Plain White Tee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
So here's the story goes:
It was in the middle of the night when I got nothing to do and I was attacked by boredom. I looked over my cupboard, seeking for something I could revamp. And it turned out to be this plain-boring-white t-shirt that I bought a year ago when Giordano was on sale.

I made from this;

well this is just an illustration, not really mine but it's more or less like this :-P

Into this;
overall look
too bad I just found 3 buttons on my mom's sewing machine
my favorite jeans so far ♥

I put some buttons on it. Cut the round neck pattern into a v-neck ones. Like it or not? You decide!
3 comments on "Plain White Tee"
  1. nice! mau juga dong kakak kaos putihku dibikin kayak gicuuuu hamham :3

  2. seriously love it :D

    anyway Shella's hair is real :D
    but mine using hair extension to extend it a bit longer, whatta big regret to cut it for 7 cms!
    Lol xD

    wanna exchange link?
    cheers :)

  3. @Lyana: okay2 asal modal sendiri ya kancing dan kaosnya
    @Lia: thank you :D oh I see. well, I can't stand with hair extension, tried it for once but I have no intention to do that again :p okay! you're linked..