Photo Session

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
so about 5 or 6 days ago, Lyana and I had planed to make a photo session together, located inside of my home. I decided to be captured by her camera. cause I don't own any digicam. so, on Sunday, she came to my home around 2.30 PM, I haven't taken a bath during the photo session. :P the first photo below was taken with my laptop. and also the third and the forth cause the digicam's battery suddenly turned off. anyways, sorry for the shitty face.

the preparation part at my 'pinky' room.

the first outfit.
I wore a basic tank top, high waist pants, floral blouse, bangles, zebra necklace and sandals.

the second outfit.
a very simple ones. I got this dress from my friends on my 16th birthday and this is the first time I was captured with it.

the third outfit.
I wore a little black dress, floral jacket jeans, sandals, bangles.

the forth outfit.
I wore a blazer, white dress from my aunt, gold necklace and corsage on my hair.

so, after you saw the whole pictures, what do you think? do you guys still like my toothed-smile? yay or nay? ;P

P.S: I'm officially graduated from high school guys. no more high schooler and uniform, welcome to the college. and say hello to the lecture! well, it's not now, but soon I will. then, holiday!! oh my... it's such a blessing. however, I'm gonna miss them too, the teachers including the killers and the students, my classmates and CAMAR.
11 comments on "Photo Session"
  1. gaq ad perpisahan ga kerasa syel sedihnya. yang bakal susah ditemuin siapa ya?

  2. yang keluar negri lah jo, hahahahah

  3. yehh, gw jg taw. hahaha. mank ad anak absis yang kluar negri?

  4. vanny, edra, marcella, sisanya gak tau gw hahahahah!

  5. anak absis mah dikit.. haha. tapi ntar semester brapa jg ad yg pegi jg. lo gmn syel? kapan test buat inter class?

  6. end of July.. smoga kali ini sukses hahahaha... emang siapa aja yang ditransfer ke luar entar?

  7. hmm kek epen gt. dia kan Swis jerman uni. ga taw sapa lagi sih. haha. tp epen kan tmn bae gw. sukses ya :D jadi orank. haha

  8. senyum kebuka ketutup sama2 oke kok. =))

  9. @Jojo: ohh dia di SGU. baru tau gw ada yg masuk SGU.. iya dong harus jadi orang ;p
    @Jessica: hahahaha.. makasih! ;)

  10. you look so sweet :D I like your smile kok.hehehehe nice to know you.

  11. you make me flattered. goshhhh.. LOL. nice to know you too Janice.. :*