It Ain't Really Good and Ain't Bad At All

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
aloha, hows you guys feelings today? I couldn't say that I'm happy now, cause I am not. I mean like, I'm tired of all the activity. however it has been finished since two days ago but still, I don't sleep enough lately. then today, I had a medical check up at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, for the university's sake. I didn't expect that today's plan would take such a long time. so, I only brought 1 cellphone. and the battery level was only 17%. OHYEAH! it ended up like, the battery's dead before I went to Supermal. you know, 6 hours without an internet connection is just the same like an extremely boredom ever. chiefly when you just hang out with your daddy. he was like too busy and snoopy. I still should accompany him to the apartment in case for me and my sister's ID card, etc. in the end, I also went to a beauty salon and spa, S.S Wulandari, I had a facial and scrub treatment in a row. that's the reason I said it ain't bad at all. moreover, I bought like oh-so-many DVDs. can't wait to watch 'em all. will tell you the review soon!

here's I give you something fierce, I got these beautiful collections yesterday.
gimme some comments guys!

Calvin Klein, Fall 2009

Calvin Klein plays in only 1 color, black. but it's so amazing for me cause one of my favorite colors is black. and these are simple. I guess one shoulder dresses are the next hype. really... I wonder if I still have a 17th birthday party or wedding invitation, I really wanna wear it to those events.

RM by Roland Mouret, Fall 2009

yeah, like what I said, one shoulder dress again and again. ;P btw, look at the shoes. that's beautiful, isn't it?

Alexander Wang, Resort 2010

my favorite designer, ever! OH GOSH!! these are stunning. even for a resort collection. as always, his designs are always simple and casual yet classy. 2 thumbs up!

enjoy your holiday everyone! I guess I'll have another tiring day. tomorrow, I don't have any plans yet but I will. lets count down, 6 days to go. so fast huh?

gotta go ❤
6 comments on "It Ain't Really Good and Ain't Bad At All"
  1.,this is why im obsessed w fashion world!but since i dont have the enough amount of skill =.=' and so on and so on.....u keep posting about fashion thingy thingssssss which make me amazed all time!not that i dont like em,say that im becoming more and more jealous =.=' GOD WHY DONT U GIVE ME SUCH TALENTsssssssss?:P

  2. what dvds did u bought? gw jg kmaren2 baru bli dvd banyak. tapi numpuk ga gw nonton2in haha

  3. @Nita: duuuuuuhh... that's why I asked you to read my another blog.. emang yg ini kebanyakan ttg fashion. abisan suka sih nulis2 gituan.. hahahahaha... jangan lupa, aku juga pengen bisa gambar tp gak bisa zz.
    @Jojo: ada monster vs aliens, coraline, tinkerbell sama film korea gitu hahahaha.. ohya sama ugly duckling and me 2.

  4. whoooaaa whoooaaa alexander wang punya dashyaaaaat banged. mati dah gw liatin terus tu foto2nya.hahahaha..
    oh ya, rekomendasiin dvd2 yang bagus yah. yang korea2 juga! =)

  5. blazernya alexander wang keren! :)

  6. @Jessica: emang tuh disainer dasyat sih. hahahahaha pengen deh jadi modelnya. (siapa jg yang ga pengen) sip dehhhhh... I'll tell ya..
    @Lynn: semuanya keren.. :)