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Saturday, April 28, 2018
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When purchasing new furniture for the home, of course you want quality and style rolled into one. With this being said, some online catalogues offer more products to choose from than others. For those who want style, form, and quality, you'd want to shop with a catalogue that has several options available for you to choose from. For UK customers who are ready to purchase new furniture, these are a few of the top catalogues from which you can choose to shop, for the latest styles and distinct patterns you want to find when purchasing new furniture.

Furniture Village has it all. Living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, and more. Whether you’re shopping for a new patio set to entertain as the summer months approach or want an eclectic style for your living or dining room area, there is something for every home. The selection of material, ranging from microsuede, to leather, to wicker sets has something for every shopper. The site also offers reasonable financing terms meaning you can buy now, pay later and furnish your entire home.

Graham and Green is a second site to visit. This site caters more to the outdoor furnishing shopper but does have a nice mix of pieces you can put throughout the home. Colourful, quality material, unique patterns, and thoughtfully designed pieces are a few of the many which you’ll find on this site. And, their pieces fit any budget so even those who don’t have much to spend can find something they’ll love online.

Gautier Furniture is another site for contemporary mixed with modern. You can find distinct designs, new-world material, stainless-steel finishes, mixed with a blend of old-world charm and elegance. If you like unique and prefer something that is somewhat different than traditional furnishings for the home, you can find it on this site.

Chaplins also carries more contemporary styles. The catalogue offers “contemporary style, for modern living.” Basically, the furniture has a ‘vintage’ charm, while still providing the newer design scapes, and colourful styles you might want to mix throughout the home.

There are many great places to find furniture when catalogue shopping. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or a mix. These are a few of the best catalogues to visit offering great styles, elegant designs and affordability in pricing when you choose to go through the buy now pay later pricing scheme at checkout. Feel free to share you favorite sites too!
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  1. Furniture Village sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love furniture shopping, that is until I see the price tag, haha!

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  4. I love Graham and Green! Made and Loaf are a couple of my favourites as well!

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  5. These look like great stores! thanks!

  6. Hey thanks for the heads up on these stores. It can be hard to know where to shop for furniture. And that space in that photo is to die for.

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