thick as a mobile phone box, you know the box that you get when you just bought a brand new phone :D They will protect the lenses' original packaging in a bubble wrap too :)

Ciba Vision Freshlook One-Day review
Descriptions, expiration date, and literally everything!
Ciba Vision Freshlook One-Day review
There are 10 lenses or 5 pairs of lenses for 5 days.
Ciba Vision Freshlook One-Day review

Specification of Ciba Vision FreshLook One-Day:
Power Range: 0.60 ∼ -6.00
Diameter: 13.8mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 69%
Lifespan: 1 day disposal

Ciba Vision Freshlook One-Day gray review
Click here to view another result on my Instagram ^^

Design: 5 out of 5
It's three tone colors lens with a hazel ring in the middle. The color turns out extremely natural and pretty! It gives such a subtle mystical gray color, I really love it! This lens is the best for someone like me who most of the time prefer wearing circle lens that won't look so obvious in real life.

Enlargement: 2.5 out of 5
The enlargement is barely noticeable, the diameter is only 13.8 and there's no thick limbal ring.

Comfort: 5 out of 5
What can I say? This is by far the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn! I could even give a 7 out of 5. LOL. I like how it doesn't make my eyes drier and it feels like I'm wearing nothing. No wonder since the lenses are very soft and thin. On another note, you should handle this lens a bit more careful so you won't rip it.

Overall: I recommend this lens to those who want to achieve a super natural look with gray lenses. It's very comfortable, I can wear this throughout the day without a problem, there's no need for eyedrops, because it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

Price: IDR 155k per 5 pairs

Caution: Do not keep your dailies! These lenses are specially made for daily usage, which mean you have to dispose it after using it.
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White Superfresh

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Hello again, my bumblebees! I'm about to share my recent purchase, it's the new Maybelline White Superfresh compact powder. I was super excited when I got this because I've seen so many reviews about this, including QiuQiu's sponsored video so I thought, why don't I buy it as well? Since it's an affordable drugstore makeup, and Maybelline is no doubt one of my favorite drugstore brand.

Maybelline White Superfresh review
Maybelline White Superfresh.

This is basically a two-way cake powder that promises you a 12-hours bright matte look and fresh feel. Even better, it contains SPF 34/PA+++, which not many of affordable two-way cake powder can give such quite high sun protection. What a bonus! I get myself the refill packaging because it's cuter than the actual packaging! It's only 5cm length of each side, totally such a perfect size for traveling.

Maybelline White Superfresh description
The description and directions written on the box in English and Indonesian.
Maybelline White Superfresh ingredients
The ingredients.
Maybelline White Superfresh refill
There are 5 shades available and I got myself shade no. 2 nude beige.

It's always important to read the ingredients, because some ingredients might break me out. This one is pretty safe to use, though it contains silicones. I also prefer their refill size because it's very handy, but the original packaging is pretty too, it's fully white like this but it's transparent at the bottom and it includes a mirror, the size is twice bigger than this.

I wonder how will I examine this powder, therefore I come up with a fun way to test this product by comparing it with my usual compact powder from Dior. Just like what QiuQiu did, I wore half of my face with my Diorskin Nude Compact, my own personal purchase as well. I do realize that QiuQiu only compared White Superfresh to another drugstore brand, and that's probably unfair because she (or the production staffs) might choose the low quality brand. Thus, comparing it with a high-end brand and not to mention, it's been my favorite compact powder for years, could conclude a better opinion. 

Maybelline White Superfresh review
Refill pack also comes with a sponge puff.

The sponge that was given by Maybelline was not a bad, it's a pretty good one for the price but when it's compared to the one from Dior, it's undeniably worse. However, I'm quite happy that the refill pack also comes with a sponge :P

Maybelline White Superfresh refill

One thing that I don't really like from this powder is the scent. It smells okay when I sniff from the packaging but when it's applied, somehow the smell changes like a chemical scent. It just doesn't smell nice. I'd rather use a powder that doesn't leave scent at all. The shade looks too yellow for my skin, I was contemplating maybe I should get the shade no. 3 but the BA told me that shade no. 3 is a bit too dark for me. Not sure if it'd turn out too dark for my skin because there were no samples at the time! The finish is matte, but it gives me a cakey powdery look u_u

Maybelline White Superfresh swatch
Swatch on my hand.

Performance wise, this one is the surprising fact that I couldn't even believe. I used both of the powder evenly on my face, the Dior part started to be oily on the nose area in 1 hour, it didn't look shiny but it felt tad greasy when it's touched. Whereas the Maybelline was still matte. WOW! However after 3 hours, the Maybelline part started to feel greasy, and in 5 hours all of the T-zone on my face looked oily and touch-up was certainly needed. The coverage is sheer, for it can cover the freckles on my hand.

In conclusion, Maybelline White Superfresh doesn't live up to its promises. I have oily T-zone and the other area of my face is normal but this didn't give me such a 12-hours matte look either on the normal part of my skin. Not sure how this will react on dry skin, though. All in all, this powder does give a matte finish and control sebum, but the promises are exaggerated. Anyway, you can't really complain when it comes to drugstore brands, can you?

Price: IDR 30k

2PM - Go Crazy!

Let's go crazy~! The dance itself is crazy LOL. I wonder why KBS has to ban 2PM's comeback, the lyrics itself when it's translated aren't that rude, such as “guys who planned to go crazy” and “this dude.” It looks like unbelievable if 2PM considers changing the lyrics o_O I don't understand Korean, so please enlighten me. How offensive those sentences could be when you translate it in English or Indonesian?
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Moist Naked Face

Saturday, September 06, 2014
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

Hello my dear bumblebees! This is another product that I chose for Beautifan, you can read my review on their website too as it's originally posted there. This time I'm going to share a CC cream from Laneige, a Korean cosmetic brand that Song HyeKyo endorses. I've admired her since the drama Autumn in My Heart, and can't wait to watch her new movie, My Brilliant Life! So without further ado, let's go to the review!

laneige water base cc cream

This CC cream contains SPF 36/PA++, which I think quite a good sun protection for base makeup. Laneige describes this CC cream as 3 in 1 multi cream: sunscreen, makeup base, primer. A water based texture for smooth coverage.

What it promises:
  1. Moist CC cream made of water base.
  2. Essence-like smooth CC cream without heavyweight.
  3. Easy reapply over makeup base, easy washable with tepid water.
  4. Natural whitening like milk - brightening, glossiness, transparency.
  5. Not only coverage, but also skin care as it has Water Trans Powder, Mela Crusher, pearl ingredients.
laneige water base cc cream review
The packaging and they also include a pamphlet inside written in Korean, Chinese, and English.

As Laneige is marketed as higher end Korean cosmetics, I think what they did to put a trilingual pamphlet is satisfying. However, I couldn't find the ingredients on their box or pamphlet. I even visited the website to find it out, but they really don't share the ingredients. I wonder why...

laneige water base cc cream description
The English full description of the product and directions.

There are two shades available for this CC cream, peach pink and pure beige. The peach pink is for fairly bright skin and for those desiring a brighter skin, while the pure beige is for slightly dark skin and for those desiring a calm looking skin. Thus, for a medium skin tone like me, I chose the pure beige. 

laneige water base cc cream review
Pump packaging with a lid.

I love it when my cosmetic comes in such hygienic packaging like this. The CC cream can cover my entire face and neck just in 1 and a half pumps. I also think 40 ml is a pretty decent amount for CC cream as it will expire in 12 months after the first usage.

laneige water base cc cream swatch
The CC cream.
laneige water base cc cream swatch
laneige water base cc cream swatch

The texture of this CC cream is watery just like what it promises, it glides very easily, feels moist, and lightweight on skin. It does give a brightening effect, dewy finish, it makes your skin glow naturally as it doesn't have shimmer whatsoever. When it's fully absorbed, it doesn't feel sticky, instead my skin feels soft.

The scent is like sweet powdery, it's not too strong, smells just right. Even though it has a pretty high sun protection factor, it doesn't leave white cast. I am just curious of what type of sunscreen filter does this CC cream has, but then again, unfortunately they didn't state the ingredients. My skin has been reacting so good with it too, I've got no breakout so far.

The coverage is lacking since it can't even cover the freckles on my hand if you look closely the picture above after it's blended. Even if I tried to build up the coverage, it didn't make a big difference. It can only cover a little bit of redness on skin. Thankfully it's not cakey at all, I guess because of the water formula.

The oil control is very average, I have to blot my face as my T-zone gets oily after 3 hours with this CC cream. Because the formula is washable, the oil control is not promising either, especially for people with oily skin. I'm not sure if I should be happy with the easy-washable formula, because I think it decreases the CC cream's staying power. However, I like the idea of that easy-washable formula too because I don't need to wash my hand and finger with soap after applying this CC cream.

In conclusion, Laneige Water Base CC Cream is recommendable for those who want to achieve a natural radiant looking skin. If you have acne scars and need heavy coverage for your dark spots, I don't think this is for you. I have acne scars and this CC cream can't cover it no matter how many layer I put. Therefore, for extra coverage, you need to apply concealers or layer it again with foundation.

What I like:
  • hygienic pump packaging
  • glides very easily
  • brightening effect
  • moist, soft, lightweight feel
  • not sticky once it's fully absorbed
  • dewy finish
  • no white cast
  • sweet powdery scent
  • does not break me out
What I dislike:
  • very low coverage
  • not so good oil control
Tips: Since the CC cream has watery texture, I would suggest to use the product with clean fingers instead of beauty blender or sponges. Just slightly dab it when you try to build coverage.

Price: USD 30.99

Jung In & Gary - Bicycle.

So here's another new single from Jung In and Gary from LeeSsang. The whole music video looks so peaceful and watching it somehow makes me form a smile :) Hope you'll love this song too! Oh, kindly click here if you want to listen more songs from Jung In and Gary, I put the song at the end of the post just like this one. Have a wonderful weekend, my bumblebees!
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