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Friday, February 28, 2014
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

One should feel beautiful, feel good, feel pretty and that's what the world will see. If you feel ugly, that's what people will see. Try to look as good as you can. There are ways to live in beauty without being obsessive about it.

Wearing makeup, for instance, if it helps you to increase your confidence, then why not? Here I have some tips to enhance your natural look, hope it helps!

For a healthy skin look:

 photo 20140210_153306_zps4734831d.jpg
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

As I get my facial routine once in a month, it leaves redness on my skin. Usually, I'd just stay at home for three days because the redness is scary. Sometimes even after three days, the redness won't get away that easy, and neither CC cream nor BB cream can perfectly cover them.

 photo 20140225_154458_zps6552686c.jpg
It's like a pastel green colored that when it's blended perfectly, it'll cover the redness on your skin.
Not to mention, the SPF 25 PA++. What a bonus!

How I use it: After applying toner and emulsion to my skin. I apply this Baby Choux Base, blend it properly and follow it with a CC or BB cream.
Price: IDR 125k

FYI, this is actually the new packaging of Baby Choux Base, the old version came in a glass jar which was not travel-friendly and hygiene, I think. The reason Etude House changed the original packaging into a tube was because some batches in the glass jars would develop “grains” and it got lots of complains. Nevertheless, I think the jar one looks cute but it's inconvenient because you've got to use a spatula, right?
There are three shades available; Mint Choux for acne problem skin, Berry Choux for pale skin and Peach Choux for darker skin.

For perfect eyes look:

1 photo 20140210_143747_zps8b0512ff.jpg
 photo 20140210_152839_zpscff2463e.jpg
Etude House Color My Brows

I got my hair dyed, and I felt like it's kind of weird to have a black eyebrows (my natural hair color) with an ash brown hair colored. I did use a light brown brow kit from The Body Shop, but it still didn't cover my black eyebrows. I actually got my eyebrows bleached, but when the bleached hair starts to fade away, this eyebrow mascara or let's call it browcara always comes in handy. Therefore, I bought this in no. 4 Natural Brown which is the most matching color for me.

How I use it: After filling my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or kit, I brush two or three strokes the browcara to my eyebrows.
Price: IDR 75k

Good news, this browcara has five choice of colors to match your hair! A top make-up artist once said this, "Your hair color and eyebrows should not be a perfect match. A slight contrast is good." So, don't hesitate to try change your look even if you don't dye your hair. Because, it somehow can soften your look.

For fuller lips look:

3 photo 20140210_143142_zps41b16ff3.jpg4 photo 20140210_143422_zpsdf1c2d44.jpg
Etude House Woo Baby Plumping Tint

What I love about this plumping tint is the menthol cooling sensation once you applied to your lips. It has a silicon tip and plumping effect to volume up your lips. This plumping tint leaves a natural glossy looking.

How I use it: Adjust amount of contents on the tip, start applying from inside to outside of lips naturally to make gradation. Sometimes I use this after using lipstick or liptint too.
Price: IDR 86k

This product contains Menthol that stimulates blood circulation on lips for fuller look and Meadow Foam Seed Oil with Peppermint Oil to let you have healthier lips.

 photo a299d985-d0b4-4a9e-b10a-7d146396fdc5_zps267cc38b.jpg

Other products that I used:
  • Etude House CC Cream in silky
  • Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #4
Finally, the long wait has ended. The girls' comeback! Let's dance if you like this too. I love their makeup in here. I think I should learn how to make a winged eyeliner like that, yes? So tell me, my bumblebees, who is your bias? For me, it's too hard to choose one!

Girls' Generation - Mr. Mr.

And, who else got so excited when watching the Running Man with CNBLUE episode? These guys... Really.. Looking more and more handsome than ever. I've loved YongHwa since We Got Married episodes of him with SeoHyun SNSD, he was too sweet, right? Then I like JongHyun because he's the most good looking member. I mean, look at his pimples OMG! Then I like MinHyuk because he's so adorable as ChanYoung in The Heirs. While JungShin, I don't know, he's too skinny, that's what I notice about him :P
But, when I see their newest MV for the 5th mini album. They are all super good looking! And GAH. Jung YongHwa, why are you so handsome? :O Your voice is killing meh~

Don't chu wanna cuddle while listening to this song?

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  1. I buy too Etude House CC crem, but not testing yet.

  2. The plumping tint looks like it gives great effect--but I have made a vow not to buy any of Etude House's product again. I like your eyebrows! I hope you'll post about how you do them *___*

  3. I'm in the phase of trying etude's baby choux and so far I'm lovin' it! aku coba yg berry (dapet samplenya yg itu), bagus buat base bb cream :D pengen coba yg mint juga deeeeh, kayaknya praktis buat neutralize redness around mouth and nose hehe
    nice post! and you look beautiful as always


    1. Iya, ini bisa banget neutralize redness. I guess you'll love the mint one too! Thank you, dear :)

  4. Oh I missed something.

    My SNSD bias is Tiffany!! I really love all the girls' look at Mr.Mr. but honestly I find the song boring, the image teasers were more interesting to look.

    1. I like Jessica, SeoHyun and YoonA.. Can't pick oneeee :X I find it so-so at first, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

  5. wah, aku juga perlu bikin warna alis sama rambutku sama, hihihi :) xx

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  28. Thanks for sharing these tips darl :)
    The etude house base looks like it's a really good product for covering up redness!
    You look so gorgeous in that picture, and i really like the way you did your brows ^_^
    I really like SNSD new song except i didn't like the MV, It's definitely hard to choose but Tiffany would have to be my bias, she's so pretty <3 Who's yours? ~


    1. It's deff hard to choose for me too, I like SeoHyun, Jessica and YoonA :S:S But if I really really have to choose one, YoonA. She's the first member that I noticed (idk maybe because she's the center?), and she's super funny in variety shows.

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