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Friday, February 22, 2013
As much as I love wearing traditional mask and my Tomatox magic pack. Can't lie I love using sheet masks.
Because it's practical. I don't need to wash away, et cetera.
I use different kinds of mask sheet. Even so, before buying several, I'd ask the sales attendant, which kind of mask that would suit my skin type (oily sensitive-combination; acne prone skin)? I think it's more like routinely activity than a must for me. I wouldn't get troubled face if I didn't use any of these. It's just fun and relaxing to have some mask time while surfing the net, watching movies or sleeping if it is a sleeping mask. Haha! I use one of these masks every 3 days!

However, if I had a facial treatment, I would just use 1 mask sheet in a week because my skin would get extra sensitive by then! ;)

Now, I'm going to show you my FAVORITE mask sheets from different brands:
Real Nature Mung Bean Mask from The Face Shop
Price: IDR 19000
Reason: Because I have an oily combination acne prone skin, and the Mung bean a.k.a green beans are well known effective for clearing up blemishes on oily acne prone skin, so I really recommend this type of face mask. It can heal acne scars, or even lighten hyperpigmentation on skin. It smells fine for me too :)

Natural Pulp Essence Tea Tree Mask from TonyMoly
Price: IDR 19000 (as it can be seen at the barcode)
Reason: Clearly because it's tea tree! Tea tree oil is well known for it's anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. So yeah, that explains why ^^ And besides, this mask sheet has a lot of water essence in it, so it wouldn't easily dry (or a bit dry) even after 15mins of usage. Besides, it's very affordable, 'cause I'll have a 10% discount for every purchase of TM's skin care products :D

Real Mask Sheet Chestnut Shell Mask from Etude House
Price: I got this at IDR 68000 for 3!! (They're currently having discounts for so many items, so hurryyy!)
Reason: Well, it's said that this sheet mask formulated with REAL chestnut shell for exfoliant care. Whoa.. I wonder how a sheet mask can do exfoliant :P But I really really love the packaging (not only the outer appearance of it but the inner one!) They have a kind of film that helps you to unfold the mask, because the mask is very thin, and very soft. I mean it. It's super soft that I really find it interesting when applying the mask! HAHA! Too bad it easily absorbs my skin so the mask would be dry in 15-20 mins. *le sigh*

Lettuce and Cucumber Water Essence Mask from Skin Food
Price: I forgot :( It would probably be around IDR 50000.
Reason: This must be the best mask around all of the mask that I've reviewed just now. However because it's a little pricey, I don't always wear this mask. What I love about this mask is because of it's texture of the mask! It's not as soft as the Etude House's Real Mask collection, in fact it has a whole different texture, but trust me, you'll find it extra relaxing wearing this mask because it has a lot of water essence that it doesn't dry! I thought maybe I could wear it twice?? HAHA kidding! Why lettuce and cucumber? Ok, lemme explain, lettuce is good for oily skin, lettuce also works well to sooth irritated and sunburned skin. While cucumber; as cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time. With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating so many skin problems.

Talking about my recent life, I just finished my short semester so now I have a break from schoool! YEAAAY! Too bad, having a week off doesn't really entertain me, I just stay at home, watching K-dramas. AH! There are a lots of GOOD K-drama that currently airing in Korea! So I had like 4 dramas that I'd been following, but then I really got confused by myself so I eliminated one by one.

I watched Yawang/ Queen of Ambition (played by Kwon Sang Woo and Uknow Yunho. Geezzz! I like Soo Ae, I just hate hate really hate her character in this drama! You know when you just hate the lead female that it could make you so lazy to watch the drama, you just can't take it anymore even though you LOVE the lead male. Kwon Sang Woo is my FIRST favorite Korean actor. I started to love him when I watched Stairway To Heaven on my 3rd year of middle school hahaha! That I even follow a fan site of him, named "Sangwoo-jjang". LOL LOL :'D
Back to the topic, I finally eliminated Yawang from the list after watching the 4th episode. Nuff said, I just dislike the female lead.

Then I have 7th Grade Civil Servant. It airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday 21:55 KST replacing I Miss You (which played by Yoochun-ie oppa). This drama is too hilarious! Joo Won (the male lead) and Choi Kang Hee (the female lead) make a perfect couple. Firstly, I know Choi Kang Hee from Protect The Boss (which she plays this drama with Jaejoong-ie and Ji Sung), damn! Why is she always in the drama that involves good looking men. I mean, in 7th Grade Civil Servant, she also plays with 2PM's Chansung! Secondly, I couldn't wait for another Thursday ('cause the English subtitles would be available around Thursday night) to see Joo Won's aegyo! He really does a lot of aegyo in this movie. Unlike his character in Bridal Mask, he does too much cuteness in this drama, just like in his real life (if you follow 1N2D variety show). Seriously, how can you ignore him with all his cuteness?! KKK~!

And on SBS at the same day and time, we have That Winter, The Wind Blows; played by Zo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo! It has a really interesting plot of melodrama. I haven't cried till the 5th eps tho'. But seeing the plot and how fast they unravel things till this latest episode's upcoming preview. Well well, I ain't doing reviewing and stuff but Zo In Sung is so handsome. Could hardly resist! X_x

Again, on KBS2, IRIS 2! ARGH! This is too much! Jang Hyuk casts along with Lee Dae Hee. I love Jang Hyuk since his drama, Midas. Speaking of IRIS 2, whoever watch the first IRIS will anticipate this sequel, won't they? I. Just. Can't. Take. No. More. Nevertheless, watching 4 K-dramas at the same time is extremely challenging for me. And a drama like IRIS, might cause a burden for me because of its story.

I eventually eliminated IRIS 2 *BOO!* and just continuing watching 7th Grade Civil Servant and That Winter, The Wind Blows, just because I like Joo Won and Zo In Sung the most. LOLOL. Actually, Kwon Sang Woo but I dislike his character, his partner's character and the story!

So yeah, I'm pretty busy by myself because of these dramas. Hahaha!

Recently I rewarded myself with a new polaroid camera!! YOOHOOO! It's the new instax from Fujifilm, called Instax Mini 8. It comes in 5 different colors; pink, yellow, blue, white and black. All in pastel.

I adore pink colour, any kind of pink, be it a baby pink, hot pink, shocking pink :]
On the spot photo right after purchasing! This is a Hamicat Film.

Ya! Pororo! Porong porong!!
FYI, I use a Pororo theme song for my alarm. And it always successfully wakes me up every time it rings, kkk~
I wish they'd still sell the Pororo mini instax film. I literally can't find it anywhere :'( they said it was a limited edition one. If anyone of you knows where to buy one in Jakarta, or whether buying it online, kindly inform me. It's so unfair because they still sell the Instax Wide Pororo film :/

Another (unlogically-reasonable) reason why I bought this is because I wanted to capture my sister's wedding *in a few months* with the Wedding film!

That's it, readers! Gamsahabnida for reading until this far.
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  1. omg !! i love wearing faceshop masker too. it's really sweet and soft . :D

  2. what a great review :D
    aah thats cute pink polaroid ❤
    congrats for your sister :)

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  6. great review on the mask!
    and congratulations on the new polaroid :)
    style frontier

  7. You look cute on that picture btw :D

  8. aww you have that instant camera that I've been wanting to purchase!!!! the films are so expensive :(


    1. Yup. It's too bad the films are tad expensive, especially for the San-X and Disney ones. Need to save some pocket money for that x_x

  9. never used one before, but now tempting to try too! :)
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  12. Your camera is so cute! ^^ so jealous, I'm wanting to get one too! Love how they come in different colours! ^^ hehe

  13. I've always been tempted by all the faceshop products!! (hello hyunjoong) was actually looking at their pore-products a couple weeks ago but forgot to go back :(

    love your blog btw. following~~~

  14. YOU'RE SO LUCKYYYYY the pastel color polaroids are so flippin' cute! I kind of regret having the boring white one now ;__; I have the face shop aloe mask! But so lazy...

    1. Well, you can buy the colored hard case or instax bag so that it won't be boring. Or put some cute stickers on it ^^

  15. iyaaaa. aminn amin wishnyaaa ;) ;*
    syel, lu beli instax mini itu berapaa? gua pingin beli polaroid tapi gak ngerti yang mana yang bagus deeh -___-

    1. 1,1jt pije beli di TA depan skyrink. Instaxmini paling bagus sih yg Mini50s, kedua terbagus mini25. Harga mini8 sama 25 nggak beda jauh sih pije tapi yg mini25 warna pinknya ngga gitu lucu jadi gue akhirnya beli yg mini8 deh hahaha.. Lagian battery nya mini8 lebih gampang didapetinnya (battery jam biasa) hihihi.. Kalo mau yg paling bagus sih pilih mini50s aja, pilihan warnanya cuma black or white aja tapi. Atau ga beli instax wide aja! ^^

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  19. laah harga kameranya 1,1 syel? hihihii itu mah namanya kameranya murah tapi ntar kertasnya yang mahal banget. wakawakaa. eh syel emang ntar kalo polaroid gitu lama kelamaan gambar fotonya bisa pudar ya? gua bingung nih mending beli kamera pocket biasa apa instax...... emang yang mini25 itu harga brp biasaaanya syel?

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  21. congrats!! i have a new instax too ><

  22. thanks for the mask recommendations ! i think I should give some of these a try since my skin is oily-combo and sorta acne prone as well..


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  26. great review! I'm a great sucker for masks too, currently using liole ones. you should try em'. you would probably love it!!

    stay pretty babe :)

    1. Hi! May I know which Liole mask do you use? And where can I get them?


  27. i love sheet masks, they are soooo practical. i still remember the mess from back them before i discovered sheet masks, and because of that i barely did masks back then == i've never tried anything else than my beauty diary, so thanks for your recommendations!

    i've always thought about getting an instant camera, because it's just sooo cuuute!! i think the photos would look so bright if they are all pinned up as wall decor :)

    1. You're welcome :) I did a little decor btw. It really brightens up my bed room ^^