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Dreaming Swan

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Bumblebee-ya~ Anyong haseyo! This month surely flies so fast. June is coming so soon and therefore, summer season will start. Told ya I've got so many things from Seoul, but laziness pervades me and I've used up most of the cosmetics I bought. HA! However this one that I'm going to review is one of the stuffs that I asked my friend to get me when she was visiting South Korea. She visited the country all way to the south, well I mean, Busan. I'm so jealous and happy for her I mean, because when I went to South Korea, I could only visit Seoul as I was on tour and the Busan or even Jeju package wasn't available back then. This gives me another good reason to visit South Korea, I'd love to travel on Spring or Fall mainly because of the weather, not too cold nor too hot.

So yeah, this one I'll be reviewing is one of the Etude House's latest releases. As a fan of the brand, I surely can't skip this collection called Dreaming Swan which was inspired by the ballet. It's a collaboration between Etude House and Kerrie Hess, an illustrator from Australia. Honestly though, I've never heard of her before, but apparently she has worked for Chanel, Kate Spade, Lancome, LadurĂ©e, etc. Just wow, isn't it?!

Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer review
Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer.

Description: A pearl-cream multi shadow that absorbed smoothly on every area that needs dazzling shimmer.

What it promises:
  • Transparently and delicately shiny pearl that makes moisturized lovely eyes.
  • Powerful instant fitting system keeps pearl not to fall out for delicate and clear pearl expression.
  • Bounce-up gel type texture to express 3D-effect volume.
  • Non-sticky and moisturising texture to provide shiny volume on broad area.
Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer twinkling tutuEtude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer twinkling tutu
Product's description, directions and ingredients.

Personal thought of mine about the packaging. As any other usual Etude House's packaging, it's prettier on the box rather than the actual product. Thankfully there are prints of ballerina's shoes and bow on the lid. I got mine in shade #3 twinkling tutu.

Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer twinkling tutu review

Texture wise, it's more like creamy liquid with tons of gold glitter that glides very easily and dries instantly too, so make sure to blend it nicely before it dries. While it's said on the direction that it can be used for the bridge of the nose, I seriously don't recommend you to use it on that area. It will look too glittery and you'll end up looking unnatural.

Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer twinkling tutu review
Swatch on my hand using the wand and blended afterwards.

It's not an easy product for the eye area either, though it's meant to be a highlighter. The promotional photo makes it looks as if it's practical to work with, when in fact it takes me loads of trial and error. I think the problem is on the wand. Its diameter is too thick for an eye makeup product, since it picks so many liquid and it'll look messy if you directly apply it to your eye area.

The trick of using this product is to make sure you only pick a little, apply it first on the hand (to reassure you really pick only a little of it), and now you're safe to put it on bottom lash line area. However, that's too complicated! Nowadays I use it as a highlighter for my eyebrow bone because that way it's easier to blend.

Price: KRW 7,500

K-drama updates anyone? I'm currently watching School 2015, Kim SooHyun is def my most favorite child actress, she stars as a lead in there. I think it's a cute mystery teen drama, dunno why the rating is low. Hopefully the rating will climb up until its finale. Who's with me here that agrees BTOB's SungJae is a noona killer? LOLOL. He's adorable on that drama, but nay in a variety show. Because I like Jackson much better in Big Byung. Anyways, this drama produces only great OST until now.

Tiger JK feat. Jinsil Of Mad Soul Child - Reset.
Baechigi feat. Punch - Fly With The Wind.
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Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox

Friday, May 01, 2015
Well hey, bumblebees... May Day! May Day! And that's a reason why I have time to post a review. Lately I've been busy but not really with my work, thus blogging seems like a difficult thing to do. However, I sneak some of my leisure time to write something because I like writing especially when it comes to beauty!

This... is a product that I've used since I came back from Seoul, bought it fresh from their road shop in Dongdaemun and I thought the name of the brand says it all; Too Cool For School. I fell in love completely with the warm reception. The sales girl couldn't talk in English yet tried her best to explain me about the special promo going on. I was so glad that she suggested it to me because it's such a great save!

I heard about this brand before because my friend told me their beauty blender is just one of the best she's ever tried, but back then Too Cool For School was closed down in Jakarta (which anyway they've recently reopen in Taman Anggrek Mall, with a different distributor though).

 photo SAM_0937_zpsvvpip5xg.jpg
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox.

Description: Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox is a wacky square type of package, in addition to the cushion BB foundation, there is a built-in pore balm, concealer, and makeup palette of lip & cheek. When you slide from under the case, it's as if an alien is coming down (the makeup palette). The BB foundation finish is shiny and able to adjust unevenness of the skin for us to achieve a smooth pottery skin.

too cool for school dinoplatz multibox review
Dem feels of a brand new puff.
too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox review
Apparently cushion puff is just unusually soft and smooth.

You can tell now, I was unfamiliar with cushion type of makeup. I thought it wasn't hygienic so I hesitated to try but I WAS WRONG! This is just the greatest beauty invention yet! Whoever came up with this idea, I thank you for now I don't have to bring a tube of my BB or CC cream in my makeup pouch as I do my makeup at my office (sleeping time is precious when you work 8 hours a day y'all know). Moreover, touch-ups could be done as easy as 1 2 3.

too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox
BB foundation cushion is on the top.
too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox review #23 janna
It looks nasty, but should I care?
too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox janna
My bad, it was perfect when I first unboxed the packaging.

I got mine shade #23 Janna, but those with fairer skin and cool tone can pick the #21 Pola because it's more pink in color. Nothing I dislike about their concept, it's so practical, compact, and everything works like a charm. They gave you mirror too inside and it's very usable. 

too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox swatch
Swatches on my hand.

Being so rich in SPF, it kinda give me a white cast though it's not in a moderate amount which is a great thing for SPF 50. The coverage is just awesome, especially the creamy concealer. For the lip & cheek, I can say it's great for subtle blush, but it's not recommended for lip as it's drying (or maybe just my poor lips). Pore balm is barely visible on my swatch, I don't actually use it too because big pores ain't my thing xP

Last but not least, this was the special promo that I told you before. The sales girl tried to explain me what would I get inside this box. I was so stupid too for thinking I'll get two multibox, not the refill one like this. Eventually I got what she meant, but I insisted to get the cushion puff separately, so then perhaps she told me (in Korean language that I don't even understand) that I'll get the puff inside the refill. I think I finally surrendered to her as she didn't give me the cushion puff by telling me "no need". HAHA. Yes, we'll get that cushion puff inside the refill, I double checked their website.

too cool for school dinoplatz ufo multibox refill
Gotta save this for my summer trip.

Overall I'm impressed with this product, it lives up to my expectation. Not a downside, but it's a bit pricey for the size (12g for only the BB foundation). I've used it up in two months, but I'm happy that packaging idea looks so cool, the shade suits my skin tone, and more importantly the formula doesn't break me out.

Price: KRW 38,000

Miss A - Only You.

Guilty pleasure; I've been raping the replay button for this song. I watched all their live show too. Pssh!
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