How To Dress Like Selena Gomez

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
I like to see Selena Gomez from her movie, Another Cinderella Story. she's young, talented and adorable. so, I got this picture. a very simple outfit she wore around Vancouver maybe. I don't know. like what I've said before, around 5 months ago. that, she's pretty even if she only wore a very simple outfit, she becomes prettier.

what should you wear are;

these kinds of loose tops.

any kinds of skinny jeans

bangles. but it'll be better if you wore the leather bangles.

leather or studded bag

an animal print scarf . I love the Roberto Cavalli ones.

sandals! I am more into sandals than flats, high heels even oxfords. it's comfy on my feet. soooo, if I were her I would choose sandals for this outfit.

you can also pick a statement necklace or simple necklaces. it's up to you. happy choosing!
6 comments on "How To Dress Like Selena Gomez"
  1. syel u have become a fashion blogger i think

  2. kewl..keren banget stylenya selena disini..agree dia emang ga usah pake makeup or dandan aneh2 udah cantik banget =))

  3. i dont really like her.but she has the style.simple yet stylish

  4. @Jojo: iya apa? zz...
    @Davina: makanya kalo aslinya cakep memang ga usah di permak2 juga udah keren hahaha...
    @Nita: well, karena gaya nya, dia malah terlihat tambah keren! :))

  5. cool style! I always love her :)