Inexpensive Home Décor Hacks

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Are you on a tight budget, yet wanting to transform your home with a little makeover? You don’t have to forego decorating a room or upgrading some spaces in the home. With the right tools, using the right approach, and planning ahead, you can achieve the desired look or finish, without breaking the bank.

Try DIY jobs
Paint the home yourself. Build little tables, shelving, or other small items that are easy to put together. If you want to refinish or stain cabinets, try to do these jobs yourself. In addition to costing virtually nothing apart from materials, you can give the home the personal touches and nuances throughout, which a contractor won’t achieve. But on the other hand, I would not recommend doing certain jobs yourself as some things can be dangerous or will need to be certified by a professional, replacing a fuse box, for example. This is a job you should not undertake yourself.

Consider alternatives
Look for plank-flooring, choose a cheaper wood-grain, or go with linoleum finishes. The same goes with paints and backsplash for the kitchen. There are alternatives which look (almost as good as the original), and they often cost ½, if not less, than what you’d pay for the “real thing”. Shop around to see the great deals.

Keep it simple
Sometimes switching out a few knobs, painting or finishing the cabinets, or doing something small like installing a new ceiling fan, will make a world of difference. Look for smaller, cheaper projects you can do, which will have a great impact in the overall design, when you are re-modelling on a budget. These smaller jobs also take much less time for you to complete, so you are not going to spend weeks, or even months, like some of the larger re-modelling projects are going to take to complete in the home.

Just because you do not have much to spend doesn’t mean you can’t design a home you are proud of and love to be in. These are some simple ways homeowners can go about redecorating, not overspending, and achieving the finishes they desire, when trying to save on the cost of redecorating the home.
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3 comments on "Inexpensive Home Décor Hacks"
  1. I must try DIY more, there are so many great ideas out there!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I think people often overlook that simply rearranging your decor or changing up a few key details can really go a long way to refreshing a space. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

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