you have to know

Friday, March 06, 2009
hey folks!

how's everything?
i hope you did well and everything was fun, not like me. i'm tired allday, include my Wednesday. because, i skipped school for some reasons, going out with my dearest Mom to her office, and followed her to some places (we went to Subdistrict Office) i saw and waited while she was doing her works. and i feel so terrible. seeing that i wasted my time for having fun, spent money for useless thing. but her? she works so hard. so if you and some of you guys think i was having fun at home that Wednesday, it's a big mistake and i aware for being a good daughter i should do my best especially for my final exam. i've told her of everything happen at my school, the students (i mean my friends) and the teacher. it's pretty awesome cause from that day i know that her love for me never be replaced and she is my greatest present that God has given. and fyi, that day, Wednesday, i just got back from her office at 6.30 PM!

talking bout school, well.......
it's kinda boring at school with some school stuffs, and especially its tiring because of our trial and since they have prolonged school hours before the final exam on April 20, but there's no difference between i stay at home or go to some place. i'm currently not in a good mood for outing and having fun with other. i need to be alone, enjoying every facilities i've had. well, i know i have nothing except internet and laptop. and now i find out that, internet is boring. aaaaa.. human, you know, never reach their satisfaction. i dont really like chatting on msn, skype-ing, oovoo-ing and so on. that's why you guys almost never catch me there and see my online status cause i always change it become away, be right back, or busy. so when i dont have any idea for browsing and blogging. im sure it'll be pretty boring.

then, i think i know some places that will make me cheer up and relax. it's a beauty salon. i'd love to pamper myself with something like facial, totok wajah (well. whatever!), spa or i really wanna go to my sport club to relax my self on their sauna, steam and whirpool. but, unfortunately i dont have any swimsuit. soooo, they wont let me to enter the sauna room and other etceteras. :(

don't you feel my boredom? or just look at my recent post. it was so meaningless. i filled those 'copy-paste' post into my blog just because i need something for killing time, like now. but the contrast are this is not a 'copy-paste' article from someone and this is my current situation, thought and feeling.

enjoy your evening,
yours truly,
4 comments on "you have to know"
  1. wheew, i thought you really have fun in wed. but at least you dont woke up mornink, right?
    soo, do you start to uses english? it may help everyone to improve their english :) haha

    i felt it before when you dont have anythin' to do. maybe you can play some games, like sims?

    u should buy some swimsuit ;)

  2. shoot, i made a mistake!
    * at least you didnt woke up mornink, right?

  3. unfortunately, the only games i have are boring games like chess, domino, cards. err.. and, hell no! i woke up around 5.30 am too that morning.. lemme say that, it was a hard day for me.. :(

  4. i suggest u to buy some games, or borrow it from a friend :D
    err, i changed my mind that you had fun on wed.