Thingies I Can Hardly Wait

Monday, June 01, 2009
however, I'll mention it all one by one to let you guys understand what do I mean.

is, NEW MOON! OMG! I've been waiting for this movie since I finished reading Breaking Dawn. it's a great book. I dont know when it'll come to Indonesia. but I'll be waiting for it.

second, I don't have any plans for this loooooong holiday, literally till 9 June. however, I have some DVDs which I have borrowed from Cimi. such as; HSM 3, War INC, Valkyrie, Black Out, I Love You (it's Korean, 16 episodes, LOVE IT!! hahaha), and still have to finish Gossip Girl. I haven't watched them yet. have no time lately. I just got back from Trisakti Bintaro. me and Adi picked up his sister. yeaaaah.... my opinion, they just clicked each other. I thought Adi's sister is cooool, but she's not, she just the same like him. soooooo friendly and funny.

third, I should go to a beauty clinic and salon. but I dunno wheeeeeeen. facial, totok wajah, creambath, waxing, or anything related to a salon. I WANT THEM! I wanna treat myself.

fourth, I'm going to post something really interesting in my humble opinion. these things are so brilliant. enjoy!

Shoes say as much about the wearer and his or her character as do eyeglasses. Jamie Hayon’s line of shoes for Camper is perfect for self expression. With his industrial design aesthetic and love of tap dancing shoes, Hayon has created a collection of sporty shoes that has a touch of elegance; an upgrade from the humble sneaker. With its smooth, form-fitting shape, linen-print lining and diamond-patterned sole, this shoe is more than just a mere accessory for the feet ’ it’s a fusion of style, form and function. -Kate Vandermeer

it just us or are architects designing a lot more than buildings these days? Starchitect Zaha Hadid has made headlines with her collaboration with Chanel, where she designed a futuristic mobile art container - which has just landed in Central Park NYC - and her work with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa.
But Hadid isn’t the first architect to venture into fashion. In 2003 Galahad Clark, of the Clark family global shoe empire, started the shoe brand United Nude with architect Rem D Koolhaas. Their objective was to create a shoe collection which expressed the intersection of design and fashion; to create footwear that explored both aesthetics and innovation. Mission accomplished. -Laura Demasi
source: The Cool Hunter

fifth, since it's June again. time really goes too fast right? I'm going to be graduate soon on 13 June. and become a colleger this August. still dunno whether I would go to Brisbane or not. God will reply my question around next week. but I will try the best for my dream.
10 comments on "Thingies I Can Hardly Wait"
  1. yg Hyon's yg atas ya ci?I want the broken-white one!awesomely preepy,which i really love!xD

  2. say, i dont really understand about women's stuff, all i know is fashion seems became weirder over time.

  3. @Nita: iya, yang kyk oxford shoes gt. hahaha..
    @Jojo: maybe because youre a boy. :p

  4. waaaa oxford nya bagus, ankle boots nya jg keren abis.hahaha..
    ooh chele, lu ngak tntu uph? lagi apply di brisbane?hoho..waaa gw pengen banged ke luar tp ga bole. =(

  5. yes!! thats the reason! haha

  6. @Jessica: gak gw juga tetep di UPH kok. cm entar pas tahun ke dua apa ketiga ya, baru keluar. gw malah ga ada temen sama skali nih entar pas kul. smoga cepet dapet temen baru...
    @Jojo: I know what did you think bout this blog loh jo! (last night conversation) and I think sooooo. :P enjoy!

  7. yeah i think it would be great to say the honest syel. hahaha :D

  8. lowh, ngak sayang tuh taon ke 2 ato ke 3 keluar?ngulang lagi donk?ato bisa transfer?hehehe.. gw tggu lulus aja deh.nyari beasiswa =)
    btw ambil apa lu? gw LUPA.maap.hahaha..

  9. @Jojo: but truth hurts. LOL. but your honesty didnt make me sad kok. hahahaha
    @Jessica: gak kok, bisa transfer. kan yang uph kemaren kita tes EPT biar bisa keluar negri jg. gw ambil komunikasi.. :D