Seoul Fashion Week

Friday, June 12, 2009
I just watched Cinderella Man, Korean tv series. frankly, I don't really like the story and main idea about that movie but I like the female co- star's style, the skirt, shorts, trousers, tops, bags, shoes, jacket and everything she wears on that movie. she's chic, simple yet glamour. the stories is all about romance and fashion. then, in that movie, I just realized that Korea owns a fashion week called Seoul Fashion Week too. so I googled it up and found them!

Fall/ Winter '09 - Johny Hates Jazz by Choi Ji Hyung

Fall/ Winter '09 - Maison de Lee Young Hee

Fall/ Winter '09 - Bec Jie

Fall/ Winter '09 - Troa by Han Song

there's still a lot of pictures which you can browse from this site;

then these are the pictures bout the movie I told you before;

the co-stars. from left to right; Han Eun-jeoung, Kwon Sang-woo, Yoona, Song Chang-ee.

and this is, the girl I told ya before, I love her clothes! the mix and match, I dont know why but it looks perfect for me.

what she wore are amazing! this movie has changed my point of view about Koreans style. it's not that bad guys. they have their own trend.

P.S: I'm so shocked with the new price of macbook pro. it's thrilling for me. then, my dad finally allowed me to buy the new one though it's only 13 inch. but how bout mine? dunno how much is it now, and dunno should I be happy or sad. but I'm so disappointed. how come Apple launched a new mac with such a low price. and how come my macbook doesn't exist anymore. now it's only the white ones. where's the lovely aluminium?! ARGGGHHH..... I don't care, I'll buy the pro later after the graduation and overseas trip.
9 comments on "Seoul Fashion Week"
  1. michelle goes to asian fashion. haha
    artis2 asia cakep2 euy haha

  2. hahaha I'm going to search another region like Africa maybeeeee... :D

  3. yoona is one of snsd member syeell.. gue sama temen temen gue juga suka tu gaya pake bajunya. lucu lucu.

  4. gw baru aja browsing SNSD itu apaan hahahaha.. baru denger gw.. cakep juga sih ya dia, kyk bukan orang korea asli. :P

  5. girls generation, penyanyi grup cewe syel. [ahahha..gue deman kpop banget nih sekarang. ahahah..]
    asli korea kok dia,
    btw,katanya snsd itu plastic fantastic. oplas semua syel. tapi ga syalala lah yg penting lucu.

  6. wiiiiwwwh keren2 aje baju2nya hahaha..

  7. @Sonia: iya emang sih keliatan. katanya tapi emang orang korea pada di oplas semua loh.. hahaha..
    @Jessica: iya, ga seburuk yang gw bayangkan fashion2 disana..

  8. korea is one of the most fashion forward countries! i love 'em!


    p/s; i added you on frocksformynanny's blogroll.

  9. yeah, I browsed it on google and found that Korea wants to make their country to be the top 5 in fashion. thank you! I've linked yours too. both of them.