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Sunday, February 26, 2017

I'm blessed enough to have visited many places across the globe at such young age. Ever since I graduated from high school, it's been a tradition in my family that we should make our time to travel. Each year in my life was unforgettable as another bucket list was ticked off, yet it's very rarely of me to show this other side of my life. Some of my friend even wondered why I didn't post pictures while traveling. Frankly speaking, I learned from my younger self when I first traveled abroad. I was too busy picking tons of pictures and ended up missing several moments that obviously couldn't be repeated in reality. It's such a sad remembrance when you passed the opportunity to witness bigger things through your own lens.

However, lately as I visit more destinations, I start to think about the what-ifs of forgetting the detail on each journey. And being a writer myself now, I know for certain that one of the best ways to remember is by keeping a journal. Realizing I couldn't have everything etched on my memory, herewith I'm assured I can share a travel journal that highlights some memorable experience that my parents have granted to me. On this first post, I'd like to dedicate it to a resort city in Tennessee that I visited last year. I went on tour to the Southern USA in search of the joys of spring. For that March 2016, the weather in New York wasn't really accommodating due to blizzards and rains.

Downtown Gatlinburg pretty much reminds me of Downtown Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. Probably because of its quirky attraction that can be found along the road. This tourism destination is situated on the border of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. To me, it was indeed a nice place for a walk. I remembered how breezy the day was regardless the striking sunshine.

Upon arrival, I took an Ober Aerial Tramway in which, I was shown the panoramic view of the Smokies. The cable car goes directly to the mountaintop where the amusement park, ice rink and ski area are located. I wasn't amused with the ride-up, so I decided to leave earlier since there's nothing much to enjoy.

For lunch, I browsed around the area near the cable car station and was easily lured the moment I saw a watermill in front of a steak house named Calhoun's. Didn't have a single idea of what to order, I got attracted by their featured menu of the day; wild salmon. The service was fast and hospitable, but their delicacy was an ok, it didn't make any remark.

Speaking of delicacy, if I could highly recommend anything for you when visiting Gatlinburg, it must be their donut and fudge. The Donut Friar offers variety of handmade donuts that is freshly crafted daily. Just make sure you enter The Village complex to find this little gem inside. Another thing that made quite a remark was Kilwins' fudge. Not sure which flavor you fancy? Worry not, the workers will let you sample! The greeting was all friendly that the guy didn't hesitate to suggest the other delectable flavors to me. (I am just that confused when it comes to picking just ONE flavor, for God's sake!) In the end, I ordered a double dark chocolate one and it was so savory.

This year, I almost booked a tour to revisit this place, but a sudden change of plan headed me to a sunnier destination. (You can look forward to the travel journal!) All in all, I wouldn't even complain if I had to revisit this town. It'll be a pleasant journey knowing how beautiful this place is and I'm eager to explore Tennessee.

My next travel journal will be covering my trip to one of the *literally* HOTTEST touristy places I've ever been. Just the thought of it made me cringe again as I got extremely tanned after. Can you guess? Leave me a comment!
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23 comments on "& Other Stories: Downtown Gatlinburg"
  1. Travel is one of the great pleasures in life and recording your thoughts in a journal is wonderful way to supplement your memories of your adventures. Hmmm... I don't know. Las Vegas?

  2. I visit Gatlinburg every March for a dance workshop. Looking forward to seeing it again soon!

  3. Can't wait for our next vacation darla!

    Too bad I've never been to Tennessee :(
    You are lucky!!!

  4. wow I love reading travel diaries. And it definitely is a must to keep yourself travelling and exploring more :) Great read darling!

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

  5. Amazing photos and beautiful place *-*
    Great blog! I'm following you, follow back?*

  6. You lucky thing!:) I'm glad you've learned to enjoy the moment!

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

  7. I love taking photos but I hate travelling around with people that take so many photos to share on social media that they miss out on living in the actual moment. I think it’s great you learnt to live the experience but it’s also nice to see some photos from your travels. You’re very lucky! & that fudge looks huge! Haha


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment :) Yes I couldn't finish the fudge actually :D

  8. This sounds like you had such a great time, it seems like a beaut location :)


  9. Oh la la, my Mum would be all over that fudge, she loves the stuff! Sounds like you had a great time.
    xx Jenelle

  10. It looks like you had a great trip! Thank you for the reminder that a travel journey is an incredible way to record a trip and your travels. I'll have to purchase a new notebook just for that reason xx

  11. The city looks so calm and peaceful..
    Great post! :)


  12. You are so lucky to travel at a young age. Me and my family also travels but only in the Philippines, but i travel outside the Philippines. Anyways i love your photos ^^


  13. Seems like you still remember every detail of your last holiday, Mitch :) I am curios on your next destination though, I hope you will make a post for your trip! :)



    1. Yes, I'll surely make a post for that particular trip :D

  14. i miss traveling :(


  15. Senang ya kalau punya kesempatan bisa jalan-jalan ke tempat baru :) Hmm, hottest place dimana ya? Aku gak bisa tebak, hihi. Ditunggu update nya :)

  16. always love to read a travel blog like this
    follow for follow? tell me on my blog if you want :)


  17. Love your post dear ♥
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