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Monday, February 24, 2014
So there's this Korean drama that I've been attached to for like 2 months!
It's My Love From Another Star or You Who Came From The Stars or 별에서 온 그대 or yeaah you name it. The drama currently airs every Wednesday & Thursday at 10PM (KST).

My first utmost reason to follow the drama! Couldn't resist his thick eyebrows and curled lips.
*fangirling too much*

I've been a fan of Kim SooHyun oppa since his drama Dream High and The Moon Embraces The Sun. He's too charming as a human, so it's a fit perfect role as an alien this time, yes? I'm planning to attend his upcoming fan meeting with my chinggu :D

Kim SooHyun for Esquire Korea March 2014 ♡

Wish me luck! I'm hoping for a seat just like when I attended JaeJoong's fan meet last November. I literally sat across from him ^^ *arrrghhh, dying!*

I've adored Jun JiHyun since I was in middle school, watching her movie My Sassy Girl. Gahhh! She's so adorable and pretty! I think she's the prettiest 30 something actress in South Korea. Well, if you haven't watched this drama yet, I suggest you to hurry watch it online!! It's the BEST 2013 K-drama, it's not that I didn't watch the other dramas in 2013, I do watch A LOT of Korean dramas that I feel my university and working life are pretty distractive because of it *sigh*.

Anyway, I'm going to show you my makeup inspired by the lead role, Cheon SongYi a.k.a the funniest lead role everrrr~!

Cheon SongYi always wears different lipstick in each episode, I can't tell exactly how many lipstick she has worn until the latest episode. But the most popular one is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 52 Rosy Coral.

cheon song yi ysl lipstickjun ji hyun ysl rouge pur coutureYSL rosy coral
My most favorite scene. She rocks the pink lips!

There's even this piece of article:
One of the most notable beneficiaries is Yves-Saint Laurent, whose No. 52 lipstick barely made it onto the shelves before the customers grabbed it. Ever since Jun was seen wearing it, it sold out late January at the Yves-Saint Laurent cosmetic counter in Shinsegae Gangnam. The cosmetics counter sold 2,577 of the lipstick in the month of January, racking up sales of about 103 million won. Department stores across the country have run out of the product, and inventory at Yves Saint Laurent headquarters in France have also apparently run dry due to surging orders from Korea.
Crazy isn't it? Cheon SongYi is truly a nation goddess *_*

Here's the look that I created to achieve Cheon SongYi's natural beauty. Her skin is super healthy and milky. She doesn't use thick eyeshadow makeup nor a heavy eyeliner, her eyeshadow is a very natural color which mostly just a matte nude color. Overall, she enhances her looks at the lips and dewy face.

Here goes the makeup order;
For the face:
  • Etude House Baby Choux Base in mint
  • Etude House CC Cream in silky
  • Etude House Cotton Fit  BB Cream in W13
  • Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #4
  • Wardah Blush On series A
baby choux base mint
Kindly anticipate for the Baby Choux Base review ^^ I use both of these as the base makeup.
I've used 2 tubes of Etude House CC Cream already, btw! I love it so much.
Nymph Aura Volumer
This time in order to achieve the dewy looking face,
I am mixing the Nymph Aura Volumer with my Cotton Fit BB cream to give an extended shine.

For the eye makeup:
  • The Body Shop Eye Brow & Liner Kit in #2
  • Urban Decay NAKED Basics
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express
If you look closely to Cheon SongYi eyebrows, she doesn't do much with it. Although she has a light brown hair color, it seems like she doesn't bleach or use a brown shade eyebrow mascara. I'd love to do the same like her, but I recently got my eyebrows bleached...
For the eyeshadow, from the NAKED Basics, I'm using W.O.S & Naked2 at the lid, Crave at the upper waterline. Lastly, Foxy shade and Venus on the browbone.

For the lips:
  • Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick in coral pink
  • Etude House Woo Baby Plumping Tint in pink
etude house woo baby plumping tint
Using the Woo Baby Plumping Tint to coat the lipstick.
Review about this plumping tint on my upcoming blogpost. Stay tuned!
Oriflame Triple Core 3D
Here's how the lipstick looks like. It's messy 'cause I've used it a couple of times. 

It has 3 layers, that's why it's called Triple Core 3D, because its purpose is to give an illusion of fullness, shapeliness and amazing volume. It consists of an outer coral layer, white centre layer with shimmering particles and a lavender pink inner layer. What I dislike this lipstick is its shimmering particles that I found it's hard to remove the glitters even with makeup remover. *sigh*

Finally after applying all of the steps above, here is the final look:


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Can't help that I don't have milky skin, I've got tanned since I came back from NYC.
And it's unbelievably hard for me to get my 'whiter' skin back -_-

I hope you like this post!
Don't forget to join my first giveaway...! It's open to all Indonesian residents ^^

Hope you all have a great week ahead!

For Alien and Hallyu Star team, brace yourself, four more days to the final episode!
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  1. I love My Sassy Girl too! It's funny and in the end, that's really sweet movie:(
    How much you buy Woo Baby Plumping Tint? I like it:D

    1. I bought it from an online shop for IDR 86k :D

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  4. Woohoo you rocked those pink lips too!

    Wow it's very amazing that they actually made YSL France run out of their stock. That 3-layer lipstick looks very interesting!

    I don't really watch K-Drama but I watched High Kick, Running Man, and two other short movies.

    Good luck for the upcoming fanmeeting!

    1. I totally recommend you to watch this drama. Even Running Man made the parody of this drama. LOL.
      Thanks dear! ^^

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    1. Yeah! Hope this drama will have a happy ending :D
      I'm still a newbie in makeup thingy, but I will try ^^

  9. My sassy Girl is my favorite :D

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    this one sounds nice though c: And I think you have
    a nice flawless skin c: Xx

  14. the pink lipstick is so pretty and your makeup is amazing! This might be a bit random, but I think you kinda look like a kpop star yourself!
    I haven't really watched a k drama,(but all the guys are so cute!) but I am a huge fan of tawain dramas and I pretty much watch an episode a day lol!

    1. Thank you dear. I'm so flattered ^^
      I love Taiwan dramas too! I watched it a lot when I was younger, but nowadays I'm hooked by Korean dramas lol. Please let me know a good recent Taiwan drama :D

    2. hmm a recent tawain drama that is suppose to be good (that I have on my to watch list) is deja vu and Just you! (I've seen just you and it's pretty cute!) They are both romance dramas! =)

  15. I'm madly in love with this drama also... Gah, Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji hyun are just freakin' cute together ^_^

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    1. Not at all, it was just a bit tingly :D Buy a bleaching creme for sensitive skin if you're sensitive ^^

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