My Favorite Boy

Sunday, July 05, 2009
I'm kinda nuts this time. anyways, pardon me for all grammatical error till this very second, I tried to make this blog better, day by day. so here is, my favorite designer, ever! yeah, for male only. I can't choose another boy although I also like Phillip Lim, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and yeah Karl Lagerfeld. so, there are so many another designers but for the most is only Alexander Wang.
here you are!

Q & A - his answer is the teal blue one,

yeah, that's his office. I guess it's located in Manhattan. and also, don't you like his design for Minnie Mouse? me like it damn much! see, how he loves black! he's such an angel. always know what girls want. who said boys can't fulfill every girl's dream? Alexander Wang can do it better.
8 comments on "My Favorite Boy"
  1. is this boy alexander wang?
    and wheres the minnie?

  2. yep.. you can see the last pict about the Q and A :)

  3. i love alexander wang really. his design totally awesome.

  4. Love him. Defintely a talented guy and such a sweetie. I remember seeing the pics and reading the Q&A during The Selby exhibit a few months back. This was one of my favorites.

  5. @Hardini: yeah ;)

    @Arkasha: and so do I.

    @The Haute-Shopper: like it too, also, I got these pictures from TheSelby :)

  6. gorgeous office. loving the white walls (with awesome panels and high ceiling). but i can't believe he loves the 90s better than the 50s. well, i guess to each his own. :)


  7. totally agree with you. ;) he's also gorgeous dear.