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Magic in Nature

Thursday, September 10, 2015
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

How are you, bumblebees? I have been contemplating whether I have to just focus on my full time job or also manage my blog at the same time as I need to draft my new year's resolution in no time. Then again, I am not that busy, there are many other people out there who work crazier than me. Thus, I will update my blog no matter what. I can't promise a frequent update, but one sure thing, you'll still see the same or even better quality blogpost from me ;)

Now let me review another product that I picked from Jolse, it's Nature Republic's Magic Remover for Mascara. Btw, go check out their website because they normally have a sale, which is quite a big deal. The new arrivals look intriguing as well, hmm...

Nature Republic Magic remover for mascara review

Description: This mascara remover with borago officinalis extract removes powerful eye makeup.

Directions: Shake bottle to mix oil & liquid layers. Soak cotton makeup pad with remover solution. Cover eye region with soaked pad for 20 seconds then wipe makeup clean.

Nature Republic Magic remover for mascara review
I wish they put the ingredients in English.

Ohh, I am so in need of great eye makeup remover that's gentle to the skin. That's why I chose Nature Republic because I believe it will use natural agent in its formula. As for this one, it uses botanical ingredient called borago officinalis a.k.a star flower (you see the plant in its packaging?) It's believed to have a cooling, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and saline effect on the skin. With such main ingredient, at least it feels safer and gentler to be applied on the skin around eyes since it's more sensitive.

Nature Republic Magic remover for mascara
Testing to remove my waterproof eyebrow liquid pen in one swipe.

Performance wise, it doesn't perfectly remove stubborn makeup in just a single swipe. I tried to remove my holy grail Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in one swipe and the result is as in above picture. However, it will do its job just fine when I tried removing them again with a few more drops and power. There was once when I had to wear double false eyelashes (yes, I wore two layers of falsies) and the makeup artist put loads of mascara on it, I thought I'd be having troubles removing them. Apparently not! The key was to generously soak the product, don't hesitate to use new cotton pads and separate the excess glue with Q-tips too. You know, my real eyelashes are precious, so I don't want to risk losing one of them. LOL.

What I like about it is it doesn't sting at all, no matter how much of the products you're using. It's not as oily as many oil based makeup remover that I knew. The scent is not overwhelming and just smells nice, nothing is too chemical whatsoever.

Price: USD 8.98

Girls' Generation - Lion Heart.

The girls are back, bumblebees! I like the cute classy concept in this MV, it somehow reminds me of those old days. Not to mention, the outfit when they're having live performance are never boring. No wonder they dominates the music show by winning 9 times in a row. Which one of their latest singles that you like the most?
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