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Saturday, September 06, 2014
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

Hello my dear bumblebees! This is another product that I chose for Beautifan, you can read my review on their website too as it's originally posted there. This time I'm going to share a CC cream from Laneige, a Korean cosmetic brand that Song HyeKyo endorses. I've admired her since the drama Autumn in My Heart, and can't wait to watch her new movie, My Brilliant Life! So without further ado, let's go to the review!

laneige water base cc cream

This CC cream contains SPF 36/PA++, which I think quite a good sun protection for base makeup. Laneige describes this CC cream as 3 in 1 multi cream: sunscreen, makeup base, primer. A water based texture for smooth coverage.

What it promises:
  1. Moist CC cream made of water base.
  2. Essence-like smooth CC cream without heavyweight.
  3. Easy reapply over makeup base, easy washable with tepid water.
  4. Natural whitening like milk - brightening, glossiness, transparency.
  5. Not only coverage, but also skin care as it has Water Trans Powder, Mela Crusher, pearl ingredients.
laneige water base cc cream review
The packaging and they also include a pamphlet inside written in Korean, Chinese, and English.

As Laneige is marketed as higher end Korean cosmetics, I think what they did to put a trilingual pamphlet is satisfying. However, I couldn't find the ingredients on their box or pamphlet. I even visited the website to find it out, but they really don't share the ingredients. I wonder why...

laneige water base cc cream description
The English full description of the product and directions.

There are two shades available for this CC cream, peach pink and pure beige. The peach pink is for fairly bright skin and for those desiring a brighter skin, while the pure beige is for slightly dark skin and for those desiring a calm looking skin. Thus, for a medium skin tone like me, I chose the pure beige. 

laneige water base cc cream review
Pump packaging with a lid.

I love it when my cosmetic comes in such hygienic packaging like this. The CC cream can cover my entire face and neck just in 1 and a half pumps. I also think 40 ml is a pretty decent amount for CC cream as it will expire in 12 months after the first usage.

laneige water base cc cream swatch
The CC cream.
laneige water base cc cream swatch
laneige water base cc cream swatch

The texture of this CC cream is watery just like what it promises, it glides very easily, feels moist, and lightweight on skin. It does give a brightening effect, dewy finish, it makes your skin glow naturally as it doesn't have shimmer whatsoever. When it's fully absorbed, it doesn't feel sticky, instead my skin feels soft.

The scent is like sweet powdery, it's not too strong, smells just right. Even though it has a pretty high sun protection factor, it doesn't leave white cast. I am just curious of what type of sunscreen filter does this CC cream has, but then again, unfortunately they didn't state the ingredients. My skin has been reacting so good with it too, I've got no breakout so far.

The coverage is lacking since it can't even cover the freckles on my hand if you look closely the picture above after it's blended. Even if I tried to build up the coverage, it didn't make a big difference. It can only cover a little bit of redness on skin. Thankfully it's not cakey at all, I guess because of the water formula.

The oil control is very average, I have to blot my face as my T-zone gets oily after 3 hours with this CC cream. Because the formula is washable, the oil control is not promising either, especially for people with oily skin. I'm not sure if I should be happy with the easy-washable formula, because I think it decreases the CC cream's staying power. However, I like the idea of that easy-washable formula too because I don't need to wash my hand and finger with soap after applying this CC cream.

In conclusion, Laneige Water Base CC Cream is recommendable for those who want to achieve a natural radiant looking skin. If you have acne scars and need heavy coverage for your dark spots, I don't think this is for you. I have acne scars and this CC cream can't cover it no matter how many layer I put. Therefore, for extra coverage, you need to apply concealers or layer it again with foundation.

What I like:
  • hygienic pump packaging
  • glides very easily
  • brightening effect
  • moist, soft, lightweight feel
  • not sticky once it's fully absorbed
  • dewy finish
  • no white cast
  • sweet powdery scent
  • does not break me out
What I dislike:
  • very low coverage
  • not so good oil control
Tips: Since the CC cream has watery texture, I would suggest to use the product with clean fingers instead of beauty blender or sponges. Just slightly dab it when you try to build coverage.

Price: USD 30.99

Jung In & Gary - Bicycle.

So here's another new single from Jung In and Gary from LeeSsang. The whole music video looks so peaceful and watching it somehow makes me form a smile :) Hope you'll love this song too! Oh, kindly click here if you want to listen more songs from Jung In and Gary, I put the song at the end of the post just like this one. Have a wonderful weekend, my bumblebees!
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38 comments on "Moist Naked Face"
  1. Hm coverage is the first thing i want from this kind of cream!

  2. Looks like a great product, but probably wouldn`t work for me,
    very well written :)

  3. are you a korean? ;) Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!

  4. This product looks good. It's a CC cream after all, I don't expect high coverage from it but it looks good... :D

  5. i hated glowy skin that korean loves but these days i've been finding ways to get that watery glow (instead of oily "glow" lol) that can cop with my oily skin bc whenever i see koreans running around (not like literally running around but you get what i mean lol) their skin looks so moistful but doesn't look a single bit oily somehow. they probably use this kind of product that contains less oil. but yea too bad this won't probably cop with my oily skin and it's hella expensive.

    1. AH couldn't agree more, there's a big difference between dewy and oily LOL. I think it's better to use something with matte/ semi-matte finish if your skin is oily :)

  6. Sounds like a good product but for people who already have good skin so I'm probably gonna skip on this. :)
    Thanks for sharing the song. I'm currently listening to it and it sounds awesome! :)

    Anna Luisa
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  7. I love CC creams ^^
    This one looks really good!
    Too bad it doesn't have much coverage, or have much oil control >.<
    Quite pricey for me >.<!

    恵美より ♥

  8. I normally don't really like CC creams but... oh geez. You just sold me on this. I don't really need too heavy of a coverage foundation, so this would be awesome! :) Thanks for the in-depth review, Mitch! (And that song doe... <3)

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  9. great review ci! :D
    but too bad laneige's product are very pricey :')

    cheer, michelle

  10. nice! it suits your skin color

  11. I love Gary, he's so cute. I think since it's not much coverage, scars and dark spots need to be covered with concealer. But the purpose of cc cream is to correct it isn't it? Oh well.. I'm not sure if it suits my dry combi skin type thou... cos after hours outside, my t-zone will be oily because it's too dry (im guessing)... oh well. It's always hard to pick and find one that's suitable. Not sure if I should try this not, but thanks for sharing! xx

    Angelus //

  12. I'm so glad you reviewed this one! I wanted to try it when it was first introduced with those gorgeous ads with Song Hye Kyo but I never got around to it. This CC cream sounds like it would be good for creating a dewy looking finish.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. Wow great review! thankyou for your comment on my blog..
    following you xx

  14. I have the same CC cream but regret not buying it again when I saw it on sale for like 12$USD in sasa T__T This cc cream is soo nice compared to other cc creams in my opinion because it does, like you mentioned above, make the skin looks so natural and evened out *-* ~~ You'Re so lucky to have sponsorship with Ibuybeauti! I envy you haha >.< ♥

    Mindy ♥

    1. Wah! USD12 for this CC cream is so worth it! Yeah, I really think this is unlike my other CC cream *cough* Etude House *cough*, but then again the price is twice more expensive.
      Aw.. You can apply for the sponsorship when they open the recruitment again ^^

  15. I require so much coverage! It wouldn't work for me, but would definitely work for someone with great skin.

  16. Another awesome review, Mitch! I rarely use make-up, but if I do, I like my BB or CC cream to be light-weight & non-sticky. Thanks for the lovely clip! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  17. Thank you so much for the usefull info :))
    for me pore coverage is an important factor too. How about pore care of this product ?

    1. Hi! You're welcome, dear :) The pore coverage for this CC cream isn't outstanding either, it does minimize the pore but I don't think it'll cover such large pores.

  18. beautiful product...I love CC creams and I wish this was available in India

  19. Really nice review! Love your blog, new follower :D x

  20. I like the pros of the product, but I don't think I'd get it considering there's little coverage. And while my skin isn't horrible, I feel like I'd need something to cover up redness and whatnot. I like that it doesn't give off a white cast like others though, since that's been a problem with the ones I've tried out previously!

    But thank you for the review ^^

  21. I've found with most BB and CC creams the coverage isn't very well, but the pros definitively outweigh the cons. Nice review, I'm glad I found your blog :) ♥ @ItsBerryStylish

  22. If the control oil is not good, I don´t like this product because I have very oily skin and I need a product that work on basis on that.

  23. This brand is very famous here in Malaysia, especially for it's night mask. Haven't tried this yet but surely sounds interesting!

    Reflection of Sanity

  24. This actually looks gorgeous when blended and like you said it looks like it'll give skin a really lovely glow! I also like the fact that it's not sticky as many creams like this are….will definitely have a little look for this as I don't think we have this brand in the UK :(

    Layla xx

    1. Don't worry, I got this online too, Laneige Indonesia hasn't had this yet :)

  25. I love how much lighter CC creams feel than foundation - this one sounds lovely!

    Style Sunrise☀


  26. And I still haven’t been able to try a CC cream! Truth be told, I also wouldn’t know which one to pick…
    Laneige seems like a really good brand, but they should list the ingredients! It’ a big fault but it’s nice to know it doesn’t leave a white cast and that it has no shimmer, though the poor oil control wouldn’t work for my skin.
    Thank you so much for this review. I know now, that this one isn’t for my skin type.
    I’m truly sorry for my very long absence due to my vacations, but I’m back!
    Kisses and take care.

  27. I saw some Laneige products when I went into a Korean store last week but I didn't get anything, as I wanted to do more research. Thank you for your informative review on this product. I think I will give it a miss because I have really oily skin and need something more matte :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  28. OMG I want this! It looks as if it might be pale enough for me which is incredible xx

    Gemma |

  29. it looks like a nice product to try

    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


  30. Song Hye Kyo can pretty much sell me anything, I swear. Picked up a Laneige catalogue a few years back, and her face was on nearly every page. HOW IS HER FACE EVEN THAT FLAWLESS??? UNNATURAL I TELL YOU, UNNATURAL ;-; I do have to saw being unable to find the ingredients a bit sketchy. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? (jks) I do have to say I am interested in trying this out now though, because honestly, as much as know double cleansing is important, sometimes I just want to easily wash off my makeup, ya know?? Going to keep a lookout for this product next time I'm at my Asian mall.

    1. OH GOSH! You're not the only who ever thought like that. Nearly every Korean actress that I've seen on TV has that flawless face and I couldn't help but feel so envious T.T

  31. cc creams are still considered as primer maybe that's why it has a low coverage. I also have some laneige products and always wonder where the ingredient lists is

  32. It is good for those who prefers very light make up I guess :)
    Anyway nice review and honest points Dear <3 <3