Almost Over

Sunday, May 03, 2009
hello my fellow readers!
well, I didnt have too many things, here's some recent feelings that always come to my mind, and my condition after having my sports practical test.
my body is full of pain, and I can't stretch it as usual. legs, neck, back, ankle. but stomach is the most painful part. I can't even laugh too hard cause that will affect it hurtfully. then, what's on my mind? I can hardly wait till the day I'll go to Jogjakarta, I'm excited yet sad. cause it means I should leave my lovely laptop and its internet connection. I think I'll miss my bedroom, sister, parents and friends in Jakarta too. I'll stay at Vanny's house for a week. 14 days to go, am I ready? not really. while Adi, Rene, Aldo, Ivan, Tektek, and Benjol will go to Bali, yeah y'all so welcome Ngurah Rai rite? and the rest are Kuskus, Bima, Nikita, Budi, Nathan and Bryan, they'll go to Dago for sure.

then, I'll have my EPT at the end of May. I just tried to examine myself for doing some online EPT, you can register it simply by e-mail. well, here's my result, I think it's terrible cause my goal is about 80%. but thanks God it's not 60. cause if so, maybe I'll weep my tears now..

and here's the second test's result,

I dont know whats wrong with me, maybe I should turn off the music next time, and focus on reading part.

next, it sounds like a very bad news for me cause I'll skip my lovely TOEFL class again on 23 this month. oh shit! and next month, I'll skip it again! so it absolutely means that I wont pass my 3rd level cause the maximum absence is 6 times, while me? I've skipped 3 times and will miss it again for 4 times (2 times for Jogja and 2 times for another trip).
I've planned to learn English at either EF or ELS. EF for the British method and ELS for the American. my mom told me better to choose the british one. but I dont like it well so I still consider. ah again, for God's sake! I need to take a nap, at least 1 more day off from school before the finals coming up.

I'm going to watch GG episode 21, season 2. Ed Westwick really has stolen my heart, makes me melted and I can't resist it anymore!
loads of love,

6 comments on "Almost Over"
  1. either am i. my body is full of pain,
    also the stomach, i cant laugh hard. haha
    keep up the good work!

  2. hai, I tried the english test and I got 80% by scoring 120 points out of 150 ;]
    nice job by the way


  3. @Reza: thanks..
    @Jojo: it's not a good work, kinda bad i think.. -.-
    @Susan: that's good dongggg. gw cuma dapet 71! hahahahaha... :))

  4. eeg chel, masa gw cuma dapet 78%, hahaha..
    inggris nya aneh buanget..
    btw, ada 1 text yang dy ngmgin darah gw loh, devon, hahaah :p

  5. aa iya nih sptnya gw jg mesti banyak banyak dan banyaaaaak banget latian sm nguasain VOCAB seengganya hahahahaha.... gw yang bacaan gada yang gw baca separagraf gitu gil. kl ada pertanyaan baru gw cari2. ;p