Oh My Dear Vacation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
so guys! after am done with the first summer holiday with my schoolmate, there's still another trip for me. I'll fly to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, but I should go to the airport before 10 AM. and yeah, I haven't packed up my thingy to the luggage, while my sister, she's all done. I can't wait I can't wait. and by the fact my usual beauty salon didn't have a stock for waxing, maybe I'll go to a spa salon in Malaysia. I need it!!
anyways, I just got back from my aunt's home. what a lovely day to meet my cousins, dear lil brother and sister. gave something for them and they like it! I'm currently still unsure whether I can keep updating my twitter or not. no facebook for tomorrow onwards till I'll go back to Jakarta next week. we will bring Mishi along with us (me and my sister). I can hardly wait for the Genting trip. well, I just opened their website. and it's thrilling me so damndamndamn much. I wish there will accommodate a wi-fi connection for free. at least, I can twittering all day. yay! but it's not a real vacation if I still get connected to the online-world. soooo, I'm not promising you that I'll update my twitter right there. also, I'll buy DiGi prepaid card so I still can catch up with my mom and daddy. blah.. I don't have any other words. so excited!!

love ya, lollipops!
2 comments on "Oh My Dear Vacation"
  1. can u sleep? and packing?
    and malay seems prettier than indo. grr

  2. I can sleep and finished all the stuff. ;D I guess. hahahaha...