my cute chinese teddy bear

Thursday, April 02, 2009

introduce it (or you can call it ‘her’ if you dont mind) to you:

call it her Mishi. yeah, stupid chinese (but it sounds Japanese) name too, i knew it. buttttt, i love her! she's cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee and made in China, certainly. -.- i always play with her anywhere anytime unless my sister (the owner and fyi, she got this doll from her bf) didnt allow me to touch her. yeah, sometimes. but now this cute doll is free to be touched by everyone since she has became a dingy doll. anyway, i love her smell and always sniff at her for everyday!
4 comments on "my cute chinese teddy bear"
  1. hey, i'm back loh chelle! :DD what a cuuuttteee chinese teddy bear you have. bdw, emang bedanya sama teddy bear biasa apa chelle?

  2. dingy doll ap sel?
    ih, emank baunya apa? hahha

  3. anne: thankyou anne.. welcome back to blogger. :)
    actually, ga ada bedanya sama teddy bear yg lain. cuma mgkn karena udah lama sama dia (nyaris 3 taon) jadi udah sayaaaaaang deh hahahaha.. tapi dia beda aja dari teddy bear laen yg gw punya.. :P

    jojo: dingy tuh kayak udah kotor gitu.. tapi dia kotor2 tetep lucu deh. baunya udah kecampur sama bau gw sm kakak gw dll kali yaaaaaaa.. hahaha.. gw ga suka bau dia tiap abis di laundry. berasa beda.

  4. ih, ga perna dicuci? haha
    sampe ad baunya gt.