Super Summer Holidays

Wednesday, July 01, 2009
hello guys!! I'd love to share my vacation with y'all.

I just got back from the lovely summer in Malaysia. so, I went to Kuala Lumpur first cause the plane was landed at Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport. we rode a something's similar to MRT in Singapore but smaller from the airport to the place where we can get our luggage. and I can't lie myself that, Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur and Genting are better than Jakarta. however, I still love my country, viva la Indonesia!

once I arrived at KLIA, I longed for a fast food. and the cheapest one, Burger King. YUHUUU! I ate them for twice, at arrival and departure to Jakarta.

then, this is our accommodation in Genting, First World Hotel, the hotel is sooooo huge consist of about 6100 rooms. this is only a three stars hotel, so you knowwwww, it doesn't good at all. I was sick with the food around there, too much curry. (sigh). and as you can see, that's the view from our room. the temperature around there, is about 19 degrees at night!! GOSH! we dont even need an air conditioner and something like that, cause, without that, I was so damn freezing! fogs everywhere.

sweet! I like sugar, chocolates, lollipops, and stuff like that. I finally made a dream, I wanna build like a sweets shop or maybe teddy bear shop! YAY! lovely....

a huge Lovely Lace. my sister bought a perfume for her bf's mother at there.

souvenir's shop on the left and this is the main entrance at the hotel on the right.

I wasn't allowed to ride that Mary-Go-Round, it's for kids, they told me. then, this Gondola. AH, I hate thisssssssss moment.. the pictures of me are all so blurred. I know, my digicam ain't good at all.

so this is sister, her pictures I guess so much better than mine.
I really wanna blame that sucks people. yeah anyway, I think they hate us too. lalala... :P

this is the snow world, the left one is captured from the outside. and us, captured by the photographer.

I don't know how much the temperature inside, it's kinda below 0°C. they said it's -5°C but I don't believe it at all. and I got a bad stomachace after that, LOL.

we should pay for 25 RM for each photo cause it's forbidden to bring a camera inside.

this is the situation at the indoor ThemePark. well, I could't play the outdoor, since my sister and I didn't feel good and healthy (I got stomachache), so we just shop around the plaza and take a nap.

at the cable car. they said to us again, this is the longest cable car in Southeast Asia. time to say good bye Genting, cause we're headed to Kuala Lumpur by bus.

were in Selangor and this is the monumental place to remember the glorious dead of their paladins.

my sister! :D and this is our best photo with Petronas Tower behind.

I paid for about 20 RM in case to get a better quality from a proffesional photographer, and the result is worse than this one. f-ck!

M&M's at First World Plaza- Genting and Malaysian chocolates at Beryls- Seri Kembangan.

and yeah, we also went to Batu Cave.

honestly, I don't really like what I wore that day. the cardigan and the legging makes it bad. I planned to wear shorts and no cardigan, but Genting is kinda so cold and I was sick so I can't stand with no cardigan and shorts. I changed it into this suit. and it sucks. LOL.
(cardigan - Mango; tube - Body & Soul; floral top - Bazaar at Benton; legging - Yellowline; sandals - Malioboro)

morning breakfast and nighty night.
after 2 nights we survived in a 3 stars hotel, finally we stayed in the 5 stars hotel (sigh).

thanks God, finally we had an internet connection, hair dryer, body lotion and conditioner for my messy hair. but the most important thing when you stay in a hotel is a hot water! it's so relaxing in every morning and night.

the view from our room.

and yeah, this is one of the cafe at that hotel. but I forgot the name.

stupid moment. LMAO.
I smoothed my dress with an iron there. and my stupid sister with dumb face. ♥

then at the third last day, we went to Sunway Pyramid, shopping mall. cutie cutie stuffs. yay! I was searching for Crayon Shinchan comic books, yeah haven't bought the newest. when I found it, it's all in Chinese language. (doh!)
I can't even read it.

this is the Sunway Lagoon, the wet park. I didn't go for it. have no interest at all. and these aint baby shoes, it's for teddy bear! WOW! wanna buy a pair for Mishi, but I don't know whether it will suit on her or not. so, we didn't buy them.

I don't know what are those thing for, but they look cutesy for me. then we had a lunch at Papparich- Malaysian food. and hell yeah! to the wi-fi connection, twitting-twitting is always fun.

this is Pavilion Mall.
it looks like Senayan City. and fortunately, they're having an Indonesian Exhabition bout Visit Indonesia with co-op with Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia and Malaysia airlines. we went to that place about 10 PM so maybe that's why it looks so dead.

we also tried the monorail! and went to the Hard Rock Cafe.

this is our last photo at Park Royal Hotel - KL. how sad we finally should leave this town.

my favorite photos. left side: I wore a short by Magnolia, Giordano's T-shirt and on the right side I wore a lovely dress that I bought at a distro in Sunway Pyramid for only RM 80! uber happpppyyyyyyy!!

my passport will be expired next year!! should renew it. we also bought Malaysian magazines such as Bazaar and Marie Claire. guess how much is that? only RM 7 for Marie Claire and RM 9 for Bazaar! WOOOW!

time flies too fast. we spent 5 days in Malaysia and got so much fun. I wanna go back to that place again, especially when I heard Penang is a pretty good place too for holiday, 5 hours by bus from KL. next place, I really wanna go to Germany, Macau, South Korea, and Lombok for sure.

P.S: so sorry for the low quality of the pictures. me too so sad yet dissatisfied with them. however, you can still click every picture to enlarge.
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  1. ENAK BANGET LO KE MALAY huhuhuhu!!!

  2. iyaaaaa. tapi pas disitu sempet menderita juga, sakit ga bisa ke dokter. makanan slama 2 hari ga ada yang bener2 enak di perut. hahahahaha..

  3. asiknyaaa liburan! :)
    makanan ga enak? waktunya cari fastfood :D

  4. tapi kan sayang kalo makan fast food disana, hahahaa... liburan kalo jalan2 terus sih asik, lama2 dirumah bosen juga :(

  5. whoaaaah asik banged chelle... =))
    gw udah luamaaaaaaaa banged ngak jalan2. malah bokap ajaknya desember ke Bali. arghhh.. bosen.hahaha..

  6. yaampunnnnn enak banget ke Bali! gw pengen nih ke Bali Lombok sama ke Bunaken. entah kenapa, gw merasa foto2 disana pasti keren banget... hahahaha..

  7. you and your sister look like bestfriends, sweet!

  8. wow! I've ever been to First World too! and saw that Teddy Bear's house (alike) hahaha.. it was fun, rite? :)

  9. enak sekali micheeeeeeeeleee :P
    had so much fun there!

  10. wow bet you had so much fun ! :)

  11. @Xanabioticx: ofcourse yes! I usually call her my true friend. :P
    @Felkiza: really fun! got so much fun there. maybe it's cause i got new friends. so we dont get bored at there. :)
    @Ellen: iya tapi ga puas (namanya juga manusia) hahahaha...
    @Beckyxoxo: yeah! we had! :P

  12. yeahhh.. I also wanna go to that place again for the 2nd time :D

  13. omaigat banyak banget potonya. enak banget ya! hahaha. jadi best momentnya apa ni?

  14. best momentnya ga ada. semuanya best2 aja sih.. hahahahaha ini belom banyak jo. aslinya tuh ada 1000an lebih hahaahahah..

  15. WHAT THE HELL. ooh girls are creepy. it is really really many! and i have a word in my mind that "cewe d poto uda d kasi ati minta ampla" haha

  16. hahahahah creepy enough sometimes. ember. apalagi lu fotografer ye, jadi dikit2 pasti mereka bilang, lagi dong lagi. hahahaha ya kan??

  17. asiiknyaa ^^..but i hate malay..=(

  18. sama dulu juga gw benci malay, tp pas udah kesana jadi ga benci2 amat lg. tapi kalo liat mereka rese kayak ngehina gitu sih gw skarang lebih benci sm orangnya aja yg emang kurang ajar dan ga punya hati. :P

  19. hahahaha.. aduh boseeen.. tpi uda lama jg sih ngak ke bali.hahaa.. g juga pas ke malay waktu kelas 2. errrr mana inget apa2 yaaaa. hahaha...
    gw punya temen di malay rencana gw jg mau ke sana maen2 sendiri, tapiii..errrr takut.hahahaha... paadhal gw uda gede.ckckckc..

  20. Hahahaha gw juga ga brani itu pergi berdua doang sama kakak gw sebenernya. Tapi kan ikut tour jadi disana dapet temen2 baru deh (:

  21. oooooh ikut tour tooooh.hhahaha.. gw pikir berdua bener2 berdua ajah. =)) wkwkwk..

  22. wow, you must be having a great and fun time there :]