& Other Stories: Grand Canyon West

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Still in the land of 'Murica, this was the destination I had a privilege to visit during Summer 2015. Btw, I had this blogpost postponed for only God knows how long! So hopefully I could still picture you guys the story of this trip to the tiny details. Then again, I barely remember anything. So where do I start? Probably I should've explained how did I end up on the West Coast. There was a time I dreamed about traveling to all the 50 states, but now I honestly don't mind if the bucket list remains unchecked. Because, life happens that way. These days, I just want to count my blessings.  

As I was saying, my 23-year-old self wished to visit the other side of the US. With my sister living in New York City, I felt like I've had enough of the East Coast. HA. To pursue my lifetime dream, of course, I thought I should start off somewhere popular. I think it was a 14-day tour from Jakarta to LA, where everyone began the bus trip to Las Vegas, SF, and headed back to LA again. So this one trip was actually a part of the entire West Coast tour that wrapped in less than two weeks. Yes, you're reading it right since each flight took around 24 hours. 

Two different rims on the package were offered to us, although we eventually picked the west rim because it was the closest to Vegas and ahem, cheaper. I didn't care much about the view, it all looked the same to my eyes. Furthermore, I wanted to walk on the Skywalk where there was nothing much but, canyon. For some safety reasons, no one was allowed to take any pictures on the location, we had to put our gadget inside the locker. Numbers of photographers who sold your photos as souvenirs could be easily spotted, though. If anything was memorable about the trip, it had to be the intense Summer heat! Gosh! I'd never seen myself so tanned before. Oh and, the gift shop deserved its own highlight too. Thanks to the AC, I could just chill out and felt alive again. On another note, my mom and I purchased a variety of mineral rocks and we were so happy to bring them home as keepsakes!
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  1. such an amazing place! hope you had the best time!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m dying to go here one day? Hopefully next year when I turn 25!

    Xo Logan

  3. Belas imagens arrasou, obrigado pela visita.
    Blog: https://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com
    Canal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmO8csZDARM

  4. Beautifully captured! I can't wait to visit, been talking about it for a while.

  5. I recently visited the Grand Canyon and it was seriously beautiful!


  6. As a travel blogger, can totally relate to posting about trips way after they've happened! I have a notebook where I try to keep track of details when I travel, but it can be hard to remember everything. These pictures are so cute though!
    - Lora

  7. A 24 hour flights sounds intense. The longest I've flown so far was about 11 hours & I was antsy! :]

    // Carmen

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Maybe I need to make my way over there soon

    Adriana; https://www.ofsaints.com

  9. Love the photos, so pretty!

    Hayden // http://www.hautetableblog.com/2018/10/2018-halloween-costumes.html

  10. Your photos are stunning! I went to the the Canyons once, and it was definitely an experience!

    Junniku blog!~