She's Not Skinny

Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Ashley Olsen covers Marie Claire September issue;

oh my goodness, I want it all! especially the shoe;

Top $378, Jill Stuart Collection

Dress $282, Wren

Circle necklace $600, House of Lavande; Oval necklace price upon request, Arman; Square necklace price upon request, Arman at Judith Ann Jewels

Shoes $295, Moschino Cheap & Chic

as my birthday presents, please?

btw, I just found a super-cool photo of hers.

I like her curves, she has a really nice posture.
11 comments on "She's Not Skinny"
  1. i thinks she does a bit skinny

  2. yeah, a bit. she's not super thin.

  3. tp dulu udah kayak witch kan? ngeri deh hahaha

  4. she looks more beautiful than usual..

  5. yes, ashley is not super thin like MK. she looks more voluptuous here,

  6. for some reason i like ashley better than MK. fashion wise, she's less of a boho. still, the two sisters are amazingly talented - and pretty.:)


  7. @Jojo: hahahaha wtf.
    @Pute: aahhhh emang cantik
    @Lalita:yeah! voluptuous; that word describes her the best.
    @Joe: agree with you! The Olsens are successful fashion designers, :)

  8. i think the one on the bottom picture is MK, not ashley ...

  9. Err.. Okay, I'll check it again later :) thanks for the infoooo.

  10. I love ashley olsen so much, the editorial is genius :]

  11. @Arkasha: uhhh I dont have any idea how to check whether she's MK or Ashley, i used to recognize them by their style. but this, I dont know how to find it. pls tell me how do you know that.. cause i think it's ashley.. :)
    @Susan: yeah dear.. i havent bought the magz yet btw.