Miracle For a Miracle

Thursday, March 21, 2013
I think as a girl. It is an essential thing to do facial in every month. I've started doing facial treatments since 2008? Back then, I usually visited to the salon for every 2-3 month. However, nowadays, I'm getting concerned about my skin. It gets more and more sensitive that I couldn't stand a month without going to the salon :0 The thing about having a facial treatment is, you'll get super satisfied after 3 days of the treatment until the rest of the month. Usually, the first 3 days are the worst, because your skin would be super red because of the extraction. My skin is a sensitive one, so yes, my face would turn red because of it. 

To be honest, having a facial treatment is not that relaxing! I'll be lying to say so, LOL. It's relaxing JUST at the beginning, 45ish minutes, 'cause you'll be massaged and stuff. My skin is an acne prone skin, so sadly, my face would not get massaged. Too bad! BOO!

Today I had my facial treatment at Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, it is located in Taman Anggrek Mall. They actually have many branches, check it here for details.

From Left (above) to Right (bottom)
1. The nebulizer; 2. The bed, it actually has a nice bed cover to make sure you wouldn't get too cold. Pardon me for putting my bag, it's supposed to be sterile; 3. The wash basin that is placed next to the bed; 4. Sponge, towel, and stuff.

The plus sides about having treatment at Miracle are:
  • It is very sterile. They use new sponge, tank, towel, head towel? I don't know what it's called, but you can see it at the picture above. The beautician will always wash their hands with the soap and use a hand sanitizer every time they get into the room, you will even be asked to use the hand sanitizer before the treatment.
  • You'll be placed in an individual room. It is very private and convenient :)
  • Yes, it is that convenient that you can even order food from the outside! HAHA. Actually, I ordered Kiyadon earlier before the treatment. So yeah, I ate on the bed :D
The minus sides are:
  • There are only 2 branches in Jakarta, one in Kemang, one in TA. Both aren't near from my home :'(
  • It's more expensive if you compare it to Natasha Skin Care, Esthetic Melrose, Erha Clinic and stuff.
I also got my pimple injected on chin, it didn't hurt at all! Maybe I've gotten used to it. Whiteheads and blackheads extraction are 10x more hurtful than the injection.

How much did I spend for the treatment? I spent for a total IDR 1M.

My treatment was Acne Bio Facial, Nebulizer, Anti Acne and Oily Ampul, Peel-off Whitening Mask and not to mention the injection.

I seriously couldn't imagine if I had more than a pimple! Sure it must be really hurtful for many injections! Thank God I only had one pimple T-T

And after the treatment, my face got red, especially when I use the serum.

The sad thing after having that treatment, my mom picked me up at the mall and when we called for our driver, unfortunately, our car's accumulator got broken. Therefore we had to wait for the Shop&Drive's guy to come and bring us a new one. We got stuck at the mall for one hour 'cause it was raining so badly, waiting for taxi were pointless as well. My mom actually wanted to visit her friend at the Siloam Hospitals, because of this unfortunate event, she had to cancel it :(

Last weeeek, I ordered some cute things via internet, thus this week I got some new things. I have a new beanie, new pouch for my Instax camera and new aromatherapy lamp from my dad! You'd probably known this if you followed me on Instagram (follow, follow!) and Path :P

The beanie!
To tell the truth I wanted the pointy ones instead of this. However, it's okay.
Many people asked me where would I wear this beanie, I totally have no idea. LOL. Maybe to the airport? Or somewhere cold & snowy? ;)

Hi Shappo!
This is Shappo from San-X Sentimental Circus. Clearly my most favourite character from San-X. I like Korilakkuma as well. So that when I was about to buy this pouch, it was a hard decision to choose between them. Then I think about it again, I like Shappo more than Korilakkuma ^^

The Aromatherapy Lamp.
I told ya I'm a fan of pink! Be it pastel pink, salmon pink, hot pink, shocking pink. It doesn't matter for me.
This one is in Barbie pink!!!! Who wouldn't love the color?!
It is from thebathaholic.com (click to visit).
The essential oils.
On the first try I use the Stress Relief due to the stress of editing a video for my intercultural project at school.

That's it, folks! It's 1AM now in here. I'm going to sleep with the Sleep Tight oil! ^^
Bonne nuit~
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4 comments on "Miracle For a Miracle"
  1. I've never done a facial before because I heard it was painful! But of course, the results are usually worth it. Your pink camera and Shappo pouch is super adorable!

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find more details on my blog entry! :D


  2. thanks for sharing about your facial!! i'd really love to try a facial sometime.. ughh and i have so many pimples. haha, so those injections would probably get to me.

    i also converted the cost of your facial into US dollars. ahhh $100+. so expensive! idk if i can fork out that much per month on a facial. although i'd love to have nice skin!!!

    - sarah -

  3. hello michelle!

    what a nice blog you have! I love every shot you post

    where can i contact you? I want to ask you about a collaboration project

    thanks and please let me know

  4. The camera is super cuute XD i just died :))