Blythe, Blythe, Blythe!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm currently drooling over these dolls and wanting to have 'em like k-k-k-krazy! I've known these Blythe dolls since I was in junior high school, at that time I wasn't really interested 'bout it.. However, I stumbled upon this group yesterday and found a lot, real A LOT of cute Blythe pictures. And almost all of them, they have made me; "OMG! OMG! Me likey, me likey!". The dollhouse, the Blythe itself, and the clothes/ accessories they wear, they're too cute to be true. Tee-hee!

My most favorite so far;

I find it weird, but, I tend to like them mostly when in the bathroom. I know that's totally weird. Well, I think I just love the miniatures :P
Just so you know, I could spend more than 3 hours on Flickr. The website is so ah-mazing. Just realized the awesomeness of Flickr lately. LOVIN' IT!

the best!
second the best
and third the best. LOL!

I'd love to have this rack including all the Blythe dolls set!!! Hopefully, one day :) So, tell me which one is your favorite? Gimme some feedback. I'm looking forward to your answer. Hehe..

N.B: I do not own all of the pictures that I put on this post. I took it from some groups about Blythe on Flickr. Thanks.
13 comments on "Blythe, Blythe, Blythe!!"
  1. Adorable but they creep my toes out.

  2. I know how you feel...
    that's how I felt the moment I saw their pics on web too.
    I've got some of them too.
    Maybe you can start with the small one... "Petite Blythe"...they're cute too.

  3. they`re great! i love to have some too!kisses

  4. they are so creepyly cute! i love them, i want to fill my bathroom with them.

    peace x

  5. Ohh man, those dolls are so cute - I always wanted some as a kid x

  6. omg! you have amazing pics here
    i really love your blog!!!

  7. @ALL: thank you guys for the comments :D

  8. thanks for your lovely commnet :)

  9. nice photos. i like it. :)

  10. they're sooooooo cute!


  11. hahaha, never heard about them before till i found ur blog! they're like BRATZ, the sweet version. yes, i love those details in the bathroom as cute!