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Let It Burn!

Thursday, March 26, 2015
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for the review, but all the thoughts and opinions I have expressed are my own.]

How are you, my bumblebees? Now that I'm a full time worker, it feels like I'm not exercising at all since most of the time I only sit in my cubicle (cause I'm still a noob), but hopefully I'll go out soon for visiting. I don't actually like exercising to be honest because it tires me LOL. However now that I'm older and my "body" changes, exercising is like the key for a healthier lifestyle.

The thing is it's difficult for me to be committed. There was once I only hit the gym for a month. So I came up with an idea to find something that would excite me to the gym, like a pair of new shoes, perhaps?

Working full time got me no much free time for shopping. On weekends, I'd rather spend it at home. That's why I love online shopping and this is a habit that I've had since I own a card in college.

As you might already realize, I've mentioned this before too that Zalora is one of my favorite online shopping destinations. Its shipping method is just practical, I could even choose the cash on delivery and there's such 30 days return policy.

 photo 824b6a67-74dc-40c9-88e7-25f987376213_zpsnyqt9kg5.jpg photo 8e69ee4b-73f2-4341-900b-b35d40ce6f15_zpscwoivrka.jpg
Can't decide which one is cuter!

Anyhoo, what makes a pair of sport shoes attractive to you? Do you have any recommended brand? Lemme know!
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