My First Giveaway

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Greetings, my sweet bumblebees!
I'm holding my first giveaway ever. YEAAAY~~! I've been blogging since high school and now I'm already in my final year of university, doing my thesis in order to obtain my bachelor degree in communication. Time flieees! However, it's such a shame that I never held a giveaway post before.

Let's join this giveaway and spread the word. There are some simple rules to follow for this giveaway. Although the gifts are not that much, I hope you guys like it.

  • Hand Painted Notebook from Taiwan
  • Elianto Nail Color #S09
  • Smarties Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm
  • Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Flavored Lip Balm
  • 2 pieces of Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Cream sample
  • 2 pieces of Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Emulsion sample
  • Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit #N02 sample
  • Etude House Milk Talk Strawberry sample
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Conditioner sample
  1. The giveaway will only be sent to Indonesian address only. I'm very sorry to my international readers :(
  2. You must follow me via Google Friend Connect. This is a mandatory rule. Please don't follow and unfollow, or you will be disqualified.
  3. Follow me on Instagram (@lorrefelle). Well, this is an optional one, but you will have a plus point if you follow me on Instagram.
  4. Put the giveaway banner + link on your blog. It's another optional rule for a plus point.
  5. Tell me your opinion about midnight shopping a.k.a midnight sale phenomenon in Indonesian malls. Have you ever gone to a midnight shopping event? If so, how many times?
  6. Leave your Google Friend Connect name, a sincere opinion & answers for #4 rule, and your e-mail address on the comment section below.
  7. The giveaway will end on Saturday, March 29 (GMT +7). I will personally e-mail to notify you and update this post with the winner name on March 31. If you don't e-mail me back in 2x24 hours, then I will pick another winner :)
 The notebook that was made of recycled paper. Let's take a closer look to all of the artist's artwork here. Anybody can read Chinese letter? Mind to translate the meaning? :D

Kindly put this banner on your blog for a plus point =^^= I will visit back your blog.
Link for the banner:


Time to announce the winner!

I've counted and double checked every submission, including the optional rules. For those who entered the optional rule, they got one extra point. So if you followed me on Instagram and linked my giveaway as well that means you got two extra points.

After counting everything, it turns out there are 31 entries from 14 participants!! WOW...

 photo Screenshot2014-03-29223748_zps0230d69f.png
Here goes the winner!
Entry no.3 is:



Thank you so much for all the participants, I am so glad to have you joining this! Hope to see you again in another giveaway. Let's keep in touch!

Dear Cottonkuma,
An email has sent to you from I'm looking forward to your reply in 2x24 hours ^^
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40 comments on "My First Giveaway"
  1. Google Friend Connect name: Vinny Delta
    e-mail address:

    i've visited midnite sale only once and i don't want to visit one again. It's because the traffics are crazy and the discount item didn't really worth it. i ended up buying things i didn't really need just because i feel i have to buy something after the struggle i've done to attend the midnite sale. in my opinion, it's better to wait your fav shop to be on sale so you can buy what u really need and what u really want to buy. ^^

    btw, congrats for ur very first giveaway! really hope i can win this giveaway ^^
    and ganbatte for ur thesis!!

  2. Congrats to your first giveaway cutie! : )
    So lovely things!

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. I love the artist's artworks, they are amazing ;___;

    I'm joining the giveaway! I have followed your GFC since days ago and I have linked your giveaway on my blog ( I have an Instagram account but I'm not really a fan of it :[

    My email is cottonkuma(at)gmail(dot)com > ( ) to avoid spam.

    I have gone to midnight sale shopping probably twice, both coincidentally. I stayed with my mom in a coffee shop until late and there was midnight sale going on. I don't go to midnight sale events intentionally because--I don't know, I don't want to get an item just because it's on sale, I would like to buy things I really want, not just because they are discounted.

    There is also a question to ask to self whenever you have the urge to shop a lot, 'if the item is at its full price, will you buy it?' I think I subconsciously go with this saying.

    Sometimes malls in Indonesia could be really absurd. Or rather, the people. There was this time at Pacific Place when the roof broke, shattered glasses or flood (I can't remember) inside the mall yet because there was sale going on, people didn't even bother, still went mad with the sale.

    To be honest, I don't like how malls have to appear 'luxurious' and eat up all the space here. Ok why am I ranting here.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway, Mitch!

  4. That nail colour is divine!

  5. GFC: Liza chan
    Instagram: @justluckygirl

    midnight shopping yaa? wah aku belom pernah pergi sana, en ngantuk plus nggak ada waktu buat kesana, tapi nanti beres aku lulus kuliah aku mau nyobain hihihihi, soalnya penasaran juga, plus crazy sale lagiii...

  6. love the note book >.<


  7. hiiii!!! really nice to know another Indonesian beauty blogger...
    GFC: changelz

    wah, aq kebetulan belum prnh ke midnight shopping.. pengin sih, tapi takut pulangnya tgh malem di jalan yg sepi + takut kalo ada balapan

  8. Really cute giveaway!

  9. Great giveaway, the notebook is so cute :)

  10. google friend connect: Andrea Gns
    ig: twinkyrabbit

    I've never try midnight shopping bcs my mom didn't allow me when I asked her out. I think most of people who buy at midnight are employees or worker because they've only had time after their works done. And I think midnight shopping have some pro and contra. Some people may think that midnight shopping will waste your money and your time. But, I disagree because if shopping become a hobby (not always shopping, can also windows shopping or search for ideas to make design), it will be fun and refreshing our body and soul. thankyou! wish me luckk

  11. So lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  12. Great giveaway!! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin,facebook, gfc and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog!! I'm following you now on gfc!!

      Have a nice week ahead!! :)

  13. really cute giveaway!! <33333 love the notebook! <3

    a midnight sale? and what do I think about it?
    - i simply think it is a great offer to individuals who adore the latest products they could reach their hands onto. However, I have never participated in one. But I'm sure it will be loads of fun having to be able to experience the crowded atmosphere of people having similar interest- shopping. It is a great way to refresh your mind too after a hard tiring day out there.

    google name account- Crystal Tika


  14. Dear, I immediately followed you back! I wish you a lot of success! xx Keep in touch!

    I am developing my Facebook page now and I will be so happy if you support me with a like there! If you want any support from me I am here, just let me know! :)

    My Blog:
    My Facebook Page:

  15. Awww... I would love to join!! But i'm based in Canada :( but i wish you success!! Someone will be VERY VERY LUCKY!!

    I just realized someone created a fake Facebook account pretending to be me... I hope this doesn't happen to you! I've just created an official Facebook page, hope to see you there!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | My Facebook Imposter

  16. congratulations ! :*) great stuff!:*))

  17. Wow, nice! :D
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know!

  18. Hi Mitch,
    I think midnight shopping is one of the most effective marketing strategies in Indonesia (Indonesian people are one of the most consumptive customers in the world, imo ^^) Aku pernah beberapa kali dateng ke midnight sale. Menurutku sale seperti apapun tetep balik lagi ke kita, gimana mengerem dan mem-filter hasrat belanja untuk beli barang yang bener-bener kita butuhin, nggak hanya semata-mata karena sale terus jadi gelap mata :)
    GFC : Lova Adlina
    e-mail :
    blog :
    instagram : @lovadlina

    You have a great blog, fell in love with your posts already!
    and this is an awesome giveaway, love the hand-painted artwork on the notebook :)
    thank you! x

  19. Nice blog. all the best for th giveaway. check my latest post. How about supporting each other by following on Gfc & facebook. Let me know if you follow my blog. I'll follow right back

  20. Dear lovely Mitch,

    I just nominated you for Liebster award. Check my link


  21. Such a lovely blog!!!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC / FB / Bloglovin?
    Let me know, I always follow back;)

  22. Oh very cute Giveaway!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  23. Great giveaway! Your blog is adorable and your look gorgeous! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  24. Mitch ikutan yah mitch moga moga menaaaanngg!! Aaaaaaaa!!!

    Google Friend Connect: Vani Sagita
    Instagram: @VaniSagita

    Tell me your opinion about midnight shopping a.k.a midnight sale phenomenon in Indonesian malls. Have you ever gone to a midnight shopping event? If so, how many times?

    Hmm.. Kayanya pernah ikutan sekali tapi itu juga di hypermart belinya sabun, cemilan, sama roti soalnya harganya jadi murah banget buat nyetok di rumah. Hahahaha.. Menurut gue sik seru ada acara kaya gitu soalnya jadi bisa dapet barang kaya murah bangeeetttttt (dibanding harga aslinya) cuma yang bikin males yah itu jejel-jejelan dan ngantrinya puanjaanngg.. Mana kalo udah saingannya ama ibu-ibu udah susah dah -_-
    But let me tell you a secret how to; dateng lebih pagi 2/3 jam sebelom midnight sale dimulai, cari toko yang ikutan promo midnight sale, pilih barang yang di pengenin, terus keep di kasir! Nanti begitu jamnya mulai langsung ke kasir dan bayar pake harga sale! Hahahaa. Pinter kan?? Temen gue sih yang suka pake cara ini.. Tapi pastikan kalo si kasirnya juga mau kerja sama dan ngebolehin. Hehehe.

    Wsh me luck wish me luck!
    *finger crossed*

  25. Giveawaynya lucu2 bangeeuutt >,<

  26. GFC : Jessica Ie
    Instagram : @jessica_ie
    email :
    blog link :

    I have never been to midnight shopping/sale, since I am still under 18. My mom also don't like going anywhere midnight. We prefer sleep! :p
    But I think it is good for proofing that you are the real shopaholic xD
    Since you will sacrifice more times, energies and want to do 'more' than the others, giving up their precious times to sleep, but to shop because of the sale before other people grab the stuffs on sale xD
    Thats my sincere and honest thought of it :D
    Hope will be lucky this time :D
    Thank you ^^

  27. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on MissyCurious!

    Wow you have such an amazing blog here, keep up the good work.
    Just wanna say you're really pretty as well!

    Enjoy your day!

  28. Hellooo! Anyway congratss now you are going to finish uni

    and goodluck for the giveaway
    im following you anyway!


  29. I'm In
    GFC: karina Dinda

    I never go to midnight shopping cause I live in small city. Better sleep in the midnight for me rather than go to shopping. Malls always there, they never moved, but somehow sleep time is hard to find, especially the quality ones.

    Don't forget to join Hanake Label Giveaway on my blog, click here. Win the prize with total value IDR 450.000.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  30. I'm IN!!
    Followed you on Instagram (My ID: MsPherdita), put your banner on my blog, and followed your blog (GFC : Pherdita) ^_^

    My opinion :
    I never really interested in midnight shopping because I don't think I could control myself on that sale, you know. People tend to buy things they don't really need whenever they see the "SALE" banner, so yeah, I don't want to regret my impulsive buying and definitely do not want to be the victim of business marketing for being a consumptive buyer.

    That's my short opinion about the midnight sale on malls. Hopefully I'll win :D

  31. too bad I can't join )))): but good luck to you all!!

    xxx Anna
    Ps. I just renewed my blog!
    Come take a look
    A Tale of Two Shoes

  32. Thankyou for visiting and commenting on LILSHELULLABIES ^^
    Sadly I can't join your giveaway,
    but i can help you to put the picture in my sidebar. How?

    with Love,

  33. followed! following you now, follow me back maybe? thanks :)
    btw, my gfc name is Michelle Sanjaya and I followed you on instagram as well, here's my username: michellesanjaya
    I did gone to midnight shopping for only one time and I think its too crowded and okay maybe the sales are quite good but still I prefer go shopping when its not crowded :')

    cheer, michelle

  34. I never joined any midnight sale..coz it's hard to find those event in Malang,,usually i heard my friends and sister who live in Jakarta are very excited to join in.

    this is the link of my blog
    my GFC : erma riestiana
    email :

  35. Great first giveaway!