West Europe in Polaroids

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milan, Italy
Didn't shop a lot in Italy, but kind of regret it why we don't shop a lot. Everything is cheaper in here. But Milan was greaaaaat. Greater than Rome, Florence, Pisa or even Venice! I love the weather, it's really sunny and I feel like really spending my summer there. There was a time when the temperature reached 31 centigrade. And yes, I got darker in here.
Lucerne, Switzerland
Geez, I don't know what to say about this country. I fall in love with Switzerland since I was a kid. I knew this country from my dad & mom who have been in there before both on summer and winter. They say it's more beautiful in winter. I feel like I wanna go back but in winter. The people are nice (YES THEY ARE! Hospitable, warm, charming, gentle and pleasant. I guess I'm just playing with vocabs) If it is called a peaceful country, then they truly deserve it. Every shop closes at 10ish. And even my hotel in Brunnen, the receptionist goes back to her crib at 9.30. So, we were doing self-service at the midnight in case you're going outside from the hotel. Hahahaha!
Brussels, Belgium
I left my heart in this small country. You'll find a lot of chocolates & truffles in here, they're way cheaper than any other countries I've ever visited. Visited the Mannekin Pis. Sort of clueless what's the story behind that sculpture but well, it's popular. From what I heard, Brussels is gonna be the capital of Schengen countries. And the weather? It was a rainy day. But I like it!! A lot of things happen in this city.
Paris, France
Who doesn't know bout this country? I think all of you guys have known a lot of things about France. So, I just want to share a story, it was a stupid mistake. I saw Ladurée shop for about 3 times, I even still remember the street to that place if you drop me in Paris right now. But yes, we didn't have a chance, a single chance to visit it. Actually, I have. But since my legs hurt like hell, so I had to cancel the car (we even paid 15 euro/person for the bla-bla-blah, I deem it as a cancelation fee) And in the morning when we had to leave Paris, I browsed on google from my blackberry, to the Ladurée site in order to find where else they have the store besides in Versailles and Royale (I saw the shop 2 times in Versailles and 1 time in Royale, we were at the bus so there's no way to stop the bus). And I was like "fuck my life!!", they actually open their shop in Printemps! We were at Printemps on the day before I had to leave Paris. And I actually saw the shop but I didn't know it was Ladurée!! Since we were lost at that day (and that's why my legs in great pain) and my sister and I was so afraid we couldn't catch the bus. Next time I go to Paris, I swear to myself I have to visit these stores!!
Den Haag, Netherlands
Netherlands, what can I say? I thought it's gonna be so boring in here. But I'm totally wrong. Volendam, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and even Den Haag, they're the most suitable places for me to live. I love the food, the people and the places. But if I have an option to choose which one is my favorite; there you go, Volendam. Too bad, the weather was so not as warm as Paris (it's not that warm too in Paris since it's below than 20 centigrade in the morning and around 20 in the day). I actually hate Paris, kind of sucks, it's raining all the time in there. Not even close to the word Summer! But in Netherlands, it's not raining all the time but it is frickin' cold outside, even there's a sun, it's still cold enough for me to shiver.

There's still Vatican City and Germany but yeah, enough said. I gotta sleep!
Good night, readers!
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  1. enak sekali ci! nice photos anyway :)

  2. :D thank you for commenting on this post

  3. You must be having such a good time! ^^

  4. enak bgt liburan ke europe!
    me want too :D ehehe

  5. aaa so envy :) i love your blog btw. have a nice holiday.

    xoxo, Icha

  6. @Lia, @Susan & @Aisaicha: thanks for commenting on my blog.. wish you guys have a great holiday as well :D

  7. you make me miss europe! hope you're having a great time :)

  8. wow,asik bgt ke eropaaa.so envvyyyyyy!! :( i like your style btw,nice

  9. @clarice: yeah I had a great time. thank you. have a great summer too.
    @okky dommy: wah makasih ya.. gonna check ur blog asap! :-)

  10. Wow, it sounds like you're having an amazing holiday. I'd love to go back to Paris, and I've never had something from Ladurée either :( But I'll make it my mission to have something from there before summer ends.


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  12. @Stef: where do you come from btw? Paris is amazing :)
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  13. cute pics ~
    u must be having so much fun~

  14. It's fun to read the part about the Netherlands.
    I'm from Rotterdam, it's great that you have been there!
    Most of the time the weather in Paris is better then here haha!
    By the way, Vollendam = Volendam ;)

    And I love the polaroids!

    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

    With love, Samm

  15. @Vnikali: thank you :) have a great day!
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    @Samm: wow! I never expect to have a dutch reader to read this post.. thank you! and sorry for the typo LOL I've corrected it.

  16. nice places that you visit :))
    I haven't been to Europe yet :(

    where do you come from ?
    'd like to hear it from you

    Etinological by Catherine

  17. thank you dear. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia :)

  18. Wow so lucky to able to travel all those lovely places. Love this post so much!

  19. Lovely pictures! You have a great blog, I love it ;)

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  20. aah lucky youu :)
    currently on summer vacation, yess? :DDa

  21. you're sooo lucky to be able to travel to west europe! def my dream land :(

  22. wow it looks like a super great summer ! hehe

  23. @Ms. Chyme, @Starrynight, @Patricia, @Carissa, @Fhen, @Turquoise and Lily: thank you dear! have a great summer too! :)
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  24. wonderful polaroids x


  25. oh my! this looks so fun! i'm definitely jealous!!! - great blog :}

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  26. WOW.. what a great place you have photographed.
    beautiful style you have
    love it

  27. i so envy you!! i would love to go to Europe anytime soon.. nice blog darl!

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