New Year, Stay Golden

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
If year 2014 until mid-2016 was all about lenses with thick limbal rings, by the end of 2016, I discovered a new style of lenses that its design could transform my look. *HINT: they got the most striking design I've ever seen.*

A little background story before I start the review. In the beginning, I thought this kind of hydrocor lenses would look very unnatural since they are designed with a very low opacity. However, I was wroooong! You will totally look different, but in a great way. It might took a while to finally get used with such lenses, just like how you get yourself (and people around you) used to see those thick limbal ring lenses when you aim for a dolly look. Hydrocor liven up your eye color, especially for people with dark brown eyes like me. 

My very first hydrocor lenses were all gray colored as I was too afraid to try the other options out there. Mainly because I wasn't sure if such light brown colored lenses would suit my skin tone too. The dilemma came to an end the time I eventually gave a shot and purchased hydrocor in brown. The result was unsatisfying, I didn't look as graceful as I did when I wore the gray ones since the rest of the brown colored ring exceeded the white part of my eye.  Lesson learned.

So when I saw Lens Village asked their ambassadors to review their newcomer line, which is Molicon Signature, I didn't hesitate at all and fell in love instantly with the golden one!

Molicon Hydrocor Golden review

The lens itself is designed in tons of distinct dots, and the color of those dots fall somewhere in between green and brown. It's also been said that the result will vary depending on the real eye color of each person. You might be surprised at how radiant the colors are on your eyes, yet they nevertheless look natural. This pair of lenses also feels comfortable for daily usage. Well, it's not like I have zero problem wearing them indoor. There were some days when my eyes needed extra care, but as long as I'm able to rewet them with a lens drop, I'd be fine.

  • Too Cool For School Rules Dual Cover BB Cream
  • Etude House AC Clean Up Mild Concealer
  • Rollover Reaction Sueded Lip & Cheek Cream in moss
  • Etude House Play 101 Stick in #12
  • Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder

  • Molicon Signature Hydrocor in golden
  • The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in #3
  • 3CE Longwear Tattoo Eyebrow Maker in ash brown
  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes
  • Dolly Wink False Eyelashes in #23

  • BLP Beauty Lip Coat in lavender cream
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20 comments on "New Year, Stay Golden"
  1. It's very pretty! The only colored lenses Ive tried are gray because that's the only one that went with my skin tone, and I got it from an ophthalmologist.

  2. Fantastic choice! These look natural enough that they could be your eye color yet the shade is unusual enough that your eyes really pop :)

  3. Those contacts look gorgeous on you! and your eyebrows look sooo good :)

  4. Oh wow darling the color looks super wonderful. I really want try the model of circle lenses.

  5. they look so good on you! love how it compliments your skin tone!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. That green is absolutely fantastic with your skin tone. Great product review girlie!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  7. The lenses might not look so natural if we see it close, but it's so pretty if we see it from far. love it! you too, so pretty :)

  8. Warnanya cocok banget, Kak :D Bikin mata jadi seger gitu, kelihatannya! Btw itu pake false eyelashes tapi kok nggak kelihatan kaya' pake ya Kak? Ajaib! :O

    Ristra ||

    1. Haha iya pake Dolly Wink yg modelnya natural. Cobain dehhh! Dari semua false eyelashes yg pernah aku coba, yang halus perhelainya cuma Dolly Wink ^^

  9. Softlense nya ciamik banget, ce! Kayak warna mata asli. Cocok banget sama eyemakeup nya. Dan aku ngiri sama bentuk alis yang bisa serapi itu :*
    Btw, setuju bgt kalau DollyWink jadi false eyelashes terhalus:)

  10. OMG your eyes <3 you look stunning, seriously! That contact lens looks so natural and matches your make up as well. To be honest, you look like one of Stylenanda's muse <3



  11. bagus banget hasil looknyaa :D
    salam kenal ya, siapa tau nanti kita bisa collab haha

  12. Omg I love it! Your eyes look amazing, and I love how your eyebrows look so natural but very nice at the same time. ^_^)

    Anw I'm not really interested in BLP's lip cream but you make it looks so tempting! hahah xD

  13. What a gorgeous colour! - so refreshing.

    Stephanie |

  14. Do you have more photos wearing these lenses? I think I'm getting this particular color.

    1. Sorry but I don't have other photos aside from these ones.

  15. I do agree,gone are the eta of circle lenses, except if you're a cosplay fan, but these style of lenses are beauty lenses which patterns have tiny dots that blend with your natural eye color.