Tuesday, October 20, 2009
I would rather reading than writing, cause reading did not need your responsibility of what he/ she saying, it is only about someone's writing, their responsibility.
I would rather talking than listening, cause talking did not need to take your attention. on the contrary, you grab someone's attention, and you will feel relieved after that.
I would rather singing than dancing, cause dancing takes a lot of my energy.
I would rather walking than driving, cause I'm the one who is responsible with myself, not the vehicle itself.
I would rather be alone than be with some people who cant understand me.
and I would rather know the fact than lied by someone who I love.
but sometimes, I cant tell you the truth,
it is either I am afraid of being rejected or I am the selfish indeed.

but how if the one who you can trust is only yourself, but in fact, you are not the one who controls yourself?
then, what if the truth is too vicious to be revealed? do you still want to know that? even it hurts you? and could change your life?
what if I can't explain what's the point about this poem?

I should have clarified about this!
2 comments on "Blabber"
  1. ohh i hate the lies. and cant tell u the truth means lies too.
    and ur the randomest person i ever met

  2. HAHAHAHAH thanks for the words that state im the most random person you ever met. its cool. coz it means that I'm one in a hundred LOL