Cinderella The Musical

Monday, July 25, 2011
Remember the previous post when I said I would share to you guys about my big project?
Hold on a sec... I'm a lil bit confused where should I start, *clears throats* so these past 6 months, my classmates and I were given a task that should be completed in order to pass our Performing Arts class, let's consider it as a last project. It starts at the beginning of January when we had to think and come up with an idea what kind of theatre performance we will present to the audience until the ideas of presenting a musical theatre come up from the director if I'm not mistaken.

Here we are, here it is, with "Cinderella The Musical", we tried our best and we eventually did it.
the tickets as I posted it on my twitter

A 6 months of hard work that we, as a team had done, finally paid off.

I was the stage manager at this event, not to mention that I had a helpful partner named Audrey that helped me during the pre-production; rehearsal(s) till the general rehearsal and the production day.
I could not do any of these without the help of the casts and crews, especially the lighting, sounds, and properties crews. Without them, I was really nothing :')

Basically as a stage manager, which it was my first time ever handling this kind of event, I was pretty stressful because the coordination of the show relies on my concentration during its one effing hour.

Here's the story goes,
on 23 July 2011, all of the "Cinderella The Musical" casts and crews had to gather at the campus at 10 AM straight for the purpose of preparing the general rehearsal and properties and stuff. The event itself was at 6.30 PM. I'm so thankful to have such very kind classmates, even those who already had to enroll the subject for the upcoming semester still wanted to help us.

narcissistic photo-session before the general rehearsal
the properties crew
the sounds and lighting crews

me checking the stage for the general rehearsal

The last-minute general rehearsal was held at 1 PM until 3-ish PM. I can say those were the most stressful 3 hours in this month. Still a lot of mistakes got caught, still a lot of technical changes we had to do, mostly for the lighting part :S

Calliope's almost done make up
Calliope and Cinderella helping Minerva's make up
the costume team and the Prince charming
Left: Herald and the Fairy Godmother. Right: Me, Stepmother, and our lovely consumption crew
all of the beloved casts!

Finally, the show must go on...
the Narrator
sly Minerva, evil Stepmother, and silly Calliope
Cinderella in her own little corner wishing that she could go to the ball
ta-da!! The Fairy Godmother appears!
Cinderella was once not believe to this magical thing, it's kinda annoying for the Fairy Godmother to convince Cinderella because she kept saying "Impossible",
until she told her, if she wishes it hard enough, magical things are happening everyday.
move on to the scene 3, these are the beautiful dancers at the ball

Minerva trying to flirt with the Prince. Too bad, it's not working at all :P

my most favorite part, actually!
Calliope introducing herself to the Prince in a hilarious way. The audience surely laughed out loud.
I swear, I was trying not to giggle at this part 'cause I needed to concentrate but I couldn't help :D
Cinderella's entrance. Look at how the guests were astonished by her.
the Prince charming eventually met his other half

looks like some people are jealous of the happiness they have

Just like any other Cinderella's stories, this one also has a happy ending. I don't have the 'scene 4' photos where the Prince finally approaching Cinderella's house. Anyhooo, it ends the way it's supposed to be ended :)

Thank God the tickets were nearly sold out! Thank God we got lots of applause from the audience. Thank God they said the performance was impressive. Thank God they said the stage management was great. Thank God for everything! I was so relieved when I heard that statement. I almost dropped a tear at the stage while hugging my team mates after the curtains fall.

wide smile, people! It's a wrap!

"Cinderella The Musical" will always be one of my memorable achievements in my life, I wouldn't forget the ups and downs of the pre-production till the post-production, I wouldn't forget how was my feeling after finishing my task.

14-20A; London School of Public Relations

Good job everybody! Nicely done! So proud of you guys! ♡

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  1. WOOOWWW... i always love cinderella storyyy :) congratz!!! ;)

  2. Wahhh that looks like A LOT OF FUN♥!!

  3. congrats! project lo sih nyata syel. hahahaha. ga kayak gw, abis 1 smester waktunya stelah uas d buank da print outnya. sial, mana mahal lagi

  4. @Daniela & @Elle: yup! thank you :]
    @Jojo: HAHAHA tp gue jg ada tugas yg mahal di biaya percetakannya kok jo T_T trus hasilnya jg gak jelas diapain sama dosennya..

  5. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!Sounds like you had really great time!
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  7. Great event!

    en la moda

  8. oh wow that's awesome!!! it's amazing what you and your classmates were able to do!
    congratulations on a job well done!!!!
    now you can relax right?! haha

  9. :) nice post. Well done on the play

  10. The costumes are great ! Congratulation

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  12. Wow this is so magical. And memorable.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    playing an impostor

  13. wooow... this look so amazing! I wish I could here you sing! The costumes are also so beautiful :)

    xxx London

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  14. congrats for the cinderella project :) all pics look so awesome! btw are you also student from lspr? I'm too, haha but I'm from batch 15 :)

  15. it looks like such a great performace. congratulations for finishing the project!

  16. Woow! I am really impressed! I think it was a great show to watch and be a part of it :). Also, a great, interesting blog.

    Following each other? I bookmarked u :)

  17. so lovely! I love Disney and Cinderella!! :)


  18. Cinderella is one of my fave princess! that was a great show! i also love the make up and costumes :)
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  22. wah mirip-mirip dong gue juga baru aja dapet tugas bikin drama musikal bahasa inggris, emang capek sih persiapannya sampe berapa bulan, tapi dalam 30 menit dramanya abis itu merupakan sesuatu yang bikin terharu. :')