Let It Burn!

Thursday, March 26, 2015
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for the review, but all the thoughts and opinions I have expressed are my own.]

How are you, my bumblebees? Now that I'm a full time worker, it feels like I'm not exercising at all since most of the time I only sit in my cubicle (cause I'm still a noob), but hopefully I'll go out soon for visiting. I don't actually like exercising to be honest because it tires me LOL. However now that I'm older and my "body" changes, exercising is like the key for a healthier lifestyle.

The thing is it's difficult for me to be committed. There was once I only hit the gym for a month. So I came up with an idea to find something that would excite me to the gym, like a pair of new shoes, perhaps?

Working full time got me no much free time for shopping. On weekends, I'd rather spend it at home. That's why I love online shopping and this is a habit that I've had since I own a card in college.

As you might already realize, I've mentioned this before too that Zalora is one of my favorite online shopping destinations. Its shipping method is just practical, I could even choose the cash on delivery and there's such 30 days return policy.

 photo 824b6a67-74dc-40c9-88e7-25f987376213_zpsnyqt9kg5.jpg photo 8e69ee4b-73f2-4341-900b-b35d40ce6f15_zpscwoivrka.jpg
Can't decide which one is cuter!

Anyhoo, what makes a pair of sport shoes attractive to you? Do you have any recommended brand? Lemme know!
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11 comments on "Let It Burn!"
  1. The pair on the left is so cute!
    If you're looking for Nikes, I LOVE the flyknit lunars. When I first walked in my pair, I never felt so comfortable. :) Every time I wear them after a period of time where I didn't, that comfortable feelings happens all over again.. haha.
    I can tell you that roshe runs are not comfortable whatsoever. I know people where them to the gym, but eh.. they are not really made for exercising at all. It's more of a "fashion" thing.
    I know many people like the Nike free runs and find those to be comfy, but every time I tried them on, they were hard for me. So I think it's a preference thing.
    You should definitely look at shoes on the main websites for Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc. and read the reviews people leave. :) I hope that helps!

    1. Thank you dear for the recommendation! I'd definitely check them out. Yeah, I feel that too, I wish my flat shoes are as comfy as my running shoes LOL. I will look to their official sites too, never thought of reading the reviews!

  2. aku juga suka nih belanja di zalora. kalo ga cocok bisa dibalikin, ongkirnya juga ditanggung pula #applause


  3. the shoes <3 So you can do both sport and being fashionable, love it... <3


  4. It’s awesome! I like this post and your style of writing, thank you for sharing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  5. I love these shoes. My favorites are the ones on the right.

  6. I love the darker blue pair! They look comfy. I love my asics, I have a gorgeously colourful pair that are just super comfortable.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  7. The ones on my left are my favorite, yay for neon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Oh my! I haven't been very committed to exercising either but I think what you suggested is a great idea. Loving the pair on the right btw :)


  9. Adidas! Love it! Ada khusus untuk training shoes. Kalau nike setauku khusus buat running, jangan pakai running kalau buat fitness atau aerobik ya, karena sepatu berlari diciptakan khusus untuk maju ke depan bukan buat mundur (katanya sih gitu) sedangkan kalau training gitu kadang kita bisa belok2 ke mana2 XD

    Aku sih udah bandingin, nike sama adidas sebenarnya sama aja, tergantung modelnya aja suka yang mana + kenyaman di kakinya sendiri2 gitu. Kalau temen aku sukanya nike, karena katanya dia support banget buat ankle dia kalau lagi lari

    Aku lebih suka adidas, soalnya dibuat lompat2 entah kenapa lebih enak adidas XD