Dedicated To Her, The One and Only

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
A mom is someone who'll cook for you even though she's not hungry and doesn't have any appetite to eat.
A mom is someone who stares at your eyes while she's talking to you.
A mom is someone who'll accompany you during the night and sleep right next to you whenever you ask her to do that.
A mom is someone who supports you when you're down, gives you positive thoughts and teaches you to be optimistic.
A mom is someone who cares for you no matter how desperate she is, she will care for you first, takes care of you even though you don't ask for it.
A mom is someone who won't complain if you need some helps from her.
A mom is someone who will sacrifice her happiness to make her children happier than her.
A mom is someone who loves you infinitely, takes care of you all the time and thinks everything twice for you and even more stays up during the night just for waiting for you coming back home.

... at least those are several things that MY MOM would do for me.

Mom, I'm so grateful and extremely blessed to have a MOM like you. God loves me so much, that's why He sent me to a MOM like you. you're a blessing from above. I know it. and one day, I'll show you that I'm a daughter that could make you proud.

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