Taylor Momsen, You Rock!

Friday, July 31, 2009
her cover shoot for Teen Vogue September '09;

behind the set;

as always, the interview;

while on the set (this makes me can't wait for GG season 3);

me likey her top!

guys! wish me luck for my today's TOEFL at 1 PM. argh!! time flies so fast, I haven't studied anything. anyways, I got so much fun yesterday. thanks to the people who've made me happy. yeah, you know... and I can't wait for another fun thing that we'll have for next week. btw, guess what, Jessica and I are really confused for the university stuffs. yes, we go to the same university. I should be prepared and borrow a lot of things from my fellows. whoop! there's still another thing to do. I don't really concern myself with blogging these days, however, you can keep in touch with me via twitter. follow me follow me..

12 comments on "Taylor Momsen, You Rock!"
  1. wow she looks great in these photos
    shes soo beautiful and soo young

    thanks for sharing!!

  2. i love how she had this punkrock image that looks very urban and upper-east-side-ish :) great photos!

  3. i love her new hair on the last pic!

  4. @Lilee: yeah, I like her hair. whoop!
    @A: you're welcome dear. xx :)
    @Lalita: aha :P I agree. teen vogue is out now in times bookstore.
    @Arkasha: I like her hair, either it's long or short, she's still look cool. :D

  5. i love her too :D and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog :)

  6. yeah, you're welcome dear. thanks for stopping by and the comment :D

  7. blognya keren..salam kenal ya..thanks

  8. She's got some beautiful hair! And I totally want that sequined dress of hers, it's so freaking badass!

  9. @Angga: iya, thanks juga :)
    @Diane: I totally want every accessory she wore there. so awesome....

  10. she is soooo cool and has such a great style for being so young.

    her name isn't bad either....aka its my name too

    great blog :)

  11. thank you dearrrr... :D really, it;s a cool name! :)