Spring Showers

Sunday, April 13, 2014
“Eight out of ten people wash themselves with gels costing up to £4 a bottle.”

Now the question would be like, is it worth the money or not? Well, there's a few benefits of using body wash:
  • No more dried out prune skin
  • No more soap scum on shower doors
  • Save money by skipping the lotion afterward
I am a fan of body wash instead of soap. I know there are certain people (like my dad and best friends) who don't like using body wash because it leaves the greasy and unclean feeling. However, did you know body washes have been known to clean as effectively as bar soaps?

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Of course, many traditional soaps are formulated to cleanse the skin very well, removing both dirt and oils. But soaps can't moisturize as effectively as body washes, because in its solid form, soap can't hold the same moisturizing properties.

If your skin is dry, I recommend you to use body wash instead of soaps since body washes are made not only to cleanse but to moisturize and improve the condition of your skin.

However, don't worry, I'd review a body soap too on this post. Keep reading!

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Body Wash

 photo 20140406_144013_zps2f014128.jpg
Look how feminine the color is.

White Musk Libertine joins the original cruelty-free White Musk scent that launched in 1981. It was created to mark the 30th anniversary of White Musk in 2011, in the White Musk line-up. Whoa whoaaa.. It's such a classic, right? White musk is my all-time favorite scent among all The Body Shop fragrance. This one has a sweetly floral musk scent that lingers on and makes my skin soft and smooth after showering. One more reason why I like using body wash over soap bar, because it can be a shaving base to help razor glide easily. Muahaha!

Product description: A rich, fragrant body wash with the sensual scent of White Musk Libertine: a floral musk with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream. It's a lather-rich, soap-free, contains cruelty-free musk body wash.

Tip: Use a shower puff. It will make your body wash lasts a lot longer.

Price: IDR 139k per 250ml

I like trying out new body wash, especially the one that has fresh scent and cute packaging! I've tried body wash from Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, L'OccitaneLeivy's, Lux, Etude House and many more that I couldn't even recall. Kindly let me know what's your favorite. I would love to know :)

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

 photo 20140406_144735_zpse96b8640.jpg
Kojic acid. Oh the hype!

I'm a sucker for bright skin! I guess I am not the only one who is not content with my skin. I've been wanting to try Kojie San ever since I read all the positive review on an Indonesian beauty forum. Back then, we Indonesian can only purchase Kojie San online, the price was a bit pricey (like around IDR 70k per bar). However, we can get it at some drugstores and supermarket now with a cheaper price. 

Product description: Kojie San has an all-natural kojic acid formula that helps lighten dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigmentation. Kojic acid was discovered in Japan. It is a by-product of Koji, or Malted Rice, for use in the manufacture of rice wine. In cosmetics, kojic acid is popularly known for its excellent whitening effects and anti oxidant properties.

Safety warning: Kojic acid has a drying effect on skin. Skin irritation is the most common kojic acid side effect. Many people have noticed an increase in skin sensitivity after using kojic acid regularly. As kojic acid reduces the amount of melanin in your skin, it weakens your skin's natural defense. It is therefore important to remember to wear sunscreen with a high SPF value.

Directions: Lather the soap on your skin for five minutes before washing it off.

Do I like the soap? As I already stated earlier, I'd rather shower with a body wash. Even though this product claims to lighten skin, I don't really feel there is a noticeable result on my skin. Instead, all I got is dry skin. Remember, don't use this on your face yet if you don't feel okay when you apply it to your skin. I only use the soap when showering at evening or night.

Let's talk about the other sides of this soap, it produces a lot of foams which I really like because a soap doesn't produce that much normally. It has the fresh orange scent, but the scent fades after washing it off. Lastly, the orange soap melts! I store it inside my empty case of NuSkin Body Bar. Well, it doesn't melt the way NuSkin Body Bar does and turns into bloody weird smell (since the NuSkin Body Bar is a soap-free formula) when it's stored inside the case. The soap still in its shape at least, just the melting orange color that annoys me LOL. Told ya, I'm really not a soap fan. It's just that shower gel is more practical to use.

Despite the annoyance, I would still purchase one more time because I am extremely curious why it didn't work on me! Btw, this soap only lasts for two weeks on me.

Price: IDR 20k per 65g

The Body Shop Bath Brush Clear Frosted

 photo 20140406_145303_zps6c2c807e.jpg
All products of The Body Shop are cruelty-free, yes including the brush.

Time to say goodbye to dead skins and back acne. Your skin can shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells per minute naturally; however, many people need exfoliation products to help reduce acne and get smooth skin. If you want to exfoliate outside of the shower, you can use circular motions with a long-handled, natural bristled brush.

Product description: This long-handled brush has soft bristles to gently massage and exfoliate skin. Ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation and great for hard-to-reach areas.

 photo 20140406_144940_zps6a3dc384.jpg
The bristles are so gentle and soft.

Directions: Pour a small amount of body wash onto the brush and rub over the body in circular movements. Use two to three times a week. Hang to dry.

Final verdict: Although the product descriptions proclaimed it's great for hard to reach areas, I still felt it's bit difficult to reach my back. If only they extended the handle a bit more, this brush would be perfect then.

Price: IDR 69k

OMO! I love IU. She's pretty, cute, and talented! New MV from her! This time is including a new group called HIGH4. It's actually their debut song. HIGH4 is composed of vocalists Kim Sung Gu and Baek Myung Han, and rappers Yim Young Jun and Alex, all four members of which are also songwriters. Did you know that the song was written by IU as well? Let's welcome Spring, love, the cherry blossoms, and the delightful love that blooms with this song (or probably not)!

HIGH4 with IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.

You know, it's not a big deal if you got no spring, love nor cherry blossoms, because all you need is a nice hot bath! LOL, not really! I'd choose love or travel to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, maybe? But half an hour of hot bath is so good to ease tired muscles and to cure high heels hangover!

 photo IMG_2956_zpsc91d2e80.jpg
It was an exhausting day but it's definitely one of my happiest days in my life.
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  1. I love these kind of brushes for body and face. It is so comfortable to use them and they clean and exfoliate the skin so great. Your blog is very cool :) Catch a new follower :3


  2. Great spring shower! ^_-* Thanks a lot fot the tips dear!

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. so does the kojie san soap works for our face as well?? I'm a bit confuse here x'3
    do you apply any bubble bath soap for a hot bath tube or just regular shower gel?
    sorry for the too many questions :')

    cheer, michelle

    1. Hi, Michelle! We have the same name, how do you like to be called? Mich or Chelle?
      No need to sorry for the questions. I'm glad if I can help :)
      I didn't try Kojie San on my face as it's very drying on my body, I just don't want to risk my face x_x
      I usually shower first and then use a mineral bath salts for a hot bath :D I am not a fan of bubble bath, because it makes me had to double rinse thoroughly afterwards. Bubble bath is only fun, but not relaxing for me.
      Hope you have a great Sunday! ^^

  4. Eek, I'm not a fan of whitening products, esp if they make your skin dry! 2 weeks is such short lifespan for a soap too .-. how odd!

    Also, your bathroom looks so awesome! Jealous! *v*

  5. mmmm i would love a bath haha.


  6. AAAA<3 I LOVE IU SO MUCHOOOO!!! and thank you so much for including the song in your post, without you I would never knew such song existed because I am totally lost in my kpop updates. thank you so much. HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI


  7. bathtubnya lucu mitch.. *salah fokus*


  8. Great post and review! Thanks for sharing it! :)
    Nice song and I also like IU, she's so cute and her voice is so adorable esp. when she hit the high notes, so awesome!


  9. aah, bath-tube time always be my favorite relaxing time ^^


  10. Great review! I am a body wash gal...I much prefer them to soap.

    Have a great day
    Keisha xo


  11. The Kojie soap sounds really interesting!
    Your skin is so bright and light--it's so pretty! I'm super jealous haha.

  12. Nice post! I wish I had a bath-tube. I just followed your lovely blog, I hope you can follow me back!
    Thanks! Kisses


  13. I love washing my face with gel formula c:
    I don't like soapbars as they tend to leave
    my skin super dry and squaky clean feel..
    Although I'd love to try out that soapbar
    of yours c; Nice bathtub btw! Xx

  14. Hi Dear, I nominated you like Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


  15. I love using shower gel also!!! I like using The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit and SoftSoap brand Nutri Serums with Omegas 3 & 6 this soap makes your skin so soft!!!

    - http://bubblesmimii.blogspot.com

  16. Every time you talk about a product from The Body Shop, I want to buy it...
    I'm going on Tuesday to get the hair product you talked about in one of your previous post, so I'm going to take a look at the body wash. The colour is so pretty !

    1. Hey! I hope you'll like the serum and this body wash. Yup.. The color is very adorable for Spring season ^^
      Have a lovely weekend, btw!

  17. Hello!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Looks like you really like a hot bath... me too! It's very relaxing!! If can please follow me too :P http://womenspleasuresandtreasures.blogspot.com/ ***

  18. Kojie San products are easily available here in Philippines and they're very affordable too. Which reminds me to try their soap. I've been reading a lot of good reviews about the whitening/lightening effects of their soap. I hope it works well on me.
    Btw, I followed you via GFC.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  19. J'aime beaucoup tous ces produits! :)

  20. i always love kawaii make up!! nice packaging and nice product!

    thanks for the review! anw im following you now, if you like my blog you can follow me back :D

  21. I love shower gels so much it's outrageous. There is literally no more room in my cabinet for shower gels--it's gotten that bad ._.
    I didn't even know Victoria's Secret did gels! I've got four gels in my shower right now, and though I don't have a favourite brand, I adore the coconut and citrus scented ones. I'll definitely check out the White Musk one next time I'm at the Body Shop. One more bottle for my collection can't hurt, right?

    1. Wah that's so many! But I know how it feels like as I have two shower gels right now and sometimes I want to buy another one just in case I get bored with the smell LOL. Well, I've never tried the coconut scented one, recommend me some brand, maybe? :D

    2. THAT'S HOW I FEEL. I get bored with smells easily, which is why I have like, 4 in the shower. Uhm, there's plenty of coconut scented ones, but I have one from Herbal Essences and it smells amazing. (LIKE....HERBAL ESSENCES MAKES SHOWER GELS NOW. CRAZY)

    3. LOL I know right! It was shocking when I found out Herbal Essences does shower gels HA! But I'm really not sure if we have it in Indonesia :( It's okay, though. I'll deff find another coconut shower gel <3

  22. The body shop scent sounds lovely - they do have some gorgeous products!!

    Thank you for following - following you too! :) xx

    Layla xx


  23. I have the TBS brush but for the face. Hahaha The body brush is massive!

  24. I love your blog! Been stalking you since you commented on mine, haha. your photos are so so lovely and pretty :) i was wondering if you would be able to promote my blog (if you like it obviously haha) as i always get page views but not many followers! thank youuuu xxx


    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for visiting back my blog. I am a new follower :) I hope you gain followers more and more everyday! Do lots of blog-walking, drop a decent comment on their blog and frequently update your blog, those are the keys to gain followers. Good luck!

    2. Thank you for the advice! Guess it will just be a slow and steady thing! I'll keep posting and checking out other people's blogs :) xxxx

  25. dari dulu pengen cobain produk ini tapi masih hunting review-reviewnya . thank you for sharing <33