Fashion Does Need Jewelry

Saturday, July 04, 2009

what a lovely piece! I used to dream for having a jewelry like these. this costume jewelry designer is a real innovator, I guess. so, lets go to the point.

my favorites; cuffs, rings and necklaces. just fyi, I don't really like wearing earrings, so I seldom wear them. and yeah, maybe it also because I have no piercing now on both of my ears.

for more info, click this; Gerard Yosca.
what do you think? like it or hate it? :P
7 comments on "Fashion Does Need Jewelry"
  1. why are diamonds the girl's bestfriend?

  2. bravo!they look vintage yet classy,also timeless!<3<3

  3. @ jojo hello!guess they're perfect for anything, and just so lovely

  4. @nita hello too! still i dont get it. there are many things that more precious than diamond i think. haha

  5. @Jojo: I agree with Nita, her answer definitely assisted me. my answer to you; I don't think diamond is that precious, they just look good on girls.
    @Nita: YAY! :D
    @Lalita: thank you, ;)

  6. loveeeeely!! drooling.hahahah...