Peaches and Lips

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Hello again, my dear bumblebees!
I'm going to review my lip and hand care collection. I got both of these cutey as a birthday present. Well, the most appealing is the packaging. Cuteness overload *_*

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

The lip scrub featuring my Blythe, her name is Elise :D
 The texture. It is creamy and has a lot of brown scrub.

Product Info: UV control lip essence for anti-aging thin and vulnerable lip skin. Regular peeling with grain containing scrub makes soft lips without irritating to your skin.
Contains: Jojoba and macadamia oil butter, vegetable scrub, honey, ideal nutrient such as vitamin, protein, mineral, aromatic substance and amino acid.
Directions for use: Take suitable amount and massage your lips for 1~2 min with your finger. After peeling, cleanse your lips with water or tissue.

Posing with the pinky lips.

Review: Say bye-bye to chapped lips. It works like magic! Instead of rubbing your lips with bare hands that can risk you to a busted lips, I'd totally recommend you to use this lip scrub. Because it does what it promises, it doesn't irritate your skin and it moist your lips.

Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream

"Oh, hello Peach!", said Elise.
Love love the scent!
Blend it and voila~! Your hand will instantly smell so good.

Product Info: Anti-aging non sticky hand cream that helps to reduce your hand wrinkle with lovely peach fragrance.
Contains: Shea butter, apricot extract and peach extract.
Directions for use: Recommend use after washing your hands or when they are dry. Take adequate amount and apply from the back of the hand down to the nails for absorption.

How else I could pose with this LOL.

Review:  I was never the one who took care of my hand, particularly. I'm glad that my besties gave me this, LOL. When I was interning, I used this a lot every working day as I put it on my office desk. My hands were really dry because of the AC. I really like the scent, it's so sweet, peachy, dreamy, fresh and it somehow boosts my mood! Not to mention, all of my coworkers that sit around my cubicle also like the scent. Thus, whenever I apply them to both of my hands, they can smell it, and sometimes they come to my desk and use it too :D It's very pleasant, isn't it? If people find the scent you're wearing is nice.

Other products that I used:
  • Etude House Baby Choux Base in mint
  • Tony Moly HoneyBee Skin Solution BB cream
  • Za Ever Brows in #4
  • The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in #2
  • Etude House Color My Brows in #4
  • Urban Decay NAKED Basics
  • Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in brown
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express
  • Etude House Woo Baby Plumping Tint in #2
  • Tony Moly Tony Tint in cherry pink
How do you deal with chapped lips and dry hands? Mind to share with me? ^^v

I've got new jams! Both of 'em are duet, yeah since it's a month of LOVE~ sing it along with your loved one.

SoYou (SISTAR) x JunggiGo - Some feat. Lil Boi of Geeks.

It's a song about two people falling in love, but they haven't confessed yet to each other. LOL. It's the cutest stage, yes? The music is so catchy that I love it the first time I hear it. It's an easy listening song that is suitable for accompanying you in traffic :P

S.M The Ballad: JongHyun (SHINee) x TaeYeon (SNSD) - Breath.

While the previous song is about falling in love, this one is about a couple who just broke up. S.M released three version of this song in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Well, I love the Korean version the most since TaeYeon sings it, the Japanese one is sung by Changmin (TVXQ) and Krystal f(x), I like Changmin voice, but Krystal... She looks super pretty in the MV tho'. While the Chinese version, well, I don't hate it.
 photo ODB A BEAUTY BLOG SIGN_zpsevlfleqo.png
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    1. haaa bisa aja si vannnn.. *blush*
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  5. I use lip scrub from Baviphat! I have received some words that Tony Moly's lip scrub has weird texture, does it not bother you?

    Ohh that peachy hand cream looks really cute and from the way you described it, it looks like it smells really sweet and gentle!

    1. well, since this is my first lip scrub ever, I couldn't compare it lol. The scrub texture is somewhat thick, but it doesn't irritate and leaves my lips moist. I heard it has SPF too, what a bonus if it's true :P

  6. ok in the moment you posted the video with JongHyun and TaeYeon I knew, we are soulmates :D Do you like korean dramas as well? Start to watch "you who came from the stars", it's awesome! *.*
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    1. OMG! You watch it too?! I've been following the show since the beginning. I fall in love with both of the leads. Jeon JiHyun is so adorable portraying Cheon SongYi. LOL. I heard that Kim SooHyun will be visiting my country too for a fan-meeting. SUPER EXCITED ^^ I also love all of the OST. Too bad the show will end in about 2 weeks T.T

  7. I'm loving the packaging! I love cute things. You're also adorable. :)

  8. very cute doll with included lip cream! too bad i cant put that in my room :-p

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    1. Hey thanks! I edited them with iPhoto, I adjusted the white point closer to the black point and set a lower contrast and saturation.
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