Extra Wide Crop Top

Sunday, May 10, 2009
craving for cute puppies, dress, shorts, tops, necklaces, bangles, skirts and everything but at the same time, I have to save my money for something.

I want a complexgeometries extra wide crop top! SERIOUSLY... although I already have a top looks like this with batik patterns. but I'm dying for the plain one. I mean, with no motif.
4 comments on "Extra Wide Crop Top"
  1. hey michelle, please re-link my blog into http://widoxy.blogspot.com , thanks
    i don't see any tagboard so i write it down here, sorry :)

  2. yeah, gw jga lgi cri wide crop top yg kyak gini :]



  3. ahahha iya nih.. kalo bisa buat sendiri pengen nih bikin sendiri gt. tinggal beli bahannnnnn...