Poor Suri

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

as you can see in these pictures. Suri likes to cover her ears with both of her hands. sometimes it caused by the chopper sounds and the rest might be cause she got annoyed.
at first I thought she is the luckiest kid I've ever known. but, lately after I read the comments on JustJared. I think she's no longer to be the luckiest kid. moronically, her mother wears a scarf around her neck and usually covered her body with jacket, cardigans or something such like that while her daughter is only covered by a summer dress and shoes without socks (I know that maybe it caused by fashion). imagine that it's a hot season, in my opinion Katie looks odd. but when I imagine it's a cold season, geeeeez, it's too miserable for Suri. well, I'm not a hater and I hope this post aint describing a hateful message. I only shared what I've thought. actually, there's still a lot of gossip. yeaaah, another opinion about TomKat's family. click the link and read over the comment's section. probably you'll get what I mean.
anyway, Suri is still adorable, cute and lovable. I would like to kidnap her if it's allowed.
6 comments on "Poor Suri"
  1. yeah, shes cute, but not so happy.
    mnurut gw anak artis plg cakep dia. haha

  2. jojo: ho oh! tp anaknya si brad pitt lucu ah. emang ga cakep sih.. tapi lucu. si violet affleck jg manis.

    doby: =]

  3. naamanya jg bayi, hahaha
    eh, jadi si jolie ada anak adopsi sama kandunk donk? adopsi brapa tu?

  4. anak kandung kan 3. trs katanya dia hamil lg skarang. gosipnya sih. gw baca di perezhilton kalo ga salah. ahahaha.. anak adopsinya yg gw inget cuma pax maddox zahara. kayanya sih totalnya 6.

  5. anjrit, banyak amat. ga taw kali tuh duit maw ditaro dmn. haha