My Sketches

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I like the color. it's not navy, guess like a light blue, simply with a cut like a wave at the end of the dress. yeah, based upon Chloe Fall collection. I'd love to make a dress like this.

don't you feel like dejavu? or somewhat? yeah.... this is so similar with Alexander Wang Resort collection. my favorite designer, ever! overall, I like this one.

my imagination. sorry for the legs. I'm trying to add some curves on it and, yeah! it doesn't work at all. you can see from the knees to the feet and from the arms to the hands. the feet are too small, so tinyyyyyyy.... while the left and right arms ain't well-balanced (sigh) what a mess!

P.S: totally big thanks to Jojo who teaches me how to draw hand with fingers. it shows a progress on me. and for anyone who knows where the place to learn sketching and drawing. please tell me. I really want to fill my holiday with sketching class at my home. it's too addictive. I like the coloring part. your comments will brighten up my day. so please, leave me something. good night!
4 comments on "My Sketches"
  1. good job ! tingkatin terus syel :)

  2. ur welcome :) yeah u still draw the legs too small.
    improve it. want to learn legs that i know? contact me although i need to learn more

  3. ucul sekalii,... i like num. 3! =D

  4. @Liana: ahh makasih. gw tingkatin deh... tar ye sabar2. siapa tau tar gw bisa jadi designer hahahahahaha

    @Jojo: i'll ask you in case i need your help ;) gw lagi ga mood gambar nih hari.. scannernya rese...

    @Velo: thank you! :))